The Tailor and the Pirate

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Chapter 2 (v.2) - Not enough whisky

Submitted: March 25, 2016

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Submitted: March 25, 2016



Chapter two: Not enough Whisky


Only for three days the nights have been cold, and the lights have shook to waking me up in a pool of my own sweat and only remembering why I lived in a hell hole with the rest of these people. Said Bronson.


How many days and nights are going to go by where the only thing I can dream is the ocean, being a tailor is like being the guy who bout to get lynched.

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but for so long will I be the man with the best shop here in this damn town and won’t have to worry well hopefully about Omeg.

Knock. Knock

Who is that says Bronson, as he get up slowly.

Hey, said Omeg

Oh it’s you said Bronson in a kinda upsetting voice.

Well good to see you too you ole dutch, why thee long face? Said Omeg.

Oh just one of those days of not feeling good.

I know the feeling mate, last night I puked so much I think I saw my throat come up with it.

That’s gross, why are you here?

Well I wanted to ask you a question. A serious one too.

Ok. Said Bronson

Well Bronson since we have come home from sea have you felt like you were hanging form a post by the neck.

Like I’m being lynched? Said Bronson

Yeah, and you can’t breathe while taking a bath and or like you are being poisoned at every sip of water you take.

Yeah, I just haven’t told anyone. Why do you think this is happening?

I don’t know said Omeg, but whatever it is, is pissing me bloody off and I want it to stop. Every other hour I feel like a ringing in my ear and it lasts a good solid five minutes.

Yeah, I don’t have that said Bronson. But I’ll tell you if that starts.

Do you remember if anything happened on the ship said Omeg?

No, except sea sick and we both got over that pretty quick, I don’t know what happened but I’m kind of scared of what can happen.

Me too said Omeg, while I’m here can I have something to drink as he said in laughing voice.

Of course. You want water, or whisky.

Really you are asking that question, whisky even if the sun is rising.

Ok, well here you go. And be quite before you wake the family up.

My bad I’m not use to crowds.

Oh Omeg! as Bronson said in a laughing voice. You’re a bloody character.

Yeah I know. But do you want to do something said Omeg. Wanna go fish’in by the dock.

Nah, I wanna stay away from the water as long as possible.

Yeah, sounds good, after the stuff that’s been going on with us lately we should stay away.

Sounds Good! Said Omeg.

After only two glasses of whisky they both fall asleep while smoking a cigar that Bronson wife hates. But doesn’t do anything about it.

As she walks into the sitting room seeing her handsome husband sleeping peacefully and then looking over seeing Omeg with the bottle of whisky and drool falling down on his shirt rapidly, and snoring and looking disgusting as always, she just laughs and puts the bottle up.

As Omeg wakes up from the noise he says Hello.

Hi Omeg. Been here long?

Only for bout a couple hours.

Not surprised as she said under her breath.

Well I should get going, maybe find a job.

What? You can’t work at the port with the other guys from the ship?

No, because I kinda told them I was working for Bronson.

WHY! Would you say that? Are you?

No! bloody no, Bronson would probably hire a blind man before me. I know he loves me and I love him but I don’t think working together will be good, and besides I need to do something formyself.

Well that’s good Omeg, I’m really proud of you. Said Linasa.

Bronson is my best friend and if anything happened I would do anything. That’s what friends are for, he is the most smarted man I know and the nicest. As he said with a smirk.

My dream Linasa, is to be like him. To be like Bronson. To live in a house like this with a family who loves him dearly. That’s my dream.

That’s a good dream to have Omeg, so go get it. First you have to get a job and stop sleeping behind buildings.

I know. I know. Said Omeg.

I will.

Well I better get going and thank you Lisana. For talking and listening to me means a lot that someone besides Bronson cares.

I will always care. Omeg. You are family no matter what.

As they smile at each other and wave goodbye.


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