The Defeat (an alternate history of WWII)

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Chapter 2 (v.1) - Quick Attack

Submitted: November 06, 2006

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Submitted: November 06, 2006



Yoshimitzu held his gun tightly, beginning to raise it upwards at the low flying bombers. James held the fire button lightly, his thumb twitching. Yoshimitzu's forefinger, as James's thumb, was twitching as well, and they both knew what may come for them.

As the general raised his sword up high and hollered "fire!", Yoshimitzu shut his eyes tight and pulled the trigger.

Unluckily, it was James's plane it hit.

The bullet whizzed through the floor just between James's feet. He screamed as the hot metal flew threw the cockpit window, and left James alone. The loud sound of the air through the hole made James very nervous, and that's what made him hit the fire button and accidentaly go trigger happy...

But, none of the bullets hit Yoshimitzu. They went for his friends and comrades, and that's what made Yoshimitzu scared and get a little trigger happy.

As Rian passed behind James, almost in his draft, he looked down and saw the frightened Yoshimitzu pulling the trigger to what Rian thought was his hearts content.

That's when the first bomb went down.

Yoshimitzu saw the bomb fly down, and luckily had time to throw down his gun, dive down, and cover his head.

Rian saw only the explosion, and that's what James saw, too. He opened his radio and talked to Rian. More scold than talk to.

"Rian! We weren't supposed to bomb until we heard the signal! What is wrong with you?!"

Rian pressed his talk key, and answered back.

"I saw the trigger-happy thug that was firing crazily at you! I wanted to get 'im and his pals through!"

"But Rian,"

The talking, rather off que and awkward, went off for a while, as James and Rian circled the Japanese soldiers that were still alive.

Yoshimitzu's uniform was covered in blood when he opened his eyes and picked up his gun. A still man was an easy target, even for a plane.

He dodged behind a barrier that his general had ordered a few days before. Looking upwards, he saw the difference in the two planes: one of them had a star beside the American flag, while the other did not. What he didn't know was that the one with the star was Rian, and the one without was James.

And that was how it was.

Most of his comrades and his general dead, and the only ones left alive were some poor men that were recruited... almost forced... into the army. Poor shots, good on horseback farmers.

He was basically alone with a couple bombers on his tail.

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