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Chapter 5 (v.1) - Chapter 4: Thomas

Submitted: July 31, 2011

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Submitted: July 31, 2011



Chapter 4: Thomas

I left Craig hating me and walked on to Route 52, where I wanted to catch at least one more pokémon. This was a longer route, but it wasn’t long until I was jumped by a pair of Poochyena. I release all four of my pokémon, hoping that Magikarp and Feebas would gain some experience, while Sandstorm took one out and Diglett helped me catch one. I ordered Sandstorm to Sand-Attack one, then scratch it until knock-out, while with Digger, I ordered him to use Sand-Attack so the Poochyena was blinded, then I pulled out my second last pokéball and threw it at the Poochyena. The ball quivered harshly, then a bit less, and finally stopped.

I looked to see what Sandstorm had made of the other one and could see it laying still. I caught it as well, maybe out of pity…I don’t know, but I did it and that’s that. I checked their levels and the two were both level 6 males. Probably brothers.

I continued searching for pokémon, and I found quite a few, though I didn’t catch any of the other Poochyenas, Hippopotases, Nosepasses, Gligars, or Baltoys. I did return to the pokémon centre a few times though. My pokémon’s levels were now at: Digger was at level 9 – he had learned the move Astonish as well! Sandstorm was at level 9 – she had learned Poison Sting! Bite, Poochyena number 1, was at level 8 – one more until he learns Sand-Attack! Scratch, Poochyena number two, was at level 7 – just behind his brother. My two useless water-type pokémon, Gyro the Magikarp and Melody the Feebas, were at levels 8 and 7, respectively. I named them that for their final evolutions – Gyro the Gyarados and Melody the Milotic.

Night was falling, so I returned to the pokémon centre, renting out a room again, and wondering what to do the next day. I fell asleep still undecided.

When I woke up, I knew exactly what I was going to do. I walked to the pokémart and asked for some dry-flavored poffin. The clerk asked, “Do you know how much that costs? The ingredients for poffin are super rare at the moment, so the final product is very expensive. Why do you want some anyways?”

“I have a Feebas and want to evolve it!”

“Well you better hope that Milotic is useful, because dry-flavored poffin costs §50 000. You have that much?”

I looked at how much § I had. I had taken all my money with me, and, because my father had left me half his money when he had died, I had more than enough.

“Yes.” I traded the money for the dry-flavored poffin, and walked to route 52. Feebas needed to level up to evolve, while feeling beautiful. This was going to have to be timed right. The poffin had been compressed into a pill, so I was pretty sure Feebas would be able to eat it.

I looked around for pokémon, when I spotted a Numel. Thomas?

Sure enough, after looking around the rock that had been blocking my view, I saw Thomas there, gesturing to his confused Numel. Thomas didn’t see me approach, so he looked surprised when I said, “Maybe talk to it?”

He knelt down, and looking embarrassed wrote ‘Can’t’ in the sand. I looked at him in surprise, but then I remembered that when we were in a lower class and had just met, he had refused to talk to me, and we had never really talked. I had always thought that he was just the silent type of person – he had played it well – but now I understood.

Snapping out of my daydream, I looked at him and released Feebas. Giving him the poffin pill, I said, “Feed this to it and make it watch a battle. I’ll battle with your Numel.” Thomas nodded and picked up the dopey Feebas. That said, Numel was dopey too.

I led Numel a little ways away and waited until something sprang at it. “Ember!” I could see Thomas feed the pill to Melody the Feebas out of the corner of my eye. Numel obeyed, scorching the Roggenrola. It was surprised and tottered back, while Numel used Ember again. After a little while, Numel knocked-out the Roggenrola with barely a bruise for a tackle. The Feebas glowed a little and I knew that we had succeeded. Thomas dropped it and it glowed brighter, changing and morphing into a Milotic. It looked at me, its owner, and I scanned it to have it in my pokédex, but then said, “Melody, your new owner is Thomas.”

Turning to Thomas, I said, “My pokédex says that Milotic can tune in on their owner’s feelings. That way, it can understand what you want it to do.” Turning back to my old Milotic, I added, “Be good Melody.” Thomas pointed at the Numel and at me and I understood. Picking up Numel, I traded pokéballs with Thomas and said, “Your mine now!” and Numel made a dopey smile and I returned it to its pokéball.

Thomas and I shook hands, then he left to find some pokémon to battle and I returned to Punchai City with a new Numel.

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