How things should be

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Basically if you have followed me from the beginning you will know that my first novel "The Tale Of A Teenage Heart" has just been published. This is a look into the life of Lucy and Emma 10 years on, married, with a young son, and still facing the same prejudice as they did before!

Chapter 1 (v.1) - How things should be

Submitted: November 14, 2012

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My name is Tyler Brandon, I am 5 years old and I live in Los Angeles with my two mommies. When I was six weeks old my mommies adopted me from New York because my birth mommy and daddy where in a really bad car accident and they died. My Grandparents wanted to look after me but they were too old! I didn’t know my birth parents but sometimes, when I go to bed after brushing my teeth - I have to stand on my baby stool still because I won’t grow even though I keep stretching every day - I dream of them. But you can’t tell my mommies that okay? That would really hurt them and I don’t want to hurt them.

My mommies are from the same place as I was born but they say we can’t go back there because something really bad happened there when they were young. I wish I was older so they would tell me things.

Every year on my birthday since before I can even remember my grandparents sent me a card and a cool present this year it was a remote control car! But mommy Emma has to drive it for me because the remote doesn’t fit in my tiny hands. Mommy Lucy said that growing up takes time and that I will keep growing for another 10 years! That is more than me! I can’t wait to be big!

Our house is a big white house near the beach and some days when my mommies finish working in the studio we go for ice cream. I get banana every time and most of the time it runs down my fingers and all over my shirt. Mommy Lucy says that is okay because mommy Emma still does that and she is old! My mommies are funny. We play music every morning all the way to kindergarten. Mommy Emma taps on the dash while mommy Lucy sings. My mommy Lucy is a really great singer! I always hear mommy Emma telling her to make a song in the studio because it would be amazing. But I don’t want my mommies to get famous because they might forget about me and make me an orphan again. When I am big I want to be a writer like mommy Emma AND a singer like Mommy Lucy.

Today is Tuesday. But it isn’t just a normal Tuesday. Today we get to take our mommies to Kindergarten with us. We are going to have cake and drinks and then all the mommies are going to talk about their jobs. Mrs. Cooper says my family is really special. I think it because my mommies are always on TV with their bands but mommy Emma says it is something else.

Jason is my best friend. He has a really weird family with a mommy and a daddy not two mommies like me. Jason is not allowed to come over to my house to play because his mom doesn’t like my mommies. He says it is because they are lesbinanas. I don’t know what that word means but I think it means in love. My mommies really love each other. Sometimes when I wake up in the middle of the night I hear them yelling each other’s names and shouting “YES!”. Jason says his parents never do that. They must not love each other like mines do.

When we get to kindergarten mommy Emma says to mommy Lucy “Are you ready for this?” and then comes to get me out of my booster seat. I don’t know what that meant but it made mommy Lucy laugh so I laughed with her and clapped my hands.

“You are funny, mommy!” I giggle.

“Why?” she asks

“You made mommy laugh!” I tell her. Silly mommy.

“Yes she did, handsome. Mommy is very funny” mommy Lucy says.

My mommies always kiss each other because they love each other so much. People always stare when they do but they won’t tell me why.

We are all holding hands when we walk into my kindergarten, mommy Emma then me then mommy Lucy, and everyone turns around and stares at us. I don’t care because I know everyone is just jealous that I have two mommies but I look to check on mommy Lucy and she looks like she is going to cry. I don’t want my mommy to cry. I can see Jason’s mommy – she looks like she just touched disgusting stuff under the desk- staring at us with everyone else. Mrs. Cooper looks exactly like Jason’s mom and so do all of the other moms.

Everyone is off playing but I don’t want to leave my mommies, not when mommy Lucy is going to cry. I tap on mommy Emma’s leg and make her bend down to as tall as me.

“Can you look after mommy Lucy so I can play?” I ask.

“Of course I will little guy, go have fun. We will be right here if you need us.” She whispers.

I can see Jason waiting for me so I am about to go get him. Wait I forgot to tell Mrs Cooper.

“Mrs. Cooper, look, my mommies are here!”I yell

“I know, Tyler, I know.” She says.

Mommy Emma looks upset now. But she is smiling at me so I know it is okay to go play.

Jason and Amy are playing with the sand. Sometimes we build castles and then knock them down! Amy is new to our kindergarten. She had two mommies too but she only lives with one of them now. Her other mommy lives in New York now and Amy stays here with her mommy, I think her name is mommy Julia, and they live near our house! Amy’s mommy is famous like my mommies. She is a singer like mommy Lucy. But Amy’s mommy never comes to pick her up. Mommy Emma says it’s because some mommies are too busy at work to pick up their kids but they get to see them when they go home. Maybe today we will meet Amy’s mum. I think her mommy and my mommies would like each other!

I look over to check on my mommies when I get to the sand pit but they are still standing there and everyone is staring at them.

“It’s because they are famous.” I tell Jason. 

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