Chapter 4:

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Horror  |  House: Booksie Classic

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Chapter 4

“Are you going to open it?” I look at him my eyes wide with shock.

He turns towards me holding the envelope in his hand, “I think that's what he wants us to do.”

“Well duh, but I don't think we should,” I glance around uneasily.

I watch him stare at it, debating on what to do. It's not that hard, we don't open it, and we try and find a way out of here. As easy as that, right?

“We need too. If we don't he might find that a reason to just kill us.”

He starts tearing it open as slowly as possible as if something was going to explode if he opened it wrong.

The letter was soon visible and he pulled that out with ease and unfolded it. I walked beside him so I can have a look too, even though I didn't want to.

To: Jason and Callie

This house is yours to stay. All you have to do is what you’re told. Simple enough. Begin with your first task; neither of you have ever hurt anything in your life. You’re too kind to everything, and that makes me sick. Today, that's going to change. In the basement there are two animals. One for each of you to kill. If not, your life will then be gone. On the counter are selections of knives. Pick the one for you. How you need to kill the animal is to take the knife, stab down into the heart, then slide it towards the bottom of the animal until you can see the organs inside. Then place the knife inside the animal and leave. Easy task. You have one hour to finish this.


“W-What... I can't.” I hold the side of the counter to hold me up from falling over. I look up at Jason and his eyes are showing his fear. He drops the letter and we both watch as it slowly floats to the floor.

“We have to,” He says sternly and puts his hand to his head. “If we don't, we die.”

I know, I know. I can't kill, the primal urge, the raw power doesn’t exist within me. This is only the first thing he wants us to do. “The first task is already bad enough, think about the next ones. I can't do it, I rather die already.”

He grabs my shoulders and lean down close to my face. “Callie we need to do this,” moving closer placing his mouth against my ear. “If we do this, we'll have time to figure a way out. We can't do that in an hour, we need to do this no matter how much it kills us inside.”

He's right. Do this so we can get out, freedom sounds so good right about now. “Fi-fine.”

Jason grabs a long butcher knife from the rack and gestures to them. His eyes are so sad, and mine most likely mirror his. I walk over and pick up the knife I threw earlier.

“Come on, let’s get this over with.”

He walks into the living room and looks around then starts heading for the corner. I follow reluctantly. The door is large and wooden, and it has a large, red X painted in the middle. How did I miss that earlier? Jason opens the door with a loud creak and makes his way down the stairs. The noise on the stairs makes a dog start barking at the bottom. At least we know what one animal is. A tear streams its way down my cheek. What would Lucy, my dog at home think of me killing one of her kind?

I reach the bottom and gasp. Lucy runs up to me and her shiny fur shimmers every time it hits the dull light. “Oh, Lucy.” I stick my head in her fur and cry. I can't kill her, I'll never forgive myself. Lifting my head I look at Jason who is holding a calico cat.

“My grandmother gave me this cat when she died, she told me to take care of it for her.” The sadness in his voice made more tears roll down my face.

Lucy licks my face and puts her paw on my knee. She always does that when she wants attention. I smile weakly and pet behind her ears.

“I hate him, how could he do this to us!” I spit out.

“I don't know Callie, he's sick and twisted,” He says dejectedly, petting his cat.
We both sit there in silence comforting our animals. “You'll forgive me, right?” I cry into her ear. Her large brown eyes fill my vision. I've never hurt or punished her in my entire life. I had my dad potty train her so I wouldn't have to yell at her when she went in the house.

“Callie, we have to do it now before it's too late.” I peel my eyes from Lucy and to Jason. Tears are rolling down his face, seeing a guy cry is rare, and this sight is dreadful. “This was her favorite cat.”

“I-I'm sorry. This is Lucy, my dog; I got her when she was a puppy.” Hearing her name she barks. I laugh softly.

“We'll do it at the same time, okay?” I could tell he was trying to be strong, but he was failing horribly.

“I don't know where exactly her heart is.” I tell him.

“It should be a little under where ours is, towards the middle but not to far down.” He explains and I wonder how he knows,” Just feel for where her heart is pumping the hardest.”

I felt in the middle of Lucy's chest and moved around until it was pushing against my fingers the most. “I don't think I'm ready.”

“Callie, we have to... On the count of three. One...Two...Three.”

I dig my knife into her and the noise she lets out will scar me forever. Both our animals are crying out in pain. Tears flow fast down my face. I can't stand this. Why didn't I just die so she could live? I pulled hard to slice down like the note said. I opened her body up where I cut and saw her bloody organs. Her breathing has now stopped and I sob harder. I place the knife in her body and raise my bloody hands. I'm a murderer. I'll never be able to live with myself.

Jason's cries were as loud as mine. He has his head close to his cats head and he's whispering, “I'm so sorry.” Over and over again. This pains me even more. I look towards the ceiling towards the camera watching over us. A new wave of anger spreads over me and my legs begins to storm over closer.

“Are happy now! Huh? Watching this is all just fun for you! You’re sick...” I would’ve said more but Jason comes up behind me and pulls me close.

“C'mon lets get out of this room.” He picks me up and starts walking up the stairs. I bury my face in his chest and continue to cry.

“I'm gonna set you in this chair and find something to help wash us off, okay?”

I nod with my face still on his chest while he sets me in the chair. One look at the wall and I know we’re in the kitchen again. Jason opens and closes cabinets until he finds some washcloths. He puts them under hot water and washes his hands off before he comes to wash mine.

“I'll keep you safe, I promise. I don't think I can live if I let anything happen to you.” He leans forward and kisses my forehead. Just like earlier a tingle sensation begins to make it's way through me. I've only just met this guy and he already feels responsible for me. What would David think? My gaze meets Jason's and all I know from that point that it's me and him in need of each other. No one else matters.

Submitted: June 29, 2011

© Copyright 2022 Haley Renee. All rights reserved.


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OMG, oh, i cried. I so cried. this was such a sad chapter. He's in on it ain't he? Jason? I had to stop reading and dry my eyes because my vision blurred. Omg KMU.

Thu, June 30th, 2011 2:19am


I'm sorry :( and I can't tell you if he is or isn't :p. And of course :)

Thu, June 30th, 2011 8:23am


it was really good though. I'm not one much for animal cruelty either, but, to make a sicko, sometimes you go against yourself.

Thu, June 30th, 2011 2:20am


I know I had a hard time writing it :(

Thu, June 30th, 2011 8:24am


..........i wud have given a 'like' but i'm sorry there's nothing about this chapter to like....a calico? really? u cudnt choose any other breed? and a dog? who the frack could kill a dog? onli psychos and satanists.......:'(.......kmu takes me away from the romance and reminds me of the sad reality that's life

Thu, June 30th, 2011 3:51am


I'm sorry but I had to make the letter something sick because it's from a lunatic who has a sick mind.

Thu, June 30th, 2011 8:26am

Miss Maegan

I didn't read through it. I'm sorry, I can't do it.
But the next chapter, and the next ones, I will!

Sorry, x(

Thu, June 30th, 2011 6:37am


Lol it's okay Chica

Thu, June 30th, 2011 8:27am


I didn't cry! I a little teary :( The cat dying wasn't all that sad to me but I have a special place in my heart for dogs

Thu, June 30th, 2011 6:47am


Ohh I'm sorry :( and well to me he's just being a guy lol. And thanks I'm glad that you think that :) and yess I will!

Thu, June 30th, 2011 8:30am


ok well now when i go to work later at the vt im gonna think about this and seriously burst into tears!! i love animals so i dont get howthe phyco guy in this story could do this! i mean if i was in their position and it was my cat id slit my own throat!!! but still KMU

Thu, June 30th, 2011 11:55am


Aww :( and if it was me I don't think I'd kill anything, I'd just sit there :0. And of course :)

Thu, June 30th, 2011 8:32am

Flynn Rider

I cried reading this chapter :( its so sad....Kmu

Thu, June 30th, 2011 6:36pm


I'm sorry :( and of course

Thu, June 30th, 2011 12:35pm


Almost. You almost got me to cry. I have two dogs and they're actually right next to me right now. Hold on I am going to hug them......ok, I'm good now.

As for the story, the was so good!!! Crazy and sad and sick and twisted and epic and full of feeling and it definatly hit home for a lot of your readers (or at least the ones cool enough to comment). Killing an animal is one thing, but you're one pet? That, my friend, is twisted guiness.

I love this, I really do...
Of course, then is it wrong for me to be waiting in anticipation for him to do something even sicker?...oh well...hehe...

Oh! yeah... KMU!!! (if it wasn't already obvious...)

Thu, June 30th, 2011 7:12pm


I'm glad your better now that you hugged your dogs :), and thanks it means a lot that you say that. And yeah, I would never be able to kill my pet. And lol yes I will :)

Thu, June 30th, 2011 12:39pm

Alyssa Carter

this is so sad...god you werent exaggerating when you said it would make people cry. o my god...I just cant imagine doing that to my dog! oh my god...nothing personal your a really great writer but can i drop the KMU please??

Thu, June 30th, 2011 11:44pm


Lol yeah you can

Thu, June 30th, 2011 7:54pm

Loretta Jane

I can't even think of doing that to my cat. No I would have just took death... But It was really good. The only thing I have to say is even though it would kill most of your fans but I will say it any way.. More description. Like you could have said something like "When I looked in to Lucy's eyes I could see how happy she was to see me." Or like describe how animals Life drained out of the eyes.. But KMU please I really want to read more. :)

Fri, July 1st, 2011 3:46am


Lol I didn't want to make this chapter that descriptive, that would be way too sad :( and don't worry there'll be lots more, but no more animals dying :0

Thu, June 30th, 2011 9:10pm

Devils Heart


Fri, July 1st, 2011 11:43pm


Of course :)

Wed, July 6th, 2011 12:08pm


UMMMM...I liked this book i mean so far...I actually wanted to say kmu but this chapter ruined everything... I'm sorry but i don't like this... If i was on her place i'd rather DIE then kill my dog... There's nothing in the whole world that would make me kill my dog... THis was a bad chapter... Sorry:(

Sun, July 3rd, 2011 10:49pm


Aww well I had to make the man sick and twisted so I had to give them a horrible task

Sun, July 3rd, 2011 7:28pm


oh my god.. haley... words can't even describe how i feel... i just... i didn't cry, no. I'm completely disturbed tho. How could that man let them do that? he is so sick and twisted. WRETCHED! I effing HATE him! Poor Jason... and poor Callie! God.. but these two will make it out together! I can feel it! They belong together.


Mon, July 4th, 2011 2:07am


I hated writing this chapter and apparently made everyone sad :( I just need to make the man sick and twisted to fit his personality and the character I've made him out to be. And yeah I wrote it and I feel bad for them too. And lol I don't know how it's going to end up yet :p and of course :)

Sun, July 3rd, 2011 7:33pm


I cried when they were killing the animals, but I still love this story. Please keep me updated

Wed, July 6th, 2011 3:11am


I'm sorry :/ and thanks and of course :)

Wed, July 6th, 2011 12:07pm


*sob sob* sooooo sad i luv animals and that tore my heart kmu please but PLEASE no more killing animals please!

Fri, July 8th, 2011 6:44pm


Mhmm, and I promise.

Fri, July 8th, 2011 7:09pm


Wow this guy must be seriously messed up... It's bad enough that he was going to make them kill an animal, but it was just awful that he made them kill their own pets. Guess I should read the next chapter now.

Thu, July 28th, 2011 1:19am


Yeah he's a lunatic, and I know it's awful :(

Wed, July 27th, 2011 6:22pm


The dog, the cat. NOOOO! Crying like a baby now.
Going to the next :)

Thu, July 28th, 2011 3:00am


I'm sorry :( and hope you like it :)

Wed, July 27th, 2011 8:44pm


I didn't cry, but it's perhaps i was too sleepy and i merely browse the animal killing part, hmmm.....quite a sad chapter. Wonder whether Jason's the bad guy or nt......

Fri, August 5th, 2011 8:19pm


Well I'm glad you didn't cry, and you'll find out :p

Fri, August 5th, 2011 5:30pm

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