The Tailor and the Pirate

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Chapter 5 (v.1) - The final. The meaning

Submitted: March 25, 2016

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Submitted: March 25, 2016



Chapter Five: The final. The meaning

After only four months while Omeg has been gone Bronson has been lonely and work has been slow.

Not only did Omeg leave but so did Margret. She had to leave because even though they were only together two weeks it was hard to stay there and wait till he got back.

Later in the week Bronson got a letter from Omeg that read

Dear Bronson,

Not only is it hot and cold at night but I feel lonely, nobody here I know and basically want to talk too, but have to work with. I’ll be home soon and we can cause some trouble, found out about Margret and well hopefully I’ll meet her again.

Anyway love ya best friend,”


Omeg F. Johnson

After reading that Bronson started balling his eyes out and gasping for air because he was crying.

But only did that make him happy to hear from Omeg, as he put the letter down he looked up and saw Omeg standing right in front of him.

As they both smiled at each other and hugged

What the hell Omeg what are you doing here?

I’m done, told ya I’ll be home soon, didn’t bloody believe me didn’t you?

Of course not ya ole bastard.

Oh Bronson, how much I missed you.

I missed you too ya ole pal.

Can we go in and talk about something?

Of course said Bronson.

What is it?

I have to find Margret. She had write me and told me that she found somebody in Mayettville and I have to tell her that i’m back and I need her and that she doesn’t have to leave and go on. Cuz I’m bloody back.

And I also need to tell her to marry me.

What Omeg?? You crazy?

No, come with me?

Ummmm, I don’t know Omeg this is for you I think you should go for yourself.

Yeah, I guess. I still guess your still an asshole.


Well im off.

To where, find Margret?


Omeg sit down I have to tell you something as Bronson said in a shaky voice.

What? Said Omeg

I have bad news1

Like what?

I don’t know how to say this but

What is it Bronson, shit tell me I’m getting older.

Margret is dead

What said Omeg she can’t be we just wrote a month ago.

Yeah I know but there was a note that she had passed at city hall and I couldn’t believe it either.

No this can’t be. This can’t be Bronson.

I’m sorry Omeg, I’m sorry that, that happened but…

But what? But what? Huh, what now Bronson. What do I do now?

I don’t know Omeg, I don’t know.

But I’m here for you. Ok.

Thanks. But I just need to be alone.

Alright Bronson. Im here if you need me.


As they looked back at each other, not only knowing Bronson would see Omeg for the last time of his life as Omeg went on to still go look for Margret but not finding her.

Bronson went on to live with his family and love his wife. Business started to really speed up, and only Bronson making enough money for them to travel and hopefully running into Omeg but not finding any luck.

But he knew Omeg was somewhere getting into trouble and having fun, but only just not ever finding him again.

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