A New Light.

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Chapter 3 (v.1)

Submitted: July 29, 2011

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Submitted: July 29, 2011



Chapter 3

 Lunch was great, JUST GREAT! In case you haven't noticed my sarcasm I'm going to over over some reasons:

  1. first of all everyone couldn't get over the fact that I had to sit in Chase's lap the whole way to the stupid Fast-food place- and kept laughing about it while I sat there blushing my cheeks off.
  2. The heels I wore to school broke going out off there and Chase had to literally catch me in mid-air to stop my clumsy self from taking a plastic surgery make-over to my face. (It wasn't romantic, nor did it help to the humiliation I had just gotten from the car trip to here!)

 ?So here I was letting Chase carry me to the car because I had twisted to ankle.

I blame Rachel, why did we have to go anyway?!

 "Let-go! I can walk!" I struggled in Chase's tan arms.

Don't get me wrong I appreciate the thought that Chase didn't want me to get hurt, but I was a big girl, besides it didn't really hurt that much.

Chase narrowed his eyes and put his face up to mine pretending to give it serious thought,"hmm.....nope!"

"Stop being a baby, Anyways don't you like it?" Grant asks me with a smirk.

"What I would like." I say sweetly,"Is to punch your mouth." I snap the last sentence.

"I always knew you had a vicious side, Kat!" Chase laughs.

"We're to the car, stop whining!." Taylor says jumping into shotgun.

Jake and Rachel jump in and I catch Rachel slipping her number in Jakes pocket, she winks at me, I stare sourly back.

"Do you want me to hold you in the car too?" Chase asks smiling his head off trying to hold back a grin, but what really makes me suspicious in what I see in his eyes.. they hold a trace of seriousness. Does he want to keep holding deadweight?

I grind my teeth and punch him in the shoulder sliding into the van by Rachel.

Secretly though I'm still wondering about that serious glint he had in his eyes.....no Chase doesn't like me that way......?

The truck heads back to school and I suddenly start worrying about how I'm going to walk around in school with my ankle.

"No head, to the hospital Grant we need to get Kat's ankle checked out." Taylor says,"Anyways my mom can call the school for all of us and explain that what happened." Those where the times I really loved my sister for caring about me.

"Anyways we're helping out the poor. and this beats Math!" The lovey feeling died away.

"How am I the poor?!" I asked in a annoyed voice.

"You gotta bum leg." Grant said which still didn't really make sense.

"Drop us off at the school guys, we can't miss Trig. Ms. Palona would kill us." Jake points to Rachel and him, because me and them were still in 10th, when some off the teachers didn't cut us slack for anything.

We dropped them off at school. Then headed off to the hospital, although sometimes I question Taylor's brain cells. Couldn't we have had the nurse look at me? But wait that would ruin there LOVELY plan of skipping school.

 * * * * * * * * * *

I tryed to step on to the brick pavement leading to the hospital, but a sharp pain stabbed my ankle.

"I'm going to wait in the truck with Taylor!" Grant yelled.

"Thanks a whole bunch guys! I can't even count on my own sister to take care of me!" I said sarcastically.

"Here let me help you." Chase said which brought back the embarrassing moment of him carrying me in plain site to the truck.

"Uh maybe I can just... hold on to your shoulder or something." I said blushing deeply my green eyes glancing at his strong arms.

He noticed me staring and laughed,"Sure wrap your arm around my waist." 

I did what I was told and leaned against him slowly wobbling to the front door, all the while sensing his six pack inches from the hand, NO! I saw go to the beach all the time with Rachel and the gang.

I blushed even deeper riding off the thought of seeing him in his swimsuit.

"You know maybe I should call you Rose, you have been blushing around me all day." Chase said his voice teasing.

I look up at him glaring,"I should kick you right now but because your the only person that helps me, I wouldn't want to push my luck."

"Do you think I would leave you?" Chase asks suddenly dead serious looking at me with a funny expression on his face that I couldn't place.

"Not at all my prince in shining armor." I laughed.

His ran his hand through his hair making the it even more messy and attractive,"Do I have to rescue you all the time now?" He smiles at me with one of the few smiles of his that makes me breathless.

"That may be so." I say giving him a tiny smile.

Suddenly it dawns on me,"You don't think its bad enough that I can't go to Grant's for the party tonight, do you?"

We reach the front door and he pushed it open letting cool air rush at my face blowing my hair around a strand lands on Chase's arm and he tucks it back under my ear giving me a sweet smile,"hopefully not,do you?"

"I hope not." Or I wont get to see you tonight. Out of no ware the thought pops into my head and I stuff it back surprised.

"well lets go check it out.." We walk into the lobby, my arm still wrapped around his waist a tingling feeling where he put my hair back in place.

I falling in love.....with Chase I think, finally figuring my feelings out.





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