My First Life

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This is the author's first entry and his work is definitely not quality for it is full of literary flaws. But he wants all to experience a plot that will hopefully paint a beautiful picture in your minds. No summary but there is a part 2 if there is support from all.
Sincere thanks from the author and his brother.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - My First Life

Submitted: March 04, 2013

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Submitted: March 04, 2013



Rag walked away from The Plains with a tinbox gripped on his sweaty palms and dragged his feet back home with troubled thoughts on his mind. He had prayed for a miracle and expected one for he did not knew that God works in mysterious ways.

He creeps silently along the walkways of the abandoned streets as he expect the unexpected and threw wary glances at the dark due to his guilty conscience, he attempts to stand firm against the adversities he might soon face as he had done wrong to the people who lived just around the corner.

Before The Collaspe had started, Rag was already poor and had to live with his parents and his only sibling in a small tent that had several holes with rays of light peeking into them. Despite his total objection towards the idea of having to study with the other kids, he was forced to attend to the shiny brick structures with the money that his parents had managed to barely scrimp up and it definitely did not take a genius to guess the expectations that he had to live up to.

It was that horrible place that turned his life upside down as if it had not been already turned and of course it was also that place that that allowed his life to take a turn for the worst. School, was the place where the nickname of Rag was specifically given to him by the school bullies who took no pity on his ragged clothes.

When The Collaspe had occured, Rag's life had changed a whole better. He could live his life free from the troubles that he once faced, but there was more to come.

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