A River Of Tears Is Not Enough

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Rina and Yoru are not typical people. It was like a story of the wolf who fell in love with the little red riding hood.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - A River Of Tears Is Not Enough

Submitted: October 29, 2013

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Submitted: October 29, 2013



Rina Mendosa is a 16 year old girl with a positive personality... Sometimes.. When she gets sad, it may never stop. When she's happy, it's like everyone else is happy. That's why the people in school call her the "Two-faced bunny". She' has two faces because she has an optimistic side, and a melancholy side. They call her a bunny because everyone thinks it's cute when she's happy.

Rina has light brown hair and innocent black eyes. She is a little short, and that's why she can always get away with things. When she was a newborn, Rina's mom hid her with her older brother, Tetsuya Medosa when he was about 12 years old because his mother couldn't trust herself with children and was afraid to harm them. Years passed, Tetsuya is now 21 and he has to watch over   Rina.


Yoru Tristan is Rina's neighbor. He is 17 year old boy who never met Rina. He was forbidden to talk to Rina or her brother because his parents had a fight with Tetsuya. Rina and Yoru were neighbors for 9 years and they only talked once. When Rina was eight. Yoru has dark brown hair with black eyes. When he was 9 years old he played hide-n-seek with Rina. She got hurt and cried Yoru tried to accompany her.  Then his parents saw them together and scoulded Yoru. Rina was sent to her room by Tetsuya and she cried for the whole time she was there. Yoru and Rina never talked since.

~Present Time~

It was a snowy day and Rina was getting ready to return Tetsuya's library books. Rina put on a sweater and a scarf over with a vest and hiking boots. "Tetsuya! I'm going to the library now!", Rina sang. She opened the door and Yoru saw her walking through his window. While she walked Yoru sneaked out of the house to follow her. He tried not to make sound to not attract attention from her. Yoru walked quietly and accidentally stepped on  a branch. Rina turned around, "Huh?" Yoru hid behind a pine tree and waited for Rina to turn around. Rina heard steps and got a little frightened. Then she ran to the library. Yoru ran after her slowly. When Rina reached the library, Yoru watched her. 

Rina opened the door of the library and she turned to the librarian, she said, "Thanks ma'am!" Rina dropped her wallet without notice and Yoru picked it up. Yoru was surprised that Rina never saw him. He tried listening to his parents, but then he suddenly looked at Rina then looked at her wallet in his hands, then ran up to her. "You dropped your wallet.", He said.

"Oh thanks! And hey.. You look familiar."

"Yeah.. I know. I'm Yoru. Your neighbor. I played with you when we were little." 

"Oh!", Rina smiled. Then she gasped. "Umm... I thought your parents didn't let you talk to me."

Yoru frowned. But then he whispered, "Don't tell anyone.. I sneaked out." Rina smiled and replied, "Okay." It was silent for a while and then there was a lot of smiling and frowning and thinking. Yoru said, "Well, I haven't seen you in like seven years. I guess we can do something together? Maybe we can sit on the bench to warm up before we go home." Rina nodded and they both walked to the bench together. Yoru and Rina smiled at eachother, then both looked the other direction awkwardly.

Yoru thought,

Ugh... Im such an idiot.. I know I like Rina.. But then my parents told me, well.... Maybe I should just confess my feelings to her--  Dang it Yoru do it already! Gosh. I've never felt like this before...

Rina thought,

Ahhh! Why am I so dumb..? I like Yoru and all.. But his parents doesn't really like my brother.. Erghh. Maybe I should just say that I like him.. Rina make a move already! Geez. I've never worried like this before..

While Yoru was looking away, he saw this figure that was watching him from far away. It had binoculars. It was his classmate, Ukyo. Wow. What a stalker.. Yoru saw Ukyo come closer. Yoru looked at Rina. "Cough--wimp--cough.", Ukyo teased from far away. Yoru narrowed his eyes at Ukyo. Yoru reached over and put his hand over Rina's. Rina blushed. "Yoru, your shaking..", Rina  laughed slightly. "Huh? O-Oh. Yeah-- uh.. I'm just cold....? Yeah.", Yoru lied. Yoru. Heheh. He never changed. Such a liar he is. Ukyo thought to hisself. 

Yoru asked, "Rina, wanna go home now?" "Yeah okay.", Rina smiled then held his hand. 

.. At Home ..

"WHAT HAVE YOU DONE TO MY SON?!", Mrs. Tristan screams at Tetsuya by the sidewalk. Yoru and Rina is behind a tree. Watching the endless conversation full of yelling and arguing. Yoru yelled back calmly "Mr. And Mrs. Tristan.. Please. I didn't--" "Don't SASS me!! WHERE IS HE?!", Mr. Tristan butted in. Tetsuya yells louder, "SIR! PLEASE. MY SISTER--" Mr. Tristan slapped Tetsuya across his face as Rina and Yoru watch. Rina's eyes get filled with tears. Melancholy. Rina tries weeping quietly. Mrs. Tristan screeches, "IM GOING TO ASK YOU ONE MORE TIME, WHERE IS Y--"  Yoru walks to the sidewalk as they all look at him in astonishment. 

"I'm here"


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