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Submitted: January 12, 2013



Chapter 3

I run down the next corridor with a grin plastered on my face and without consciously knowing where I am going or where I am. I stop for a few seconds to regain my breath and to see where I am and if Sebastian has caught up yet.

Looking back I can see him bent over slightly breathing heavily, but when we catch eyes, he flashes me his smile, stands up straight and starts walking towards me.

Ignoring the fact that he is probably going to pounce onto me as soon as he reaches me, I turn my back and look around, soon realising that we are in the Science wing.

Laughing silently to myself at how perfectly placed we are, I look down the corridor looking for the blue door with a silver three nailed to the front.

When I see it, I smile wider and turn to Sebastian where he has finally made it to my side, thankfully without jumping on top of me.

“Guess where we are?” I say playfully and he rolls his eyes at me.

“The science wing. Duh.”

“Yeah, but guess who’s here?” I nudge his arm with my hand and he looks around.

“I dunno. Who?”

I laugh at his confused expression. “Flo you dummy!”

“Oh right, duh.” I stick my tongue out him and he does the same.

Laughing at the stupid look on his face that is surely mirrored on mine, I turn around and start walking towards the door with the silver three on it.

“What are you gonna do Ivs?” Sebastian asks cautiously as I reach forward to knock on the door. I don’t reply but turn around to smile at him mischievously.

Turning back towards the door I rattle my little hand against the painted wood and wait.

Knock, knock, knock.

The sound of my knocking echoes down the hallway and bounces around, giving the corridor a hollow feeling.

I wait for a few seconds, listening to the faint footsteps on the other side of the door grow louder as they come closer and freezing my ass off in the penetrating cold.

All sounds stop for a fraction of a second before the door bangs open and Mr Scott appears, looking angry at having been interrupted in the middle of his lesson.

“What?” he sounds weary, like he really couldn’t really care less what I wanted.

“Um, can I please speak to Florence?” I ask, cowering under the glare that doesn’t match his tone. I feel a slight pressure on my lower back and realise that Sebastian is standing behind me.

“Why?” he asks sharply, finally suiting the menacing expression on his face. For some reason this makes me feel better and I instantly know why.

Jason’s behaviour and the way he acts, contrasts fiercely with his good looks and beautiful smile. People don’t usually notice how evil he is until it’s too late.

I can’t think of a reasonable explanation and turn to Sebastian in worry.

“Uh, Miss Angela wants to see her…” my look of worry slowly transforms into one of astonishment. Sebastian usually isn’t one to lie, especially to teachers but he quickly shakes his head at me before I can expose his fib to Mr Scott.

Usually teachers just call the classroom if they want to see a particular student but Miss Angela doesn’t like technology. I feel a little bad using this to my advantage but I don’t think I have any other choice; I really want to see Flo.

This wouldn’t be the first time she has sent a student to fetch another one for her, but it is more likely that she would have rang than send someone out in the cold. Luckily for us, Mr Scott doesn’t seem to be in the mood and complies quickly.

“Does she need to take her things?” he asks and I make a snap decision.

“Yes, she will be required for the rest of the lesson and next period too so if you could please tell Ms Porter that Florence won’t be in History it would save us the trouble of having to walk there in the cold.”

Mr Scott starts to look suspicious and I begin to panic. “And why wouldn’t Miss Angela just call Ms Porter herself?” he inquires, trying to make me confess that I am lying and that Florence isn’t really needed, but Sebastian saves me again.

“You know how Miss Angela doesn’t like to use the phone Sir.” he answers flawlessly and with a slight knowing look.

“Oh, alright.” Mr Scott snaps and turns, to hopefully get Flo for us.

We stand out in the bitter cold for a few seconds before I turn to Sebastian and raise an eyebrow.

“What?” he asks dumb-founded, but flashes me a smile and winks at me.

“Who knew that Sebastian West was such a convincing actor?” I say with a hint of actual surprise.

“Who knew that Ivory Calvert was such a horrible actress?” he replies and I laugh, elbowing him lightly in the ribs.

Just as he starts to complain about me ‘lightly’ hitting him, My Scott appears with Flo in tow and we both fall into a hushed silence. He looks at us suspiciously again but visibly decides that’s he doesn’t care.

Flo looks at us questionably from behind him and frowns slightly when she sees Sebastian's still wet shirt and my red eyes. I see that she isn’t wearing her glasses today and look at her just as questionably.

“Thank you Sir. Good bye.” I finally say after a while of awkward silence and he tips his head in his way of saying good bye and slams the door shut in our faces.

We stand there for a while before Flo says, “Well that was awkward.” and we all burst into laughter.


Flo is probing both mine and Sebastian’s faces for any clues as to why we dragged her out of class when she finally just asks.

“Well why did you just save me from the rest of Science?” 

“Uh, and History… I’ll tell you in a second. Let’s just go to the coffee shop and get out of the cold, okay?” I say uncomfortably, suddenly wanting to get out of the building.

And History? How did you pull that off exactly?’ she asks, sounding impressed but I ignore her, grabbing her sleeve and guiding her down the corridor and in the general direction of my favourite coffee shop. Sebastian follows behind us dutifully.

After a second Flo shakes herself free of my grip and walks along beside me, following my increasingly fast stride.

She asks mindless, boring questions all of the way to the coffee shop, probably just to fill the silence but neither Sebastian nor I answer her. She keeps rambling on anyway.

Flo really is like a little porcelain doll with her adorable red hair in two cute little plaits and her big doe eyes. The eyelashes that frame those eyes are thick and long and dark, making her eyes seem bigger than they already are.

Her eyes are actually a beautiful cinnamon brown colour and are always shinning, full of life.

Her skin is a pale ivory colour and her cheeks and nose are dusted lightly with brown freckles. She is short and she is skinny, but not super-model skinny, perfect skinny.

Flo doesn’t have many of the insecurity problems that most girls the age of 18 do; she fits perfectly into her skin and is happy with her place in the world.

I, on the other hand, am anything but happy with my place in the world.

I am average height with average blue eyes and averagely curly dark brown hair. I have the average colour skin and have no outstanding features.

Though I am just average height, I am easily a half a foot taller than Flo so she has to scurry to keep up with me, and I am walking a lot faster than even my normal walking pace, which is pretty quick.

Sebastian easily follows behind us, his long legs no match for my fast stride.

When we finally got to the coffee shop Flo is breathless and I am freezing though Sebastian has to be colder with his wet t-shirt. I frown slightly when I think about how he shrugged off my offer of a new shirt.

Sighing, I turn to Flo.

“Come on Flo, let’s go sit down and order a coffee. I’m freezing!” she just nods her little head vigorously and scans the shop for any tables with no one sitting in them.

It was still first period surprisingly, and a lot of people have their free period at first so they can sleep in longer. I have mine second and Flo has hers last. Sebastian, being the total nerd that he is doesn’t have one at all.

I won’t have to worry about skipping class next period, and neither should Flo if Mr Scott tells Ms Porter about ‘Miss Angela’s’ message. Sebastian will either have to go to his second period or put a black mark on his flawless record.

Flo points at a free booth at the back of the shop and we head for it as quickly as we can.

“So, how did you guys save me exactly?” Flo asks when we are all seated and waiting for a waiter.

“Oh, easy. We lied.” Flo’s eye’s bulge.

“You WHAT?” She practically yells, attracting the attention of a few people around us. Sebastian smirks and I have to smile too.

“Calm down woman! Don’t worry I have it all planned out. I get you out of History and Science and I don’t have to sit through Creative Writing.” I sit back folding my arms across my chest and a small smile plays across my face.

“But I thought you love Creative Writing?” Flo asks, confused.

“I do but I just needed to get out of there.”

“Why?” She asks curiously. I have never wanted to get out of Creative Writing before and every time that I have too, I complain profusely.

“We’re studying fairy tales.” I say quietly, and Flo’s expression of curiosity turns to one of understanding. She looks across the table at me apologetically and I feel Sebastian's hand link with mine under the table.

“Oh.” She says quietly, her tone soft. “Are you okay?” She asks with genuine worry.

“Yeah, I’m fine now.”

“So, I understand pulling me from Science but why History?” She wonders, confused again.

“Uh, because you hate History and I have my free period on second and I didn’t want to be alone.” I say looking down at my one hand that is now sitting on my lap.

“Oh. But you have Sebastian?” She asks, growing more confused by the second. You can almost see the cogs turning in her brain behind her eyes.

“Yeah, but your my best friend too and Sebastian's terrible company,” I say with a laugh and poke my tongue out at him while he sticks the finger up at me.

I laugh and grab his hand, forcing it into a fist so he isn’t sticking the finger up at me anymore. Flo laughs at us from across the table and Sebastian swats away my hand, ruffling my hair.

“I’m great company Ivs and you know it.”

“Yeah but you never let me do anything fun,” I say with a laugh and he laughs too.

“That’s because the last thing you wanted to do that was supposedly ‘fun’” He adds air quotes around to word to emphasise how wrong I was, “ended with a broken arm and three stitches,” He says with a laugh and I punch his shoulder.

“Oh shut up you. That was an accident and you know it!”

“Sure it was. You just wanted to get back at me for getting the best branch!” I laugh and give him a playful shove which he returns, laughing even harder when I fall off the seat.

“You suck!” I yell at him from a heap on the floor. Standing up I see him, along with half the café, laughing at me. Laughing at our childish antics is Flo who hasn’t got any idea what we were talking about.

“Do I even want to know?” She asks with a laugh and I smile at her.

“Probably. It’s a funny story.” I say with a smile and turn towards Sebastian, who is also smiling.

“When were 10,” I begin but am quickly interrupted.

“9,” Sebastian says and I shove my hand in his face.

“Shush, I'm telling the story,” I say and squeal when he licks my palm. “You’re disgusting!” I yell and wipe my hand on his shirt. He laughs and sticks his tongue out at me. I laugh and smack his shoulder.

“Anyway,” I say once I’ve composed myself, “When we were 9, I kinda accidently pushed him out of a tree.” I laugh again when I see Flo’s shocked expression.

“How do you accidently push someone out of a tree?” She asks with a shaky laugh and a frown and I smile.

“My thoughts exactly,” Sebastian says before I can answer and smiles at me devilishly.

“With great difficulty,” ignoring Sebastian, I reply to Flo and she laughs again.

“Well what are we going to do now that we’re both out of class, thanks to your awesome brilliance?” Flo asks sounding like a twelve year old.

“Well, first I want the closest thing to a coffee I can find and seeing as we are currently siting in a coffee shop I doubt that will be hard, and then we can decide what Sebastian is going to do”

“Okay Ivs… How ‘bout we call the waiter person over and get him to get us all coffees to go?” Sebastian asks, already looking around to find the waiter, guessing my answer.

“Alright.” I say just as Flo shoves her hand in the air, waving frantically for the waiter to come and get our order.

“I hope Dylan’s here,” she says, knowing that he isn’t.

I actually know this waiter, which is really no surprise really, seeing as I spend the majority of my time in either the coffee shop or my dorm room. However, his name isn’t Dylan, its Ethan.

He steps in front of us and looks around, sweeping his eyes across the three of us and smiles.

“Hello Ivory, what can I do for you?” he asks, although already knowing what I want, having served me more times than I count.

“Well I'm having a vanilla latte, what do you guys want?” I ask and turn to Flo and Sebastian.

“I’ll just have the same.” Sebastian replies, although I know he has absolutely no idea what it is. I smirk at him and turn to Flo.

“What are you having darling?” she looks at me for a few seconds, contemplating, before bravely turning to Ethan.

“Uh, c-can I have a-a la-”She stumbles over her words in her rush to get them out.

She shoots me a look as if to say ‘can you talk to him for me?’ I nod my head slightly and she breathes out a sigh of relief.

“Hey can we please have three vanilla lattes to go?” Ethan looks at Flo briefly, smiling and then his eyes flash back to me.

“Of course you can Ivory! Is that just for you or for Flo and Sebastian as well?” he asks and I laugh.

“For all of us idiot. Even I don’t buy three lattes at once, just for myself.” Shaking my head, he slowly raises his eyebrow and laughs at me.

“Well I have seen you do it before.” He says.

Flo pips up and adds, “I have too Ivs.” Laughing, Ethan turns back to Flo to flash her a grateful grin.

“Shut up you two,” I say, playfully giving him a shove, which he returns. Sebastian laughs at the conversation but keeps quiet. “Just go get our coffees.” I add to Ethan and he smirks and walks away.

“Thanks for saving me back there.” Flo says softly, looking slightly embarrassed to be admitting that she was saved in front of Sebastian.

Flo has this adorable thing where she can’t talk to boys she doesn’t know well, which makes almost no sense because one of her closest friends is a guy and she is sitting here now having a perfectly normal conversation with Sebastian.

Plus she’s known Ethan for about 9 months.

I shake my head and turn to look at her.

“My pleasure, Florence Maybelle.” I say sweeping her a bow the best I can while sitting down. She shrieks with laughter and hits my shoulder from across the booth, making me laugh too.


AUTHORS NOTE!!!!: Sorry for the super long chapter… at least I think this is the super long chapter O.o Most of them only go for 3-4 pages on word but this one goes for 6!! (If it is that chapter I’m thinking about, if not just ignore my craziness :P) Thanks for stopping by anyway :) If none of you read my news or my profile SHAME ON YOU!!! Just kidding!! :P well anyway, if you don’t then you wouldn’t know that I'm trying to be an organised person and update once a week, EVERY WEEK!!! So that means Fairytales will hopefully get updated every Sunday night over here in Australia :) If I can’t be bothered, we shall just scrap that idea and go on with the crazily messy way I run my life :P Jeez, I must be really into long pieces of writing at the moment!! Sorry for this and again SHAME ON YOU FOR NOT READING MY NEWS OR MY PROFILE!!!! I'm kidding again, calm down!! :P See ya next Sunday hopefully :P Byebye my sexy giraffes!! (I love giraffes… I don’t know why :P) Oh, and P.S. if you could possibly read my short story/ies I would be eternally grateful :) They’re not very long and both are for a contest if I have both uploaded… But one contest isn’t running anymore so sad face :(

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