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Chapter 4 (v.1) - Chapter 3: Gym Battle

Submitted: July 31, 2011

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Submitted: July 31, 2011



Chapter 3: Gym Battle

After sleeping at the Pokémon Centre, I had a whole new day ahead of me. I knew Punchai City had a Gym, so I decided to check it out. Once I walked in, I could see a hallway with doors on the sides. From behind multiple doors, I could hear the sound of battling pokémon and trainers shouting orders. Training rooms.

I walked onwards to the door of the gym and there I could see a trainer there, holding a pokéball. He looked at me and asked “Do you want to challenge me?”

“I was wondering around what levels your pokémon are.” I replied, not wanting to battle level fifty pokémon with my level five and six pokémon.

“Around level twenty.”

“Then I’ve still got some training to do.” I replied, and he nodded, holding out his hand to shake. “Robert. Good to know that you care about your pokémon.”

“Drake,” I shook hands, “What do you mean?”

“Well, I just battled a kid about your age with a level 5 Geodude and a level 6 Hippopotas. D’you know him?”

“He’s my rival!” I replied.

“Then help him train his pokémon by battling him a few times. I don’t want to send him back to the pokémon center with a cracked Geodude again.” He told me.

I smiled, “I’ll do it for you.”

He laughed and looked behind me. “Do you challenge me?”

I turned around to see another trainer walking up. “Yes.”

“You know the rules? Then let’s go inside.” After he made sure the trainer did, he turned to me, “You can watch if you want, Drake. Maybe you’ll get a feel for my style.”

I nodded and followed the gym leader and trainer inside. I release Digger to let him watch as well. We’d both need to be alert and know what we were doing. The gym arena was a uniform concrete floored, metal building. Not much of an advantage anywhere. The trainer told someone something, then prepared a pokéball.

“This will be a one on one battle between Robert, the fighting-type gym leader and the trainer Joshua Polian.” I guessed that the trainer had told the announcer his name.

“Let’s battle!” Robert said, “Go Hitmonchan!” Robert sent out a human-like fighting-type pokémon with tough, glove-like hands.

“Sandslash!” Joshua released the evolution of Sandshrew.

“Feint!” Robert commanded his Hitmonchan, while Joshua ordered his Sandslash to use Fury Cutter. Hitmonchan moved to one side, then dashed the other way throuwing a few punches. Sandslash was temporarily confused, but the rolled up, absorbing the punches, then popped up again, slashing five times in quick succession. Under the command of the two people, the two pokémon battled. Sandslash used rollout, after a defense curl, and took Hitmonchan by surprise, fainting Hitmonchan. Robert recalled it and took out his second, and second last, pokéball on his belt.

“Hitmonlee!” Was Robert’s next pokémon, and it defeated the weakened Sandslash quickly. Now Joshua released a Donphan. It used Slam, but Hitmonlee jumped out of the way and used Jump Kick mid-leap, pounding Donphan a few times. Donphan stood up and looked around for Hitmonlee.

“Fury Attack!” Joshua ordered and his Donphan complied, attacking Hitmonlee with its tusks, and getting a few good hits. After a while longer, Donphan managed to finish off Hitmonlee with another well placed Slam.

“Your Donphan is good, I must say. Hitmontop!” Robert released his last pokémon, and the last of the Hitmon-trio. “Triple Kick!” The top-like pokémon swung around and kicked the Donphan’s legs, but it stood strong. “Fury Attack!” The Donphan complied with its trainer and attacked Hitmontop with its tusks, throwing it one way, before it swung around and used rapid spin, slightly confusing the Donphan and hitting it a few times. It was starting to get weak.

The battle raged on, and I knew Joshua’s strategy. To counter the quick and aggressive pokémon, he used aggressive pokémon with a tough defense. First the Sandslash’s strong scales, then Donphan’s low stance and thick hide. I wondered what his last pokémon would be, if I got to see it at all; Donphan was putting up quite a fight.

But at last Hitmontop felled Donphan and, though tired, it looked ready for one more fight.

“Boldore!” The rock-type appeared, strong and still. Just like a boulder. “Rock blast!” Joshua commanded and rocks flew across the arena. The battle raged, but in the end, Boldore was the victor, making Joshua the winner. He praised Boldore, then recalled it and walked up to Robert, shook hands with him, and received his Pound Badge. Robert also pulled out a disc-like object and gave it to Joshua. I could hear him say that it was TM 52 – Focus Blast.

Joshua thanked Robert and left the gym, smiling. Robert looked at me and said, “Figured it out yet?”

“I have a good idea.” I replied, “Strong defense, but enough offense to pull it off.”

“I think you’ve got the idea.”

I left the gym and saw that the sun was a bit past midday. When I looked back down, I saw Craig standing in front of me smiling.

“Just lose?” he sniggered.

“No, I didn’t battle, though I know that you got owned.” I replied coldly.

That wiped the smirk off his face. “Well I won’t lose against you! Go, Geodude!”

“Sandstorm!” I release my Sandshrew, naming it at the same time.

“Tackle!” Craig ordered, while I told Sandstorm to use Defense Curl. Due to Sandstorm’s thick skin, the tackle barely fazed it. “Sand-Attack!” was my next command, while Craig told Geodude to tackle again. As Geodude tried to tackle Sandstorm, my Sandshrew darted out of the way, spraying up sand in the process and momentarily blinding Geodude.

I told Sandstorm to use Scratch a few times, and it did, while Geodude wiped sand from its eyes and ignored Craig’s shouts to use Tackle. Once Geodude had gotten rid of the sand, it turned on Sandshrew, which sprayed more sand at my command.

Geodude was useless for a while once again, and Sandshrew got to work Scratching it, actually chipping off part of rock. After a while of repetition, Geodude fainted and Sandshrew began to glow warmly. After a second of confusion, I realized that it had just leveled up! I patted on the head and said “Good Job”, then recalled it.

“How many more pokémon do you have?” I asked Craig.

“Two.” He replied, “Go Hippopotas!”

“Digger!” I released my starter, then said, “Scratch!” while Craig commanded Hippopotas to Tackle.

Digger waited until Hippoptas had started to move, then dug down and came up beside it, scratching a few times. Hippoptas changed direction, but again Digger, came up somewhere else to scratch it. This went on for a while, until Craig realized that he was getting nowhere, so he commanded to Hippopotas to use Sand-Attack. The level six pokémon tried, but was to slow to kick up some sand and Digger used his superior speed to finish off Hippopotas. He too glowed for a little as my Diglett leveled up to level six.

Craig released his last pokémon – a Sandshrew. I knew how to deal with this one! Telling Digger to dig down again, we did the same thing Digger and I did to capture Sandstorm, but for a bit longer to faint Craig’s Sandshrew. In the end, Digger was barely scratched, and Craig was defeated…again.

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