A New Light.

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10th grade Kat always teases her sisters jock friend, Chase but only now is she really starting to see him in a new light the way his black messy hair is attractive and his rainbow eyes seem to tease her. She also starts to realize that maybe her long legs could finally be free playing soccer. Bffs,love,life,and school.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - A New Light.

Submitted: July 24, 2011

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Submitted: July 24, 2011




I flipped over in my bed trying to block out my stupid alarm clock.


It screetched into my ears over and over again,"URG!plesshudup!" I groaned into my pillow.

I slammed my hand onto my alarm clack or so I thought as my poor cat went yowling out of my room.

"Sorry Tipsy!" I tried to yell over the noise of my alarm clock.

This time my hand found perchise on the annoying thing and shut it off.

I rolled out of bed, because god-forbid I be late for school!

I brushed my dark brunette almost black hair out of my eyes and suddenly stood face to face with one of my sisters jock friends, it was Grant, The blond, muscular,

Blue eyed hottie my sister was close to, to close if you ask me.

I stumbled back but before I could hit the floor he grabbed my wrist,"Sorry bout that." he grinned,"your mom wanted your sis to wake you up but then your sis talked

me into it, so here I am."

My gaze landed on his hand still locked around my wrist, I uncomfortably shook his hand off and stood waiting for him to leave my room in my tank top and flannel

P.J bottoms.

He flashed me a quick famous jock grin and walked out with a quick,"Nice P.J's"

I brushed my thick long hair, put on skinnys and a comfortable black v- neck t- shirt and silently started to walk downstairs my long hair over my shoulder.

I could already hear my sister giggling and eating breakfast with the two jocks that drive me and my sister to school, Grant and Chase.

Chase is tall always tan and has messy black hair, he has a strong build like the rest  of the jocks but whats most attractive is his brillient rainbow eyes.

I came into the kitchen and grabbed a granola bar and looked at what they were watching, music videos, right now it was some over- rated rap singer, well mostly

Chase was watching it my sister and Grant were to busy flirting.

I chewed my granola and studied my sister, blue eyes, light brown hair, LOTS of make-up, I can usally figure ok what their saying Taylor flipped her hair which basicy meant,"look at my hair and aren't I cute?"

I felt someone staring at me so I looked around, I saw Chase's gaze drift back to the T.V,"was he staring at me?" I thought, curious I asked,"whattca watching?" even though I already knew?

"M&M" he replied grinning at me.

"Not surprised" I smiled,"not surprised at all."

He smirked,"What do you listen to my little pony?"

I kicked in under the table and he grabbed my ankle.

He smiled a devilsh smile and flicked his hand across my foot with his fingers.

I brought my other foot back laughing and kicked him in the shin, he let go off my foot.

"I could have held on all day Kat I just let go because you would scream." His eyes twinkled amused as they shone in the sunlight streaming through the blinds.

I lean into him and say,"you let go because I would clearly kick your shin out if you didn't" I smirked playfully and leaned back crossing my arms.

Taylor and grant got up and taylor yelled as they were walking to the door,"shut off the T.V guys me and Grant will be waiting in the car." but by the way they laughed I sensed they were going to do more than wait.

Chases legs brushed mine as we got up and are gazes met and then to fast we looked away, he shut off the T.V and then we turned heading to the truck,"Ready for torture Kat?" he smiles and we head out.......





END OF CHAPTER. thank you!! Read more ill update every two days! :D

(also sorry for the random typos I was trying to type fast.)


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