The Defeat (an alternate history of WWII)

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Chapter 5 (v.1) - A Real Fight

Submitted: November 10, 2006

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Submitted: November 10, 2006



The next day, the engines began to whirr. Yoshimitzu awoke to loud whizzing and shouts and screams. Cheng was already awake, his gun held tightly in his hand.

“Cheng!” Yoshimitzu shouted, pulling Cheng’s collar back into the small guard-house.

Cheng was startled by the sudden pull, and made a short shout of terror.

“Don’t worry, Cheng, It’s only me,” Yoshimitzu said, feeling lame.

“Sorry,” Cheng said. “The two Amer’cans are bombing the city!”

The ones he had fought? The ones Yoshimitzu had flattened? The same ones?

“There is more, time,” Cheng said.

“Horrible grammar,” Yoshimitzu whispered to himself. Then he peeked out the door.

But Cheng, even with his bad grammar, was correct. There were more planes, this time. Ones that probably came over the short night that Yoshimitzu had tried to spend sleeping.

He wanted one good-night’s sleep, but he didn’t get that. He was called back to duty.

Then, the man who had stopped Yoshimitzu the day before popped in, holding his gun and a walkie-talkie.

“Get into action! Go, go, go!”

Yoshimitzu and Cheng hopped to it. They grabbed their guns, and dashed from the room. Cheng was faster, and Yoshimitzu had a hard time keeping up, but at least they made it to the machine guns in time.

They each pulled one from the racks of the abandoned building, and then dashed up to the roof to join the rest of the soldiers that had made it there before.

“Trouble, trouble,” Yoshimitzu muttered to himself, trying to follow the many planes with his eyes.

“Gotcha,” Cheng whispered beside Yoshimitzu, his gun at the ready beneath his armpit.

And then, everyone fired.

Bullets sprayed from all directions: at the planes, towards the ground, and in every direction possible.

Yoshimitzu jumped at the noise, and then he suddenly found himself shoving his earplugs into his ears.

“Loud!” Yoshimitzu shouted to Cheng, who stopped firing to change magazines. He smiled at Yoshimitzu, who then pulled out his gun and joined in.

Although the sound was deafening, Yoshimitzu knew what this would do: It would free his country from the vile, slimy hands of the American armed forces. They would be free; freer than the Americans are now.

What he didn’t know, is that they would soon own it all.

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