Emily: The morticians daughter

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Sometimes when people die, they just don't stay dead. Emily was five when her brother died. only problem is. he's still here. this is sorta written in a random order i guess because most of the chapters are in different time ranges.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Emily: The morticians daughter

Submitted: October 12, 2012

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Submitted: October 12, 2012




“Why don’t you come home? I miss you. Mommy misses you too. So does daddy. You made them sad.” I said pouting, my lip trembling.

“I’ve been trying Emmy! I try! I’ve been there, and I shouted, and screamed, but they can’t hear me. They can’t see me… you have to tell them I’m here Emmy. I’m right here!” Skylar said desperately, his voice on borderline tears. I didn’t like seeing big brother sad.

“Mommy! Daddy!” I called out really loud so they could hear me. I’d make everyone happy again, because Sky was really here!

“What is it Hun?” My mommy said as they ran towards me.

“Skylar wants you to talk to him; you should stop being mean to him, you’re making him sad.” I said, while Skylar watched me. Mommy and daddy looked at each other, than at me.

“Princess, Skylar’s gone.” My daddy said to me, his voice sad again.

“Daddy don’t be sad, he’s right there. Look!” I said pointing at Skylar, who was biting his lip.

“He’s dead Emily.” My mommy said.

“No he’s right there!” I said pointing again, and Skylar started to cry.

“Emily stop it!”

“You made him sad again!”

“Emily stop!”

“Look at him!” I screamed, while Skylar sobbed. He was crying so loud. Why couldn’t they hear? Why were they being so mean?

“Emily that is enough!” My mother screamed; I felt a sharp pain across my face and fell to the ground. Mommy hit me.

“He’s dead! He’s dead!” She screamed, crying as daddy carried her away from me.

“I’m sorry. Emmy I’m sorry!” Skylar cried. I got up and looked at Sky, then followed my mommy and day. Big brothers don’t let their little sisters get hurt. He wasn’t my big brother anymore.

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