My Other World

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Lalissia has an average life, the only thing that sets her apart from her peers is that she's albino. Though, they don't know that. She spent every waking minute avoiding people and hiding her hair, until they didn't bother her anymore.
Everything changed when she met a boy named Elios and he introduces her to his other friends. They easily get along when one day, while everyone was helping her move into her apartment, she was knocked unconscious and met a demon she named Cassum. Her life changed drastically from that moment on.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - My Other World

Submitted: March 04, 2013

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Submitted: March 04, 2013



Today so far is a day like any other, I am woken up by the sound of a train at 6:00 am, exactly on time - as usual. I go through the monotonous morning routine of brushing my teeth, washing my face and getting dressed. But, unlike other high school girls I tend to avoid doing my makeup and looking in mirrors, I get scared by my own face, with my white-blonde hair, my "paler than Edward" skin, and my pinkish-red eyes.

Yeah, I’m an albino.

Everyone stares at me, asks me if I dyed my hair that color, there are endless questions involving vampires and some people even call me a freak. It makes daily life a pain in the ass. So I tend to hide my hair in a hat and avoid people but there’s nothing much I can do about my eyes – contacts are too much of a pain too. But, I guess if I really wanted to be ‘normal’ I wouldn’t care about having to put contacts in every morning and dying my hair. It makes me second guess if I really want to be the typical teenager.

I glanced at the clock above my bathroom door and sighed, school. Another dull routine I have to do on the weekdays.

I grabbed my handbag off of the mountain of unpacked boxes and hurry outside my new single room apartment my uncle had set me up in and down the stairs to my newly bought motorcycle.

I fumbled around my bag, looking for my keys when I got an eerie feeling that someone was watching me. It isn't something unusual given my appearance, but they could at least be discreet about it.

I looked above me and saw a man staring at me through the window in the apartment room directly above me. The face was unfamiliar –he probably just moved in considering that room was empty before- and the way he stared sent unpleasant shivers up my spine.

He averted his eyes from mine after a few minutes of staring -or glaring- at each other and walked off into some unknown place. I went back to looking for my keys in my handbag. After a few seconds I found them, jammed them in the ignition and sped off to my high school, trying to get rid of the grotesque feeling his stare gave me. It definitely wasn’t like the usual stares I get from people, it felt more…wicked, I guess would be the correct word.

Luckily the parking lot wasn't completely filled yet, only a few cars where there that I recognized as the teachers carpool vehicles. I parked close to the side doors that are closest to my homeroom class. The teacher, Mr. Sheen, liked to come in early and count the people who weren’t in before him tardy, so every second more I could get helped. Plus, he always asked me for help with grading right before class and since I have nothing better to do –excluding unpacking my things- I always helped him out. I had to walk all the way to the front office and drop off the graded papers every time he needed help so I preferred to do it in the morning when I felt less stressed out.

I yanked the keys out of my bike and quickly walked through the side doors, down our hallway with walls covered in fliers asking you to join an assortment of after school activities -none of which I ever bothered to check out- , and to the classroom. Not a soul was there. Perfect.

I threw my handbag on my usual desk; it landed perfectly, and went into the undersized connected office that belonged to Mr. Sheen. It reeked of cologne but was very tidy for someone who usually looked so unkempt. There was a large quantity of papers on his desk with a note on top.


Here are the papers from all my classes; you can work on them in class if you want to. I know you were forced to take this class despite the fact that you had taken it last year. Anyways, Thanks, Hon.

- Mark Sheen

I put all of my hair into a hat -Nobody has seen my hair at this school and I would like to keep it that way- and walked out of the office with the large pile of papers in my hands, they were surprisingly heavy.

Just before I reached my desk my foot caught on the edge of another student’s desk and I stumbled forward, dropping the papers everywhere.

I groaned loudly, If only I hadn’t done that, my backs been hurting ever since the move to my new apartment -I hadn't any time to set up the bed so I have been sleeping on the floor. I just stood there for a moment glaring at the papers before bending over to gather them back up into a pile. I cringed, the pain was excruciating, which was a bit unusual. I had slept on the floor many times before and my back has never hurt this bad…or even hurt at all. My back probably just hit one of the random objects scattered in my room…I should probably clean it up.

"Are you alright? Do you need help?" A stranger suddenly asked while bending over to help gather the papers. When did he get here?

"Thank you and I'm fine. My back only hurts a little." I replied staring at him in the eyes. I hadn’t felt him in the room. I had felt completely alone...creepy.

He grinned a bit. "Your back, huh…"

I sighed and rolled my eyes; he saw the gesture and snickered a bit.

“Not like that. I’m moving into a new apartment room and haven’t unpacked everything…so I’m kind of sleeping of the floor.”

"You're moving to a room all alone? That must be a burden with such a frail...”He coughed a bit and changed what he was about to say. “It must be a burden all alone." He said and handed me the papers he gathered.

"Well, since I’m in no hurry it isn’t that big of a deal…”

"Would you like some help?" His words seemed forcefully light.

"Hmm..." I’m not one to give up free help, and he seems like someone I would get along with, meaning easy-going and pretty free spirited. "Yeah, that’d be splendid.”

"Cool." he said. "By the way, my name is Elios." He winked.

"My name is Lalissia.”

"That suits you." He smiled while looking down at the papers he gathered.

"Is that a good or bad thing?” I raised one of my eyebrows in a questioning look.

"It’s good. Your name sounds very…” he paused for a bit as he thought of a correct word to use, “calming. Just like you."

I didn’t know if I should blush or laugh, so I just smiled at him.

"Then meet me at the west side doors after school and I'll give you the directions, okay?" I said, changing the topic, still grinning.

"I’ll see you there. Later." He waved at me left the room.

The bell echoed through the school and the students started to file in the doors soon after he left. I looked at me desk that was piled high with papers.

Ah, crap. I still have to grade these.

I started to run towards the side doors, it’sbeen almost 30 minutes since school has ended if I don't get there soon I could lose a free worker. This would result in me sleeping on the floor again. That is not something I want when my back is hurting so badly.

I reached the doors and slammed them open. one is there. "Damn." I sighed. I paused and wondered if I should wait for him or go off to my vehicle…

"Ah, Lalissia! There you are! I've been looking for you!" Elios complained as he walked up to me with 2 other guys.
Hmm, more unfamiliar faces. Are they coming over to my house? I don’t think I have enough food to feed them. Maybe I should stop by the store and get some snacks?

"I'm sorry. I had to drop off some papers.” I glanced over at the unfamiliar faces. “Who are they?"

"That’s fine.” He shrugged, “These are my friends. They said that they'd like to help out too." Elios grinned and I did too. Awesome, with this many people I don't have to do anything.

"Do they have Names?” I asked.

"Davian Milliner, Pleasure to meet you.” One of them said with a small bow. He had black hair that went past his ears, covering most of his face. Green eyes and he had a huge muscular and lean body that towered over me. He was like a giant...I’d guess around 8 feet tall. I gawked silently at the man.

"I am Gervasius Klaud, It's an honor." The other said, taking a deep bow. He had shiny blonde hair that went down to his waist, a slender body, hazel eyes and he looked a bit sly. Probably not someone you want on your bad side.

"It is Nice to meet you too." I replied. Are they role-playing? "My name is-"

"Oh, Please! No need to introduce yourself. We know all about you." Gervasius interrupted, looking happy for some weird reason.

Elios coughed awkwardly. I was starting to get nervous…but it would seem rude to refuse their help. And, I really wanted help.

I sighed inwardly, I’m so lazy.

"Are those your real names?" I blurted out randomly, making all eyes turn on me. They all just laughed –except for Davian- like it was a weird question. I took that as a yes.

I sighed in annoyance.

"Anyways, you can follow my car and then we can get to work, yes?" I said, smiling darkly. I'm going to make them work their asses off.

"Ah…yeahhh." Elios replied, prolonging the word. He obviously knows the reason behind the smile from the look of dread on his face.

We all separated ways into the half empty parking lot and I watched him as he hopped into his car, curious as to what he drives.

He was obviously from a rich family, or has a good job; it was a shiny black Mercedes Benz SLR. It must have been newly bought considering his license plate is still a car dealer ships logo. I imagined the smell and feel of the new leather…

I looked over to Gervasius and Davian; they were walking over to a white Cadillac. Gervasius opened the passenger door while bowing for Davian. Were there ever rich people like them at this school? And…are they still Role-Playing or something?

Well, if I really wanted to I could buy one for myself. My parents had left me a lot of cash when they passed away. There was probably enough for me to buy whatever I wanted and still live off of it without a job or anything else to support me. Not that I would. It feels…wrong, somehow. It’s an unexplainable feeling.

I walked over to my motorcycle (an all black 2011 Yamaha R6 – bought with my own money.) And put on my helmet.

Then I heard someone whistle.

“Nice ride Lalissia! It’s Sexy!” Elios yelled in my direction. He’s defiantly someone I’d get along with – perverted in a funny way yet they know what’s too much.

I just laughed as I put my helmet over my hat and strapped it on. It felt a bit uncomfortable with the hat on, and I know that I’ll have to show them my hair sooner or later (I’m surprised they haven’t commented on my red eyes yet.) But not yet, people have a hard time being around me, most of them think it’s creepy. If I’m lucky they’ll accept me; but I used up all my luck since it was fairly cloudy out today.

Once we reached my apartment building, they all got out of their cars and had an unpleasant expression and an peculiar feeling in the air as they stared at the room next door to mine, the one with the disturbing guy who stared at me resided in.

Elios wandered over towards Davian, keeping his eyes on the room all the while, and whispered to him. I don’t know what they were saying, but it made Davian livid. He rushed over towards me and grabbed my upper arm tightly and pulled me.

“Which one is your room?” He asked, well, more like ordered.

“Room 249…” I quietly replied, going with the flow, he soon then pulled me up the stairs and threw me in my room.

“Are you on their side? Did you bring us here so that they could capture us?!” Davian yelled at me and slammed his hand against the wall.

“What in the bloody hell are you talking about?!” I yelled back, but my ignorance seemed to make his even angrier. He appeared by my side in the blink of an eye and tightly gripped my throat, soon enough I felt my feet come off the floor and I was above his eye level; I struggled and kicked him in a failed attempt to break free of his grasp.

“Youknowwhat I am talking about! I can feel their presence everywhere; you lead them here so that they could execute us!” He yelled. In an instant I felt him release his grip and toss me across the room. My head hit the coffee table – I had slid most of the way across the floor.

I felt something trickle down my neck and reached up to feel that there was blood soaking through my now damp hair.

My mind was in a state of panic, my hat was off, Davian – a complete stranger- was yelling a bunch of nonsense and hurting me, and I was bleeding. And pretty badly too.

“Milord!” I heard Gervasius shout as he scurried through the entrance and held back Davian. “You don’t know if it was her yet!” Wait wait wait - did he just say ‘Milord’? What the hell is going on? Did I get myself mixed up with a bunch of mentally ill people? Ugh, thanks a lot Elios.

“Oh dear god…” Elios gasped, as he walked up to the door. His expression was a mix of pity and fear. “Davian! Look at who you just injured!” he ran towards me and held my head in his hands; he seemed more interested in my hair than the fact that I was injured. Both Gervasius and Davian turned around to look at me, colorless locks and all, lying lifeless in a small puddle of my own blood. My awareness gradually started to grow fainter and all I could make out of their conversation was a few words. None of which made any sense.

I was standing in an empty area, surrounded by an ominous black color; it looked as though something may burst out and haul me into some unknown place. But nothing was happening as I stood there for what felt like hours, waiting for something, whether good or bad; as long as it leads somewhere out of here. But there was still absolute nothingness, no noise, no color; I couldn’t even see my own hand through this thick, solid darkness. I might as well attempt to do something, it’s not like anything can hurt me it’s just a dream…or nightmare. I moved a foot forward but hesitated before it hit the ground. I breathed in deeply to calm myself and finally put my foot down, only to start falling when my foot wasn’t able to find the ground.

I’ve had dreams like this before. Like the ones where you miss a step on the stairs and you tumble down or the one where you start falling off a cliff; you usually jolt awake when you start to fall. I closed my eyes and waited. Something hard smacked against my back adding to the pain I had felt before; I opened my eyes and gasped in pain.

“What’s wrong, my child?” A familiar voice asked in a sweet tone.

I hastily twisted my head around to survey the room. There was nothing; like the last room. Except, unlike the other, this room was completely white. I stood up and glanced around again. This dream was freaking me out, but there was no need to panic, I just need to stay calm and think of what to do next.

“Why are you so calm?” A young female’s voice asked, giggling. “This won’t be any fun if you don’t scream a bit!”

“There is no need to overreact about a dream.” I called out into the empty room, hoping she or “It” would hear me. I felt hopelessly stupid for talking to an empty space.

“You make me want to break your composure.” It replied. I could hear the wicked smile in its voice.

Something materialized before me; the face wasn’t quite clear yet and was a bit blurred. It looked familiar though- a face I haven’t seen in a long time.

“I wonder what you would do if…” It started saying, the voice was coming from the thing in front of me; the face was becoming more and more familiar. “I stabbed you.” The voice became demonic as the thing before me took shape as my father, the voice from before, and came at me with a large blade. It cackled as it thrust the knife at me.

I didn’t react. I couldn’t. I was in too much shock; it was my father, the one who taught me everything, from riding a bike to reading.

The knife pierced my stomach; it made a small ripping noise as it tore through my flesh. There was little pain; it only felt like someone had punched me.

For a moment everything seemed like it was frozen in place, and then I looked down. I had my hands on the spot the knife was, over my “father’s” hands. Seeing all the blood, staining my white blouse, forming a puddle below me, covering our hands, and now, dripping from my lips. “Father” pulled the knife out of my stomach; the jagged edge of the knife opened the wound more. I grunted in pain and fell to my knees and glared at the figure that was now blurred again.

“Oh! Darling, what in the world happened to you?!” The thing now was in the shaped of my mother with her voice and everything. “Mother” kneeled down by my side and cupped my face in her hands. “Who would do such a thing?!” The replica of my mother shrieked. I slapped her hands away and tried to stand up. There’s really no need to be angry, it’s just a nightmare. When was it going to end though? It is getting quite annoying.

The replica let out a lengthy exasperated sigh as the shape of her, yet again, became hazy “There’s no need to be so serious! I’m just playing around.” I decided to give the demon a name, so that I could stop calling it things like “Father” or “Mother”. Cassum, it is Latin for nothingness. It seems appropriate since this demon has no real shape or form…it seems. It feels kind of weird to name a demon, like naming a fish you caught right before killing it. Something odd similar to that.

My hand was still on my wound when I felt a small stinging sensation. I hesitantly removed my hand, fearing I might go into shock again, and saw that the large hole in my stomach was slowly closing around the edges; I stared in amazement.

It took no more than a few seconds for the wound to completely close up, leaving nothing but a small scar in its place. It seemed so impossible that something like this could happen, even if it was a dream. My dreams have never been this vivid or…imaginative, and especially not painful.

“Remarkable, isn’t it?” Cassum whispered. I could feel its warm breath against my ear. Was I too preoccupied to notice how close it had gotten? I whipped my head around looking for anything, who knows what Cassum has altered into this time?

I heard an eerie, lingering creaking noise coming from behind me and slowly started to turn around, scared for what the demon had in store for me next. It could be my other lost relatives, grandparents, aunts, and uncles…I have never really met them, and I’ve merely heard stories and seen pictures of how they toured the world as a part of the carnie. I really don’t know how I will react to seeing someone I’ve only heard stories about. I took in a deep gulp of air and forced myself to turn the entire way around, squeezing my eyes shut all the while.

When I opened my eyes I saw a cherry, unadorned French door in the center of all the whiteness. It seemed as though it stood there without any support in the middle of the oblivion.

“I bet that your wondering how you heal so fast.” Cassum assumed, appearing next to door while leaning on it. The demon now took the form as an unknown man with black hair and dark skin, and he was wearing a cocky grin on his face. Perhaps, if he had one, this would be its/his real form?

“And why would you believe that? This is the first time such a phenomenon has ever occurred to me.” I scrunched my eyebrows together and slightly tilted my chin up. I am really annoyed with the way he is speaking to me.

The thing/man stared at me with his eyebrows raised, his grin was now gone. He stayed like that for a few seconds looking as though he had trouble taking in what I had just said.

Then his face relaxed into a grin…it almost looked sentimental. “Well, I guess that’s normal since your parents are magic users, they must have hidden everything from you.” He turned his head to look at the door and ran his finger up and down the edge of it.

Magicusers?” I questioned him, he sounded almost as crazy as Davian. I shuddered at the thought of that horrid man.

He glanced at me from the corner of his eyes. “Are you curious now?” A smirk was placed on his face.

“…A bit. But of course I am going to be when you drop something so ridiculous like that on me.” Though I had no idea why, I defended myself. Some part of me didn’t want to admit defeat so easily.

He sighed, and shook his head in fake disappointment even though he was obviously still wearing a smile. “You’re just like your father, never willing to give in so easily.”

“Shut up” I barked, “You know nothing about my father.” I added through my teeth that I was now grinding together. I was partially angry that he was correct, my fathers’ co-workers often told me that when I came to visit him at work with mother...but the fact that a demon knew about my father made me thoroughly angry. My father wasn’t one to mess with dark things.

Cassum threw his head back in amusement and laughed. “And you’re hot headed just like your mother!” he tried to compose himself so he could get back on topic. “Anyways, I’m sure you’re curious about your ‘super powers’ as the humans call it, why I know your parents and about your ‘friends’ you met earlier.”

He knew Davian, Gervasius and Elios? That certainly explains why I thought they are…different, they are probably apart of some unknown world that I want no part of. I mean, they knew a demon for Christ sake!

I looked at him warily. “And you are going to tell me about it? What do you know about me?”

He shook his head and pointed towards the door. “No, I won’t, but this will.” He stepped to the side and held his hand out in front of the door ceremoniously. He grinned in anticipation and it made me wonder what was so special about a freaking door.

As if to answer my question, the French door that was partially unlocked now swung fully open with a loud bang as it crashed into the invisible wall, it left a large gust of wind that blew my hair in wild directions. Through my squinted eyes I saw a purple, black and dark blue vortex, right in the middle of the door. My eyes forcefully widened only the slightest in shock. Usually I was good at controlling my emotions, but this whole dream seemed to be messing with my head.

“You want me to go into that thing?” I raised my eyebrows in incredulity; there is no way I am going in that.

He started to walk over towards me with another huge grin on his face. He seemed always happy in his own, sick way. “This is the only way for you to know.” He put his hand on my back and pushed me towards the door; I stumbled and literally fell right into it. “Don’t worry; it’s just a dream, Right?” His face twisted into a demonic smile as he watched me fall down to what I knew was going to be my personal hell.

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