A New Light.

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Chapter 2 (v.1)

Submitted: July 25, 2011

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Submitted: July 25, 2011



Chapter 2

I ran into first hour- math and crashed down in my seat by my best friend, Rachel right as the final bell rang.

Rachel looked at me with an expression that said,"Should I laugh or give you the evil eye?"

"Grants truck- flat tire." I managed to get out still catching my breath.

Rachel laughed,"I knew your luck would finally run out sometime!"

Mr. Praude a tall, serious ,dark haired teacher walked into the room at that moment clearing his throat, the class stoped talking.

My phone vibrated and I cheaked to see this text message:

He's always late. But I guess

That waz good fur u 2day. -Rach


I text her back ignoring Mr. Praude going on about 10th grade tutors for us.

Yep. I hav 9 lives. I am a kat after all.

Lucky is my middle name. :D -Kat


Ha-ha so funny -.- . So whats been

up latly? -Rach



Party 2night at Grant's. Sis invited

us. Want 2 come? -Kat


Wil hottie Jake B there?! :o :D -Rach


FUR SURE. gtg!!Mr.P is on 2 us. -Kat



K-K grl. :) -Rach


"Katrina!" Mr. Prade calls sharply,I feel everyone staring at me.

I snap my head up and slip my phone in my pocket,"Can you repeat the question?" I asked my cheeks burning.

"It was a fact." He says staring at me with disaproval,"we are assianing 10th grade tutors for this class,which you would know if you were

paying attention, and your tutor is Chase Kingston."

I nodded my head lowered, my heart beat rapidly at the sound of Chases name. "What is going on with me today?" I think.

"Rachel your tutor is Drake Downing" he continues.

My memory flickers and I remember that Drake Downing was another one of my sisters jock friends, slightly big nose but otherwise dark

and handsome.

"Mabye my sister should cool it on all the jock friends." I think as I give Rachel a thumbs up.

She smiles back batting her eyelashes flirtatously.

I roll my eyes trying to hold back a laugh.

Mr. Praude gives us a look and we stop playing around.

The final bell rang and me and Rachel bolted to the door and hurried out.

Rachel walked down the hall her curly blond hair swinging behind her.

My phone vibrated again in my pocket and I took it out looking at the message.

Ru going 2 the party 2night Kat? -Chase


I showed Rachel the text,"Do you want me to comfirm we are going?"

"Toats! Girl!" she grinned.

I smiled and texted him back:

Yep. Me and Rachel.u? -Kat


"Catch up with you at lunch Kat." Rachel said  as she turned off to her next class.

My phone beeped just as I entered science and sat down at my table with my lab partner Josh.

Yeah. cu. Got Ms.Gait next and she can

sniff out a phone a mile away. :D -Chase


Josh turned to me his dark blue eyes amused,"Ever the rebel,eh Kat?"

I blushed and shut my phone, slipping it into the pocket,"I don't er... usally have my phone on...alot." I lied.

Josh stared at me for a second,"Im so sure."

* ** ** **

I walked out into the sunshine where I always waited for Rachel to come from gym which was on the other side of the building,

my phone vibrated again and I opened it figuring it was Rachel telling me to meet her by the lunchroom instead.

u and rachel meet us by the truck

by the old parking lot. the boys and me

want 2 go out fur lunch, HURRY OR WE LEAVE.


Rachel walked up at that moment flashing me a grin,"Whats up? What we having for lunch?"

I read her the text then looked up to see her hazel eyes glittering with excitment Ii silently groaned on the inside waiting for what

she would say next.

"Come on theres no time to waste!" she grabbed my hand and she we to the truck,I jumped in sliding in by Chase and Rachel on

my oposite side.

I hate it when Taylor invites us along she makes us sit in the corner sandwiched between obnoxious jocks, the only good days are when

I get to sit beside....Chase. but 5 out of 6 times Rachel always loves to go.

Chase looks at me and gives me a crooked sweet smile that makes me want to hug him.

I grin back at him

Suddenly the door opens next to Rachel and Jake jumps in.

Rachel turns to me and gives me a look and whispers "OMG!"

I peer into the front seat where Grant is driving and Taylors riding shotgun, Grants speeding down the rode, my best guess is that hes trying

to get a good spot at the new fastfood place downtown called "Momma's kitchen."

The car makes a sharp left turn and I go flying into Chase's lap Rachel and Jake pressed up against each other.

"Oh!" I blush, facing toward Chase who's eyes look more lovely up close I reach over him trying to get out of his lap but end up bumping

my head on the top of the truck instead.

Grant bursts out laughing and so does everyone else in the truck in including Chase which makes me blush even more.

"It may be funny to you guys." I say flustered,"but certainly not to me!"

Rachel loyaly stops laughing which she shouldn't have in the first place.

"Just stay put where almost there!" Taylor calls.

I sit there rigid while I almost fall off plenty of times untill chase grabs me to keep me steady.

"Thanks." I whisper my heart beating rapidly.

His leans in his breath tickling my ear,"No probelm Kat." I could feel him grinning as he leaned back again.





Thanks guys!! If you read my first 2 chapters be free to comment! :)

I will update more in awhile. ty. :D

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