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14 year old Hayden Jackson has many things on his mind; school, grades, staying out of trouble, finding the perfect girl. But when a few people in Washington state get sick with an unknown virus; strange events begin to unfold. Hayden argues that the virus is a simple one, but it turns out the virus is worse then anyone could have imagined. Hayden and his friends must now fight and work together to survive. But as the days unfold, it seems the infected arent the only thing they should be worried about. Hayden and friends must now fight to stay alive... and Human....

Chapter 1 (v.1) - School

Submitted: April 27, 2011

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Submitted: April 27, 2011



“JACKSON!” My substitute teacher yelled from across the room. I reluctantly took my face from my desk.

“Yessir?” I replied.

He was pointing his ruler at the map of Europe. “I can’t do my lecture on Europe if you are going to be sleeping,” he said.

“Ok? I’m sorry?” I said with a shrug.

He scowled at me then went back to teaching.

God I hate it when substitutes always teach in history (Which is my favorite and best subject by the way), my regular teacher, Mr. Ruano always has a fun way of teaching it, while the substitute Mr. Cacky (hehe) is just downright boring. Anyway my name is Hayden Jackson. I’m a 14 year old going to school in Tahoma Junior High.

I’m in 8th grade and so far the year is going good. So far. I’m just your typical teen, dealing with the typical school drama and what not. Let me tell you a bit about myself. I have a really short temper which means people can get on my nerves really easily. I don’t like fighting but I will if I’m pushed or if it’s for standing up for a friend. I believe that everyone should be treated like they want to be treated but that doesn’t really work since most people are assholes at my school

Some people think it’s strange that I have dark blue eyes given my Hispanic heritage but I don’t really care what people think of me.

I looked at the clock, it said 9:26. Finally, I had gym in four minutes. I love gym because we run a lot and I love to run. I’m the fastest runner in (well third fastest but whatever) in my class.

And today we are running the 1.6. The 1.6 is when you run two laps around the front of the school. And you have twenty minutes to do it or you fail. I never fail, ever. I have an A in that class because I work really hard.

I looked around the classroom and saw my friends Kelsey Fisher and Dylan Cole starting to pack their stuff up.

Dylan is 14 like me; he has long brown hair and dark brown eyes. Dylan is one of those kids that have a crazy (and sometimes perverted) sense of humor. Almost anything you do will make him laugh, for example one time I went up to his face real serious and said “Pudding.” The guy laughed so hard he almost chocked himself. Dylan was one of my best friends though we didn’t talk much but we still looked after each other.

Kelsey who was also 14 had Dark Brown hair, and light brown eyes. Kelsey was one of the best friends a guy could have. She was pretty, selfless, funny, and would always watch your back no matter what. She was the type of person that if she heard you talking about one of her best friends behind their back, she would throttle you.

Anyway I knew they were just as eager as I was to run the 1.6. Well Kelsey probably wasn’t all that hot about it because she HATES running. Hates it with a passion.

Meanwhile Dylan and I, we love to run. I remember back in second grade, we where the kings of tag. We always caught everyone because we were really fast. Finally the bell rang and I gave a sigh of relief. I waited for Dylan and Kelsey by the door.

“You guys ready?” I asked them.

“Dude you know it,” said Dylan, giving me a knuckle pound. Kelsey gave a sigh and rolled her eyes.

“You hate running don’t you?” Dylan asked.

Kelsey gave him a ‘You already know the answer look’.

We walked down the hall and saw all the other kids going to their other classes. I caught a glimpse of my three other friends, Hailey Grayson, Chloe Jenson and Owen Wilson. They waved and smiled at me as they headed for their next class.

Hailey Grayson is also 14 (almost all my friends are 14), she has Golden Blonde hair, Dark Blue eyes like mine, and she wore a Red T-shirt with blue jeans. Hailey was another one of my best friends, she was extremely pretty, and she was really thoughtful and caring and was the perfect example of a girly girl. She was the type of girl who always wanted to have fun and always did.

Owen Wilson, who is 15, has long-short Black Hair and light green eyes. He wore a Brown shirt with grey jeans. Owen was my best friend, and I meant the best. Owen and I had such a history together, we knew each other since the first grade and we had been friends since. He and I were like brothers. We shared and did almost everything together; my parents even said they were thinking of adopting (Joking of course) him because that is how close we are.

Chloe Jenson, who is 14, has brown hair, her stunning icy blue eyes, and she wore a Dark Red shirt with blue shorts. Chloe was another of my best friends, unlike Kelsey and Hailey who are the girly girl types; Chloe was a bit of a Tomboy. She enjoyed doing things like hunting, arm wrestling (She beats almost everyone she challenges), and other thing. But another strange thing is that Chloe is super pretty. Trust me, if you ever saw Chloe; you wouldn’t think she does the type of stuff she does.

We finally made it to the gym and Dylan and I went into the guy’s locker room to change. The junior high makes us wear uniforms during gym which I think is stupid because if you forget your uniform you have to wear a loner. The uniforms are grey short sleeved shirts and blue shorts with the junior high logo on the shirt and the mascot which was a bear.

And the reason I hate loners is because one time I forgot my uniform and I got a loner that had Amber T. on it and everyone started making fun of me.

After we changed we went into the gym and Dylan in our assigned spot. Our gym teacher, Mr. Val told us that the 1.6 was today and there where sighs and cheers.

Mr. Val told us to go to the football/track (If that makes any sense) field outside. As we were walking, Dylan and I talked about this cool party on Saturday at his house and how there was going to be hot girls there.

“Well I’ll sure as hell come,” I told him. He told me that there would be food and drinks there.

But when I asked about alcohol and drugs he said that there wouldn’t be any. That was good because I didn’t want the cops to be on our asses about that again. See last year Dylan and I went to a party and there was weed and beer there.

My parents are friends with most of the cops in Maple Valley so my parents thought that I was a part of the drugs and drinking. It took about two hours to convince them that I hadn’t drunk or smoked. But they believed me though which was good for me.

We went outside and I felt the cold air outside. I could see that Kelsey was cold because she was shivering like she had just come out of a freezer after four days.

Dylan didn’t seem to be bothered by the cold, maybe because he used to live in Anchorage, Alaska and is used to it. Me, I’m from California but for some strange reason I’m immune to both cold or hot. We went to the track field and we got ready. Both 9th and 8th grade ran together. So there was a large crowd of kids on the field.

I was so ready for this. I knew I wouldn’t fail because I am really fast no joke. As soon as Mr. Val blew the whistle I took off. I just ran and ran. I looked behind me and I saw Dylan closing up on me. So of course I sped ahead. Suddenly, Dylan was at my left.

“You’re slowing down, Jackson,” he said with a grin.

“Yeah and Kelsey loves the cold,” I replied.

Suddenly I did something I couldn’t explain, I felt really relaxed and I just sped ahead. I ran just so fast that I left Dylan eating my dust.

I suddenly realized that I had an adrenaline rush. I don’t know how it happened, I haven’t had one since I was like, seven so I don’t know how I had one. They happened from time to time which was really weird for me.

Suddenly I had that feeling in my gut, the feeling you get when you run a lot. Well you know what I mean right? Anyway I stopped and I almost skidded and fell on my face. After fifteen seconds Dylan caught up to me.

“Whoa, how in the hell did you do that?” he asked. I shrugged.

“Adrenaline rush I guess,” I replied.

Dylan shrugged and we both just started walking. A minute later Kelsey caught up to us.

“Bout damn time,” Dylan joked. Kelsey rolled her eyes and pretended to slap him.

The three of us just started to walk when our gym teacher shouted,

“Jackson, Cole, Fisher, start running or you’ll lose points,” he shouted.

When he wasn’t looking, Dylan flipped him off which made Kelsey and I laugh.

“You’re going to get caught one day Dylan,” said Kelsey.

“No I won’t, I’m super smart,” he replied with a sly grin.

“Suuure,” said Kelsey.

“Super stupid is the term I would use,” I said grinning.

After that we started to run again. We finally had finished. I finished with a 14:20 time, Dylan got 14:25, and Kelsey got 14:50. Man, was I tired. I had run almost the whole time.

I just kept walking around because if you just stand still or sit or lay down, you get a huge headache and those always put me in bad moods. After five minutes of walking around, we went back into the gym and started playing some basket ball.

It was three on three. Dylan, Kelsey and I against Mat Stewart, Sally Billson, and James Edwards. Mat Stewart was this huge ‘Obese’ person with hundreds of freckles on his face, and he had large overbite beaver like teeth.

Sally was a Black haired mean girl; she had dark Brown eyes, and was Latina. I had heard a rumor that he liked me last year, when I went to ask her, she just bitch slapped me really hard. Just thinking about that made my cheek sting.

James Haze was a big skinny guy, he had short dusty grayish brown hair, and he had glasses. He always wore his shirt tucked in his pants. He was the stereotypical vision of what you call a nerd.

“You’re going down you pussies,” said Mat.

“Yeah,” said James with his crackly winey voice.

“You want to go in the toilet again?” Dylan threatened.

James shook his head then, Mat got close to us and said,” You can’t beat shit up you prissy.”

That made me mad.

“At least we don’t sit on the couch eating Twinkies and cheeseburgers all day,” I said angrily.

Kelsey and Dylan started laughing. Mat got so close to my face that I could smell his garbagy breath and count all the freckles on his face.

“Say that to my face Jackson,” he challenged.

I would have punched him if Dylan wouldn’t have held me back. I’m the type of person who gets mad easily, so sort of like anger issues.

“Hehe lets whoop their asses,” said Mat as he turned to his group. Mat picked up the basketball and ran to us like a rhino.

Kelsey tried to block him but Sally blocked her. Dylan managed to get the ball and James tried to block him. Dylan tried not to laugh at the weak attempt by James, but that was his disadvantage, Mat came behind him and took the ball.

I ran and swiped the ball from Mat and dribbled it to the basket and shoot and scored. Mat roared in rage while James but his face into his hands and Sally just stood there, hands on her hips, scowling at us.

“In your face,” said Kelsey as we high-fived each other.

“You won’t be so cheerful when my fist is your face,” said Mat.

“You want to go fatty?” said Dylan.

When Dylan said that, it looked like Mat latterly snorted out smoke from his nose. I quickly grabbed the ball and shot it in the basket again. Mat went into a rage and knocked down Kelsey. Dylan went in a rage and went up to Mat and punched him in the face. I saw Mat recover from the punch and he grabbed Dylan by the throat.

I couldn’t let that fat son of a bitch strangle my best friend, so I transferred all my energy into my kick and I kicked him in his private area. (Hey come on, what would you have done) Mat instantly let go of Dylan and grabbed his ‘Area’ in pain.

He fell to the floor, writhing in pain. Aside from the pain in his neck (Literally), Dylan started to laugh and so did Kelsey.

“I guess we win,” choked out Dylan.

Mat got up seconds later and I thought he was going to kill me but he simply said,

“You’re dead Jackson next time I see you.”

“Ooooo I’m so scared,” I said.

I know I’m writing my death sentence but hey, I was mad. Mr. Val told us to go to the locker room to change for lunch. I changed quickly because I did not want to be in a locker room with Mat all day. I wasn’t scared I just didn’t want a black eye because my parents would chew me out about it.

After we changed Dylan and I went out and met Kelsey waiting for us. Together we went to the lunch room. And let me tell you, I was starved. When we entered the cafeteria, we saw our friends sitting down at our usual table.

Sitting was, Owen, Chloe and Hailey. But there was someone I did not expect or want sitting with us, Hailey’s jockey boyfriend, Thomas Drake. It’s not that I don’t like him; it’s just something else that too hard to explain. We sat down and I sat next to Chloe.

“Sup,” she said to me nodding her head and smiling.

“Wasup,” I replied.

I looked at Hailey and I saw her boyfriend kiss her on the cheek. My face felt really hot and I felt like I wanted to punch something.

I’m not jealous ok, maybe I just used to have feeling for her at a certain point in my life but that doesn’t matter. It just annoyed me that they did that in front of me. Look I’m single and all my friends have girl friends. Owen is dating Kelsey, Dylan is dating Chloe, and Hailey is dating Thomas.

It just annoys me to see couples in love and to know that I don’t have someone special. “You’ll find someone someday,” my dad would say. Yeah, when? I didn’t realize I was scowling until Hailey asked me what was wrong. I said nothing and got up to go get my lunch.

Chloe went with me to the line and I was glad to at least have some company.

“You’re jealous aren’t you?” she asked me.

“Jealous of what?” I asked her.

“You know,” She said, gesturing towards Thomas and Hailey.

“Um nooo,” I said defensively.

She raised an eyebrow and shrugged.

“If you say so,” she said.

“So what you doing later today?” I asked.

“Going to the movies with Dylan,” she said.

“Ha-ha, that should be fun,” I said with a sad tone to my voice.

She put a hand on my shoulder.

“You will find the girl, I promise,” Chloe said.

“I hope so,” I said.

As we got to the line, I got a Hamburger and Chloe got chicken nuggets and gravy because she loves her gravy and nuggets.

As we went back to our table, I asked Owen what he was doing after school and he told me he was going to Kelsey’s house to do who knows what, (Even though I bet most of you know what).

I asked Hailey what she was doing and she said she was free and that she and I should hang. Thomas didn’t seem to cool about it but she assured him that we were only friends.

He eyed me then nodded and then he gave Hailey a peck on the lips which I was sure the purpose was to make me mad. I harrumphed and said I needed to go to the bathroom.

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