Lilith's Journey: Chapter 1

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Lilith is the first born Demon and the first wife of Adam. She was cast out from Eden and away from Adam because she thought women should have more power than men. Now she is working for Lucifer against God. Lilith has many jobs given to her because of her rank, but soon she finds herself in love with the most unlikely of men....

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Lilith's Journey: Prologue

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A cold wind whipped my hair into my face. I absently brushed the strands of hair behind my ear. I continued down the hidden path through the trees that enveloped me in a little cocoon of silence and solitude. I stood alone at the entrance to a cemetery that lay a couple of miles away from Manhattan, in the little town of Herington. My waist-length blue-black hair flying around my body like a cape, as my bare feet stepped quietly through the ankle-high grass and atop the crisp, fallen leaves that lay upon the cool ground. I stopped at the entryway and looked around for the person I was there to meet.

I looked up at the towering trees that surrounded me and at the starlit sky above. My gaze focused on a moving white object that hovered over the largest headstone in the cemetery. Mikhal. I thought to myself. I had spotted the one I was there to meet and in doing so, started forward again.  Walking slowly and carefully through the maze of tombstones that lay before me, I thought about how I was going to approach the subject that this meeting between them was called for. My mind whirled with the possible negative outcomes and the possible positive outcomes. Finally, I reached the rendezvous point. “Mikhal.” I announced quietly through the rough winds. My lilting voice flowed from my lips to caress my follower’s hovering form.

At my beckoning call, he glided down to the grassy surface of the graveyard floor. His sparkling white, feathered wings nearly blinded me with their brilliance and a gleam that seemed to scream innocence. As the light hit my eyes, my own black, leathery wings shielded me from the worst of it until it finally simmered down in its intensity. As the blinding light faded, I lowered my wings. My lips formed into a grimace because even though the light had reduced in its strength, it still shimmered with the symbolic light of an Angel. I hated meeting with Angels even though I knew it was necessary.

“Thank you for responding to my summon with such short notice, Mikhal. What news do you bring me?”

Mikhal bowed in respect and responded hesitantly. “I am afraid that I cannot perform the task that was appointed to me, my lady.” He seemed to quiver with fear at my response to his confession at fallibility.

My eyes narrowed  in suspicion and anger. My instincts roared within me, to pound him into the ground until he submitted to my wishes, but I restrained myself.

“Continue.” I replied in a near hiss.

“The information I was sent out to retrieve, can only be accessed by the highest rankings of Angels and I am not one of them. Though there is something that I would like to speak to you about, if you will grant me permission to speak freely.” As he said the last of this he seemed to lose all fear. He had straightened his back, pulled back his shoulders, and lifted his chin, as if in defiance.

I nodded in acceptance of his request.

“We, meaning Serphaim, Raques, Lorais, Talast, and I, were wondering when we would be given authorization to take “The Fall” and be accepted, what would be our positions and job titles.”

While he had been talking, my brows had raised and I began to smirk in triumph.

“Those of you who would like to join our ranks, must first complete your individual assignments before you may be granted the ability to be accepted by His Lordship. And as to what your positions and job titles will be, that is dependent on your abilities and your rate of accomplishments of tasks given to you by Lucifer and myself. There are your answers, Young One. Now, I must say that I am disappointed in your inability to acquire the information I told you to retrieve, thus far, but I shall give you one last chance before I even consider giving you a different task. So, here is your chance. Go and try again. Gain access in any way you can and I will summon you once again a week from now. Farewell for now, Young One.”

I lowered my head in a gesture of farewell. He raised his fist to his chest, bowed, and spread out his wings. Straightening, he met my gaze without any hesitation as his wings began to glow their blinding light. In a moment’s time, he was gone; a mere white dot on the horizon. Having shielded my eyes again, I lowered my wings, cloaking them from human sight. Having done this, I started back the way I had come.

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