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Chapter 6 (v.1) - Chapter 5: Interrupted Battle

Submitted: August 02, 2011

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Submitted: August 02, 2011



Chapter 5: Interrupted Battle

I wondered what to do now. Probably battle some trainers to get some experience. I looked around, and decided to return to the gym and go to one of the training rooms.

There, I could see that most of the rooms had red lights – many people were already training. A few had green lights, signifying them being open, and one had a yellow light – someone was waiting for a challenge. I walked inside, to see Craig.

“You?!” Craig exclaimed, “I’ll beat you this time!” He took a pokéball from his belt, and I followed his lead, taking out Bite. I was starting to not like the belt for holding pokéballs; I found it a bit cumbersome, especially if you want to bend down.

“Vulpix!” Craig released the fox-like fire-type onto the field, while I threw my poochyena’s pokéball with a cry of “Bite!” Thus the battle began. I went in for the tackle, while Craig told his Vulpix to use Ember. Vulpix was about to pull off the fire-type move, when Bite hit it and knocked the breath out of it. But then the two of them rolled over until they lay beside each other and refused to fight. I looked up at Craig who looked at me.

“I’ll trade you for Vulpix.” I told him, “I’ve got another Poochyena if you want it.” Because I understood what had just happened. The two pokémon had fallen in love. Craig nodded, “I can find more of these things, and this one seems to be useless against you.”

So we recalled out pokémon, then headed over to the trading machine in the pokémon center, to make it official. I took out the pokéball with scratch and placed it in one slot, while Craig took out the pokéball with Vulpix and placed it in the other.

I looked at the buttons and saw a big green one with the word ‘Trade’ I pressed it, and after a few seconds, the pokéball slots opened and I took out my new Vulpix. I looked back at Craig and asked, “Do we continue the battle?”

“Let me train with poochyena first.” I decided not to tell him that it might not respond to ‘poochyena’, only to ‘Scratch’. But maybe it was still just ‘poochyena’ at heart. I nodded and walked to Route 51, releasing Vulpix. For a second I thought that he might have tricked me, but Vulpix popped out and I knew it was the same one. Vulpix looked at me, confused.

“I’m your new trainer now Vulpix!” It looked on at me, “Hmm… I like to nickname my pokémon, so how about I name you…Flame!” Flame nodded, and I took out Bite’s pokéball, releasing Bite. Flame and bite looked at each other and began to play happily.

I released my other pokémon to play, and Bite looked up at me hopefully. “Scratch is gone. I had to trade him for Flame.” I tell him sadly, and he sits down. “We’ll see him again, don’t worry.” Bite nods and goes to play with the rest of my pokémon.

I make a mental list of my pokémon and their levels:

Digger – level 9

Sandstorm – level 9

Gyro – level 8

Bite – level 8

Erupt (my Numel) – level 5

Flame – level 8

I had to check the last two with my pokédex, because I hadn’t trained them. Thinking that it was probably time to head back and battle, I recalled all my pokémon and walked back to Punchai City’s Gym, finding Craig waiting in the same room as last time.

I chose the pokéball with Sandstorm inside, and while he released Scratch, I shouted “Sandstorm!” and released my Sandshrew. This face-off goes on for a while, me shouting “Sand-Attack!”, “Defense Curl!” and “Scratch!” every so often, and Craig shouting “Tackle!” and “Howl!” It finally ends when Sandstorm avoids a Tackle, and rakes her claws in a Scratch down Poochyena’s side. Craig recalled his poochyena, and took out another pokéball. Sandstorm also glowed a little – level up! I kept Sandstorm out, because she should be able to take a bit more battling, and I am at a disadvantage – Gyro is useless, and Craig has six useful pokémon.

Craig’s next pokémon is Hippopotas. It soon over takes my already weakened Sandshrew and I recall it. Now I take out the pokéball holding Erupt and throw it.

“Erupt, use Ember!” It did as I ordered and Hippopotas lumbered back. “Tackle!” We both yell and the pokémon hit each other in midair and land slightly dazed. “Ember!” Numel sends out a bit of fire and Hippopotas gets knocked out. Craig’s next pokémon is his Geodude.

This pairing goes on for a very short while, but Erupt gets knocked out quickly by a tackle. I send out Digger. Starter versus starter. “Scratch!” I start the fight off. After a while, my Diglett is still standing, or should I say digging, strong, while Geodude has been knocked out by Digger’s Astonish.

Craig recalls his fainted Geodude and sends out one of his pokémon that I haven’t seen before – an Aron. “Digger! Astonish!” I shout quickly, hoping to make Aron flinch, and when it does, I tell Digger to scratch. Digger does its best, before Aron turns and Tackles it, returning to battle after flinching. Digger digs away, then uses astonish and scratches again. In the end, Digger scrapes up a win, but just barely. After leveling up, I recall it.

“How about we make this last one a double battle.” Craig says. He’s obviously hoping that Bite and Flame won’t want to fight together, but I know Bite better. He always wants to win if he’s fighting. “Sure!” I agree, sending out both Flame and Bite.

Craig’s choice of pokémon is both steel-types. Bronzor and Klink end up floating beside each other on the field, while Bite and Flame growl at them.

“Vice Grip! Tackle!” “Ember! Tackle!” orders are shouted out and the double battle begins. Bite and Bronzor Tackle each other, While Flame evades Klink’s Vice Grip and scorches it full on in the face. That attack was very effective, and Klink actually got softer, causing Craig to recall it. From there Flame helped Bite defeat Bronzor and again, I was the victor.

“It was closer this time! Next time I will beat you!” Craig yelled and walked out the door.

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