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This Novel is combination of Destruction of Universe Scientifically with very advanced technologies and with a good sequel of tough job of the protoganist who is also a scientist to disable the entire mission plans made by the antagonist.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - X-1

Submitted: February 18, 2013

Reads: 70

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Submitted: February 18, 2013





What triggered the Dinosaurs, the wicked creatures on the Earth to be defunct? Of course it is all because of cosmic Deforestation initiated by an Asteroid striking the Earth at bewildering level. Boundless hypothetical impact on this Evolution! What if the same deforestation (let me make it as a very small area with a minor cause of it, however the reaction would be as what I expect) could be caused for a new destruction of the entire Universe and not just the world artificially? By the time I start my first mission, I would also be in a position to firm up my plans of my living after the destruction. Only, if I exist, I could destruct, if I also die along with others, there’s no use of creation of devastation. Let some parts of my conception be suspense and continue with my programmed missions.

It all matters about energy at present and in the future. And that’s what this operation is altogether about. I am Vincent Fetcher Glad, Welcome guys! Trail the Eye of it. X1, simply with science!




















Mr. Glad was a scientist in inventing and creating equipment that are actually necessary for destruction of the universe. To start off with, we’ll first learn about what is a Nano – Injector or (ANI).

The ANI was divided into 4 parts namely – the Tuber (the test-tube like to hold the chemical liquid); the Triple jet (which contained 3 Auto-injectors); the Blaster (fixed for spraying the chemical liquid according to the given alignment); and finally the Coder (which keeps all the necessary calculations, information, codes, etc. at the side of Injector). This was all connected through Electromagnetic Connectors as much as possible. He created 2 – 3 possible ones similarly with little minor variations between each models. The day he started his operation was Jan 23rd 2013 and this took 2 complete days to finish it. It was tested in his Lab and was ready to use these.

But now, he must think where to start with and suitable as what he expected. One was found the Central American Islands nearby the country of Cuba. He started off his journey to Cuba on 26th Jan 2013 and started his first mission plan in the evening time with patience to be successful. He reached the Dense Forest Islands through a motorboat which took about 2 – 2¾ Hours. He was dressed up as a very simple and common person as if he is one among the Central American citizens. He had his Geo Glasses to identify where the Humus of the soil is more or less and where the wild animals are populated enough, etc. Highly Confidential Non-official Business!

The sun was about to set, just 15 – 20 minutes more to be set. He had Equipment called as DIMX Ray (Digital Instrument of Mobile Xport of Rays) through which electromagnetically it could charge the other equipment provided the codes of each equipment is activated perfectly. The heat must not be Unstable which could cause a radiant to pass through your body just like the dangerous Gama Rays. They are unpredictable!

Through the Geo Glasses, he predicted accurately that there would be a Stormy Rainfall with an unstable temperature. It was 8.46 PM at the night. It was really a devilish experience for Mr. Glad. He got a little bored with an updated news and some kind of an entertainment shows. But then he started thinking about his next mission, the Energy Transformation meanwhile as predicted, heavy rainfall poured down the coastal Islands of Cuba in the strange dark night. He expected rainfall because his injectors could work easily during the wet and chill climate. He was about to start his plans successively; yet there was a confusion about the Injector instruments which he designed in his lab previously and brought it along with him. Since there was a heavy downpour in that area, the bag got slipped off from where it was placed originally before. He was very much terrified in a second and started searching where the bag was. It was ½ an hour since he started searching for his open bag. At last, he turned up; there was a sudden Zombie White angry-like scary face where Mr. Glad was shocked to see for a second or two. It suddenly got vanished and however, he was frustrated by all these nonsense that he didn’t even expect actually speaking.

At last, he found his bag. It was near the Zombie Tree where he unknowingly misplaced. For time-being he didn’t speak much; instead he activated his Injector by entering the Code. “22.0289° N, 79.9370° W “.

He activated the Electromagnetic Radiant Reaction (ERR) successfully. These were often suitable with the “Prothallus” present with the Ferns and type of those. So, he injected the first Chemical Destructive Rays (CDR – DIMX Rays) inside the Prothallus so that everything would go on as planned. After about ¾ of an hour, he ejected those and stayed in the restaurant for that night and the next day back to Chicago City, Northern U.S.A.

De Facto, if we wanted to recognize the progression of inserting rays and defining the Prothallus, we could say scientifically that, once when he injected his first Ray into the plant body, the ray goes inside and destructs the Prothallus of the plant thereby slowly destructing the Plantae Kingdom. For this, we need to know what is called a Prothallus. The small, greenish heart-shaped structure or gametophyte (N-Haploid) of a fern that produces the male and female gametes for fertilization and spore formation which leads to the development of the sporophyte generation--(2n-diploid) --> the plant you see above ground is the sporophyte generation, this is known as a Prothallus which plays an important role in reproduction. Now we come to know that because of the Rays sent inside, the Plant Reproduction will slowly reduce thereby creating an incomplete cycle in the nature drastically. There is one important thing to note down here, that is, the Rays which are injected / inserted inside, they contain in-built Highly Inflammable Micro – Processors Electromagnetically made up of and they are invisible and they work chemically.

This is because, if once the reproduction stops, then the number of plants and its own natural varieties get reduced and some soon get affected by spreading of this ray from each other as planned earlier by Mr. Glad. If all these happens, then there would not be any inhalation of CO2 (Carbon Dioxide) or exhalation of O2 (Oxygen) which first mainly, of course terribly affects the Respiratory Functional Organs in each Terrestrial Living Species. Automatically, the temperature gets heated up as a result of drastic increase in the present day Global Warming. This allows heating up the entire world and causing related diseases. After which the extreme level of tolerance by each Species for High Temperature would be uncomfortable and insufficient. If this single CDR – BIMX Ray could change the entire Nature, then think what if he spreads with each and every plant variety with each Ray without any actual human or nature influences and permissions. This would adversely affect the Human Beings especially if the limit crosses out.

When the Nature’s Cycle is turning out to be incomplete, if the incomplete part is not replaced with, then: “Everyone sails at the same Boat” for sure. This process is just for injecting a Ray. The main part is not yet enlightened to you all.

 We didn’t see about the Electromagnetic & Radioactive Waves Respondent (ERWR). The ERWR means, through electromagnetic and radioactively, there are some wireless minor connections which also plays an important role here. Since this Respondent is activated with the communicable Ray electromagnetically, they have a wireless High Contact for instructed operations which are to be done by Mr. Glad; they are very advanced like Nano-robots and Nano-species. Mr. Glad also fixed 52 different assortments of Hologram Cameras which have resolution maximum up to 5000 Mega Pixels (MPs) with Micro – Zoom Processors (MZP) High Definition Quality (HDQ) built-in. Since they are Hologram structured cameras, he could access it invisibly without the knowledge of anyone; even those 52 different cameras were built in such a way that they get charged up from built-in Mini Solar Panel with Water resistance. They place on top of each tall tree that suited those cameras to set in.

As discussed earlier, the Radio-active waves transport the needed messages sent through Mr. Glad’s Nano-computer to Sensor R-7.6 present inside the Prothallus. It was also inserted along with chemical Rays separately. Reflexively speaking, it was all mechanical and technological. Since the transmission would be difficult enough to transmit from Chicago City to Coastal Islands of Cuba with a vast distance, he sensitively kept 5 equal kinds of Wave Receptors through which each transmission takes places by passing between each receptor without any disturbance. For this, he planned the altitude for each receptor though it wasn’t possible to be like satellites roaming around nearby the Earth in the Space. Hence, he decided to keep these receptors in the mountainous regions where each private condition suited accordingly.

Everything suited well and it was unrelenting to be as it was while starting the Mission.

It was 6.03 PM at the evening; the day was 29th January 2013. Well, here emanates our new Charm. Mr. Glad meets his longtime workmate who lives in New Castle, Ireland, United Kingdom (UK). His name is Dr. Dafoe Croc. Edison. They both had a nice time talking and sharing their experiences with each other for about an hour and it was 6 minutes before 7:30 PM at the night. They decided to start off with their technical project(s).

They gave wireless electrical connections from their Laboratory to Islands of Cuba beneath the sea level through a funnel for electrical transmissions. This would be effective from the next mission meanwhile, the construction and preparations were held. However, Mr. Croc and Mr. Glad both had to go in the deep blue sea to fix a Sea-route Sensor somewhere in the mid-route. The name of the island was “Cayman Islands”.

Luckily, he had a support of Mr. Croc to make his tactics come to light sequentially. That day went on just like that. Yet, there was a step incomplete. He did everything correctly but he forgot to give a command electrically that, the ray must not hit each other with the ERWR since they were added separately afterwards. If they collide with each other, then the process will remain as error and will deviate from the actual process which would cause violent penetrating combinations for destruction. As a result, he first got up at the midnight around 11 O’clock and gave the command. It was not accepting when he gave the command and he got scared in a fraction of second. Then, he tried again and again, but still he couldn’t identify his mistake where he had gone wrong and wanted to correct as soon as possible. Finally, the mistake was that, the connection plug-in was disconnected. It was actually careless while some risky plans are undertaken by someone especially by such advanced technological ones. He connected and he re-commanded and restarted the entire program. It was finally done with a little fire in Mr. Glad’s Eye which was reddish in color. Mr. Croc’s “Croc-Play” began from the upcoming missions.

“Thank God, Uh!” said politely Mr. Glad and slept away.

“Qua-Qua-Qua…” said Mr. Croc while sleeping next to Mr. Glad. Mr. Glad got disturbed and he could sleep partially only since Mr. Croc was behaving funny with his noisy voice.

Now that, he had already injected the Rays and they too had started working, the case here slowly becomes severe for the reproduction of Plants, especially varieties of Ferns. If we need to look into it very deeply, then we could actually observe that, first, the ray inside starts to distribute automatically the chemical ERWR equally and the chemical compounds and liquefied molecules of ERWR subdivide among themselves; they freely start moving towards the extreme insides of Xylem and Phloem respectively as instructed punctually by Mr. Glad to be performed well enough. Third, now once they get settle in their own places after dividing among themselves, these chemicals mix with the materials carried inside by both Xylem and Phloem thereby travelling to the entire part of the plant body and finally to the humus of the soil without any big strain. Fourth, when they travel to each part of the plant bodies, each molecule or compounds or whatever extra present inside them are transmitted automatically: when transmitted, each released chemical substance go on their own path and try to break through each cell organ of a plant and enter inside the Cell Wall and the Cell Membrane of the cell and get inside roaming around in the Cytoplasm to reach the main Nucleus. Like this each chemical substance released from Xylem and Phloem tubes of a plant from each cell of the plant, they perform in a very uniform way through ERWR wireless network transmission received from Mr. Glad. Fifth, once the enter inside the Nucleus of the Cell, they try to destruct the Cell as a result of bringing it under the Chemical control, that is, under Mr. Glad’s control.

He viewed all these through the Microscopic Lens of Hologram Camera as mentioned about it earlier live in his own system spared no additional expense. Sixth, the final step to be illuminated is a little complicated long process which keeps dragging a lot to end the setup process, that is, once when each cell of each plant in total is brought uniformly under perfect security control by Mr. Glad without any instabilities, they require some amount of energy and various kinds of transmitting devices to be used and not simply with an injector, camera and some wireless network devices, but more than these, a lot needs to be brought in order to finish the sixth step process, that is, the final setup ending and otherwise it isn’t possible to do so.

The next day, with next idea, wit next process, with next, next and next… What was that? Was it the sixth step? What is it all about? We’ll see that in the following Missions of Mr. Glad with his best friend, Mr. Croc and with lot of additional complex processes that are yet to be done!


















Well, 5 steps have gone ahead of us in the earlier mission and now this probably must continue from the sixth one, and not just continue, but to end the setup process for activity the first and the second missions of Mr. Glad. It would be dragged way beyond what we could imagine and that is this Mission. Not only the end of the setup, but the growth of destruction activities because of chemicals which are supposed to be entering the soil and spreading it out wherever possible and necessary…





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