Ruby Red

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Chapter 8 (v.1) - The Blood

Submitted: May 15, 2013

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Submitted: May 15, 2013




Chapter 8 - The Blood

“AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!” I could hear someone screaming and sat bolt upright, sweat pouring down my face, shaking uncontrollably. My heart rate was through the roof and my breathing was erratic.

“RUBY!” Matt sat up next to me and instantly pulled me into him, “You’re okay, it was just a dream, you’ll be fine” my breathing began to slow as I took in his warmth.

“I’m sorry” I pulled away and got up to head for the kitchen, walked out the door and across the bloodied carpet to the fridge, digging through for some water.

“Does that happen a lot? The nightmares?” I stood, the fridge door open wide staring into is icy depths thinking. Had it? I knew I woke up every night but I never thought about why, the same dream plagued my sleep but was it really a nightmare?

“Yes, it does” I snapped out of my thinking and grabbed a bottle of still water and got one for Matt too, though he shook his head when I offered it to him. “What happens?” I couldn’t talk about it, so I poured the contents of the bottle into a glass and went to sit on the sofa, turning the TV on low. “Ruby, what happens?”

“Nothing okay, nothing you need to worry about” I snapped at him, but it was a tender subject; yet he still persisted, sitting next to me fiddling with the remote.

“Ruby please, until we find a way to break this curse I am going to be here a while, and I need to know how to help” His eyes softened but my voice stayed sharp.

“It’s nothing Matt, honestly go back to sleep you need it more than me” I turned away from him back to the TV that was showing a series of old news reports. I could feel his eyes boring into me, begging for me to tell him but it hurt too much, it was so real to me. We sat in silence for what felt like an age before he went to stand up, it was then that I gained some courage “It happens the same every night” I look a deep breath and put the glass down, rubbing my hands over my face to wake myself up, Matt sat back down with a thump and slid over towards me, “It was the day I died, on repeat; every time I close my eyes it is there waiting for me”.

“How did you die?” his voice was soft, more of an echo than words.

“Murder, it was the day Chasity attacked me; she threatened to kill me if I didn’t go home and kill myself first. So when the bell rang for class I ran as fast and as far away as I could. I ended up at the far end of town before I felt like I was about to die. Turns out I was. It was late afternoon and I was grabbed and dragged into an alley, It all happened so fast; one moment I was being forced into a corner, the next I was being kissed by a freak with white eyes and then I felt the air go out of me as he sank his teeth into my neck, turns out he was a vampire and a skanky one at that. I could feel the blood being pulled out of my body; my life force being drained away but I never knew what happened after that, I just faded away, I woke up with a stranger holding me, pressing a bleeding wrist to my lips and then he vanished, but the vampire wasn’t finished with me yet and he came back to snap my neck, sending me away. I wake up from my dream when I woke up in real life, same time every night, 3.40am that’s why I stay out all night; it takes my mind of it.” It all came out in a rush; I had bottled it up for so long, admitting what happened was a relief.

Matt still hadn’t said a word, he sat there breathing shallow. I turned my head slowly to look at him to find him looking back at me a little stunned, his mouth dropped open slightly. He tried to speak, his mouth moving but no words escaping. “It’s okay, I will be fine Matt; but dying isn’t something you forget quickly” I got up and took my glass back to the room, regretting saying anything at all. By admitting my fears I was letting them in, I couldn’t let them back in. Climbing back into bed was comforting but it felt cold and at once I remembered why I acted the way I did, but I didn’t have chance to finish my internal memories as Matt came back in and got into his side of the bed. I instantly turned away from him.

“Ruby, please tell me; I know there is more to this than you are saying” He touched my shoulder lightly but I immediately recoiled, almost falling off the far side of the bed. I managed to save myself from the fall to the floor and turned over looking up at the ceiling blankly. Matt was watching me so closely it made me feel uncomfortable; it had been so long since I let someone into my life,

“I’m scared of it Matt; but the fear makes me who I am” He didn’t say anything but turned onto his side to face me, “When I was alive Chasity made my life a living hell but no one could see it, the words were only to me, the hitting was always invisible, the knife was unknown. But when I was in that alley; it was so much worse, knowing that no one would save me, knowing that every friend that I ever had didn’t care enough to find me. But when I woke up I felt alive, for the first time I felt as though I could be me; so I killed and I enjoyed it, for the first time I was the one hurting others and became the monster. Then the nightmares started, if I didn’t have blood they would be worse, reliving everything that I remembered from Chasity and that alley, and the one thing that made them go away was more blood; it was like a drug, making everything fuzzy, making it harder to remember. But the entire time I was scared, by making men fall in love with me I made myself powerful, by killing I took choice away from others but returning to school, it made everything real again. The pain of being hated by everyone, the fact that I never knew why and knowing that she could hurt me without trying, that you can hurt me without trying.” I closed my eyes tight pushing the tears down my cheeks. “It hurt so much more than any curse, knowing that no one cared what happened to me. And that no one even knew I was dead” I chuckled to myself slightly trying to make light of the situation.

“I – I….” He stammered but reached to push a stray hair from my face, “I never knew” I turned my head to face him, looking into his green eyes. “You’re not a monster Ruby, you never could be.”

I fully turned my body to face him, “Am I not?” I forced the tears away as my eyes bleached, the pupils becoming tiny as my eyes faded to vivid silver; the veins becoming dark beneath them, my fangs pushing through my gums and into my bottom lip forcing me to part them allowing the blood to flow freely. “Look at me Matt, and tell me that I am not a monster.” The tears came back as he looked between my eerie eyes. He cupped my face slightly, whipping the single stream of blood from my lips. 
“You are not a monster Ruby, you are you; you are Ruby red. Being immortal makes you who you were meant to be. You are making a life despite the pain, and that makes you better than Chasity ever could be.”

I forced a smile but my lip split more forcing the drip into a steady stream, I was about to get up when Matt ran for the bathroom and returned with a handful of tissues but instead of giving them to me he jumped back onto the bad hand dabbed them against my lips. “I am sorry I got you into this mess” I reached for the tissue but he lightly batted my hand away.

“There is no need to be sorry, I am glad I am in this mess; now I know who you really are and that is far better than only knowing the rumours” I smiled and instantly regretted it, as the blood returned to fill the tissue.

“Thank you, I really mean it. “ I looked up to his eyes and was drawn into them; they almost glowed when he returned my smile, becoming vivid and bright. “But you need sleep”. I took the tissues from him and allowed him to lie down; I stayed staring at the ceiling, my mind completely blank. I didn’t even try to sleep again, I couldn’t allow my dreams to be filled with fear, life was scary enough. I felt Matt shift in his sleep so he was facing me his breath close to my ear as he whispered, “Now you need to get some sleep” It sent a shiver through me but I discounted it as sleep talk until he said it again, “Nothing will hurt you Ruby, not while I am here” I rolled so I was facing him as he pulled me closer rapping an arm around my waist. At first I was unsure about the entire situation, until I felt the cold vanish, it was as though I was warming up on the inside, no longer the cold heartless killer, now  I was returning to humanity and he was the reason; so I get myself be pulled closer and felt all my fears slip away.

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