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Chapter 3 (v.1) - Chapter 2: Fishing and Route 51

Submitted: July 29, 2011

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Submitted: July 29, 2011



Chapter 2: Fishing and Route 51

I petted Digger on the head. We were a team now. “Good job Digger!” I told it and it dug a few holes happily. “Do you want to help me catch a water-type pokémon?” I asked, as the Magikarp had gotten away. Digger said “Dig” and nodded. I cast the line again and soon felt a tug. Pulling it, a Magikarp came out of the water, and Digger looked at me for instructions.

“Scratch!” I told it. It complied with my orders and scratched it. I pulled out a pokéball and threw it at the Magikarp. There was a flash of white and the pokéball closed around the Magikarp. It didn’t even quiver.

“Good job Digger!” I praised my Diglett, then pulled out my pokédex, sitting back down. It scanned the pokéball and said. “Level 6 Magikarp.” I decided that it was probably the same one as before.

“Moves?” I asked.

“Splash. It has no effect.”

Well that’s a bummer. When does it learn a new attack?”

“Level 15 – Tackle.”

“Then I’ve got some training to do.” I looked back at the pond and asked Digger, “Do you think there are any more pokémon in there?”

Digger used it’s favorite word – ‘Dig’ and nodded.

“Then let’s fish some more!” I cast the line again. We sat for a long time. About 30 minutes in, I realized I had forgot to put bait on the hook. I’m a dumb one… I thought to myself. After correcting my mistake, I smiled at Digger and he dug another hole. Goodness! I thought, This place is ravaged! But I kept fishing, and eventually I got another tug. Pulling on it, a new pokémon flopped out. It was a very ugly fish pokémon.

“Feebas. Level 5.” My pokédex told me.

“Scratch it once Digger!” I told my Diglett, which complied and I threw another pokéball. This time it quivered once before settling down, but when I scanned it with my pokédex I got bad news.


“Splash. It has no effect.”

“Seriously?!” What a waste! I thought. “What does Feebas evolve into?”

“Feebas evolves into Milotic”

I had heard of Milotic before. It was supposed to be the most beautiful water pokémon out there. The confusing bit was how it was supposed to evolve from a super ugly Feebas. I ask my pokédex that.

“A Feebas evolves into a Milotic when it levels up and its beauty condition is maxed out.”

“And how do I do that?”

“Feed it dry flavored Poffin.”

I decided to not ask any more questions, but get a move on on my adventure. I looked down at Digger and said “Sorry if you don’t like this.” and put him back in his pokéball. Wait. Him? I consulted my pokédex and I was correct. It was a male. At the same time I found out that Diglett would only learn the attack dig at level 34. Better level thirty-four then never!

I walked back home to see my mother waiting for me.

“Drake!” She says, “I have something to give you.” She shows me a pair of brand new running shoes. “I hope they’ll help!”

“Of course they will mom!” I say, switching my shoes.

After our goodbye’s, I walk towards Route 51, but get stopped by Professor Cliff. “I have some potions for you. They can heal your pokémon a bit, though going to a pokémon center is always better. But these can be applied on the go. You can buy them in pokémarts too. I trust that you have some money?” He inquired.

“Yes!” I say, “Thanks!”

“Then goodbye.”

“Bye” I walk on to Route 51. I know that Sandshrew and Hippoptas are common here, and I want to catch one. Then my team will be balanced I think, two useless pokémon and two useful.

Looking around, I can see patches of sand, as I walk around the S-like path. The path has breaks where you have to walk in sand, but I’m okay with that. At one such break, I saw something scurrying in the sand, and then a Sandshrew leaped out at me from the sand. I quickly released Digger and command him to scratch. The Sandshrew’s brick like hide absorbs most of the scratch, but it looks weakened. The Sandshrew scratched back, but Diglett, under my command, used Sand-Attack and the Sandshrew rolled a little ways away. Diglett dug near it and scratched it a few times, always digging away when Sandshrew attacked. I threw a pokéball and after a few quivers, the pokéball settled down and I had a Sandshrew. I made a good choice picking the Diglett I think as I recall Digger. The rest of the walk is uneventful, and I reach Punchai City before dark.

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