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Chapter 2 (v.1) - Chapter 1: Choices

Submitted: July 29, 2011

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Submitted: July 29, 2011



Chapter 1: Choices

I’m finally fourteen. The age for first pokémon had been changed from ten to fourteen because it was more dangerous out there than before. I understand that, but it still ticks me off. But now the wait is almost over. Just a few more day and my classes with Professor Cliff are over, and I’m off on adventure! And not just any adventure I think.

The next few days pass in a blur, and before I know it, I find myself standing beside Thomas and Craig in from of Professor Cliff’s desk. Thomas and Craig are the other two students. Craig and I are rivals; we’ve always tried to outdo each other since the moment we met. Thomas is just another person to me. We’ve never really talked or anything, but I’m not one to start conversations.

Professor Cliff looks at us and says, “Today is the day! Before me I have three pokéballs, each containing a starter. There is Diglett – a ground-type with the moves Scratch, Sand-Attack and Growl. Number two is Geodude – a duel ground/rock-type with the moves Tackle, Defense Curl, and Mud Sport. Lastly I have Numel – a duel ground/fire-type with the moves Tackle, Growl, and Ember.” He looks at the three of us and gives us a moment to decide. I still can’t choose between Diglett and Geodude. One of the big pluses about Diglett is his ability to know the move dig. He can get you out of caves in a second. But Geodude has a much bigger defense.

Professor Cliff takes a hat of one of the many shelves in his room. “In here are the numbers one, two, and three. Whoever picks number one chooses first, two chooses second, three chooses last.” Craig gets to pick first because of alphabetical order. By the sour look on his face, I can tell he’s gotten number three. I close my eyes and choose second. I get number two. That leave Thomas with number one. He smiles and says, “Numel.” Professor Cliff gives him a pokéball. He stands back to let me choose. This is it. I look at the two pokéballs for what seems like forever until I say, “Diglett.” Professor Cliff gives me the pokéball containing Diglett, then gives Craig the one with Geodude.

“Now, I want to give you three five pokéballs, a pokédex and an Old Rod each.” Professor Cliff hands these items out to us. The pokéballs are for catching pokémon, but you guys know that of course. The pokédex keeps track of all the pokémon you have seen and caught, as well as the location of seeing or catching them. The Old Rods are rare items now. Fishing is a sport long gone, but I want you three to find some water pokémon and catch them, as they get rarer by the day. The Rods are collapsible, and will fit in a backpack.” He looks around at us. “Well? Get going!”

We leave the room, me being the last person, and the only to say goodbye. “Drake!” Professor Cliff calls me back. That Diglett’s a tough one. Maybe naming it would be a good idea to start bonding with it?”

“What? Yeah, sure.” I reply, “Why didn’t you tell the others about their pokémon?”

“You’ve always been my favorite student. Maybe I shouldn’t have, but I feel like helping you will be a good thing.” He tells me, “If you ever need a hint, the pokédexs have a phone feature. I’m registered in your contacts, so just call me. Register your mother too. She’ll want to know your safe.”

“Will do.” I say, “Anything else?”

“I hope to see you again. Goodbye”

“Goodbye,” I walked out the door and down the street to my house, where I was greeted by my mother, who had tears in her eyes.

“Where are you going to go first?” she asked. I grabbed my backpack, which had been standing just inside the door, where I had left it, and put on my pokéball holding belt, putting my 6 pokéballs in it, Diglett in the left-most slot. I still didn’t know, but decided that fishing was worth a shot. “To the little pond, to see if I can capture a water-type pokémon.” I replied.

“So you’ll be passing back on the way to Route 51!” My mother exclaimed, suddenly joyous. She got to see me one more time then she had thought.

“Yes.” I smiled, “See you later!” I walked south, in the direction the ocean had once been. There was a little pool there now, and it was filled with silt and dirt. But it was deep enough to contain some pokémon. Sitting down, I pulled the old fishing rod out of my backpack and attached some bait. Releasing the string into the water, I started fishing. Soon enough a pokémon appeared. I pulled out my left-most pokéball and released Diglett.

“Scratch!” I commanded, but it didn’t do anything. It sat in the hole it had dug just after release and looked at me. I decided to take the diplomatic approach. “Hi…Digger.” I thought of the name on the go, and liked it. “I’m your new trainer! I think we could be a great team. Don’t you?”

“Glett.” I said and looked back at the fish pokémon. I knew it was a Magikarp, but I pulled out my pokédex to record its entry.

“Level 6 Magikarp.” It said in a robotic voice, “A fish pokémon that evolves into a powerful Gyarados at Level 20.” I put the pokédex away and looked back at my Diglett.

“Will you attack it?” I asked Digger.

“Dig,” I told me.

“Do you want to dig?”


“Make a hole then! I won’t stop you!” I told it.

“Dig!” it said and make a series of holes in a few seconds.

“Now will you attack the Magikarp?” I asked, getting frustrated.


“Why not?”


“I know you want to dig, but if we can catch the Magikarp, then we can keep going, and find a better place to dig!” I told it.

“Talking to your pokémon?” Craig said, as he came up behind me. “Because I won’t even fight a useless Magikarp?” He laughed. “Maybe it knows better than you and wants to fight something worth fighting?!” He release his Geodude. “Like my pokémon! Wait. It’s probably too much of a sissy!”

Diglett looked at Geodude, and recognizing Craig’s tone of voice, used Scratch on it, but it didn’t have much of an effect.

“Tackle!” Craig ordered his Geodude, and it tackled.

Thinking quickly, I said, “Digger! Use Sand-Attack!”

Geodude was a few milliseconds from hitting Digger, when the Diglett acted, spraying up sand and digging down. Geodude rolled away, blinking furiously to get the sand out of its eyes.

“Digger! Sand-Attack again, then Scratch it as much as you can!” I ordered my pokémon. Digger did just that, and while Craig’s Geodude tried to roll away, Digger kept popping up around it and scratching. It actually scratched off some pieces of rock off of the Geodude. “Good job!” I told Digger.

Craig, seeing that he was finished, recalled Geodude and looked at me venomously. “I’ll get you next time.”

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