The Defeat (an alternate history of WWII)

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Chapter 3 (v.1) - Call-And-Land

Submitted: November 07, 2006

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Submitted: November 07, 2006



Yoshimitzu covered his arm for no apparent reason with a pile of dust he found lying beneath the barrier.

James, meanwhile, was basically scared to death. Rian was an ace bomber, yet James had no idea that he could fully trust him. He barley knew Rian, and just saw him incinerate half an army. Could he do something to James himself? Something to anything he needed?

James was to land in Japan after he and Rian had either finished off or scared away the army. He checked his gas meter, and noted that he needed to land soon, so he called in to base for permission to land.

"H... many have ...u and Sar...t Rian d....ed?"

The radio was filled with static, but James understood the choppy words.

"Over half of 'em," James replied. He scratched his gloved hand with his gun-hand, and then quickly grabbed the fire button as Yoshimitzu began to fire into the air.

Yoshimitzu, back on the ground, was firing, then dodging behind a barrier or tree, then firing again, and continuing to constantly change his position.

He saw one of the recruited farmers fall to the ground, blood spurting from his wound as Rian lifted his finger from the fire button. Yoshimitzu saw him suffering. His screams shaking the smoke-filled air. But there was nothing Yoshimitzu could do. He began to sweat, a few tears rolling from his eyes as he saw the farmer suddenly go limp, the blood forming a rapidly drying pool around him.

James waited for the reply from base. And finally, it came.

"P...sion to l....d, P..te. S..gnal ...nt Rian to foll..w."

James signalled Rian to land with him.

Yoshimitzu saw the planes decending upon the land. He stopped firing, and dodged off into the bushes and shadows that he found around him.

Jogging back to the city, Yoshimitzu wished that he could stay with his family, and celebrate their traditons, and help his mother...

...but he had no choice. He had to sign up for the army, and just eighteen months after, he was drafted into the second World War. And unluckily, when the strongest force on the face of the Earth, America, kicked in.

He felt like there was no hope. This was less than one battle, and he could barely imagine a whole war. He almost died, and he knew that at one point, he would.

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