Tell me mommy.

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Madeline is celebrating her 34th birthday when her son asks her how she and her wife, Leah got together. Will the story be too much for young Noah or will it help him stop his bullies getting to him?

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Tell me mommy.

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Chapter 1


The room was dark, the silence deadly. I reached out into the darkness searching for the light switch but instead find a body. It is a persons, I feel their nose and almost poke out their eye. Every muscle in my body tightens as my mind thinks the worse. I jump back as I notice the hand reach up to flick on the light.

“Surprise!” a hundred different voices yell at me.

“Happy birthday!” Allana is running across the room to hug me.

“Oh my gosh! You did this?” I hug my little sister in a tight embrace.

“Nope, this was all Leah” she smiled

Leah is my wife. The apple of my eye, the reason for my existence. We got married when we were 21 an d today she has thrown a party for my 34th birthday. She is the kind of person who can smile at you once and you will remember it forever. That, after all, is how she got me. That incredible smile, sweet yet sexy, always making you want more. Well I guess I should introduce myself now, I am Madeline, today is my 34th birthday and on this day 10 years ago I gave birth to our first son, Noah. Recently he has been rebelling against Leah and I. She thinks it is just a faze but I believe something is going on.

I snap back to reality and thank everyone for coming. Leah had taken all this time arranging this and of course, I loved it, but right now I needed her help.

“I can’t find Noah,” I whisper in her ear.

“What? What do you mean?” she retorted

“He ran past me when I was waiting outside of school today and went straight to Joseph’s but ran again when I showed up to bring him home. He came into the house just in front of me but I do not know where he went.” I rush out.

“Okay, calm down, let’s go look for him,” she soothes.

The first place we look is his bedroom, second room on the right at the stop of the winding staircase. The room is dark and we spot him right away. He was casting a shadow on his super hero covered blue walls, well his wavy hair was. I know where he is, in his closet. This is his favourite hiding spot besides under the table in the front room where everyone was gathered. I rush straight over and open the door fully.

“Noah, its mommy, listen to me, you have to talk to us. What’s wrong?” Leah said in her usual calm voice.

“Go away!” He yells.

“Now baby, you are going to have to come out of there at some point. It’s mommy’s party downstairs. Come on, there’s cake.” She whispers.

Like every little boy he comes out of there at the promise of cake.

“Okay,” he sighs “If I can have cake.”

“Only if you tell us what is wrong,” I say as I walk to stand beside Leah.

He tells us that the boys in his class and some of the older boys have been bullying him because he has two mommies. I am completely outraged and right away get ready to call the school.

“You can’t Madie, everyone is here and besides the school is closed, it’s Friday.” Leah, calm as ever, calms me.

Noah, safe in the knowledge that his mommies will sort out his problems agrees to come downstairs and enjoy the party. We dance and have fun and when it comes the time I open all of my presents. There are so many great gifts, a new laptop from Noah and Leah, plane tickets to Paris from my parents and even a luxury spa weekend from people at work. Such amazing gifts yet I can’t help but think I don’t deserve them. Noah is sent to bed at around 9:30 and everyone leaves at around 2 am. What an amazing night we had and, boy, where we all going to suffer from it the next morning.

Leah and I make love before we fall asleep naked in each other’s arms but tonight, something is different, there is more passion and more hunger for it. She grabs me the second I walk into the bedroom and she starts undressing me. The pleasure her touch sends through my entire body is so immense I am holding back moans already. She picks me up against the wall and slides her finger inside me. New waves of pleasure roll through me as she goes deeper each time. In and out. In and out. In and out. My wetness is dripping all over her hand and down her arm as I climax almost instantly. She doesn’t stop there though. Before I have recovered from the first orgasm she has me on the bed and is liking over my clit. I can quite honestly say I have never felt such pleasure as I am right now. She knows where she wants to be and where I want to be, she makes me moan, intense, rough, moans of pleasure and I never want her to stop what she is doing. With one final flick of her tongue I am off again, my body shuddering and writhing in pleasure and ecstasy. Time to return the favour... I lay on the floor at the bottom of our four poster bed and gesture for her to come over to me. I pull her down until her clitoris is close enough for me to reach with tongue. I flick my tongue up against it and she is on her knees waiting for more. I bury my head between her thighs and engorge myself on her tasty vagina. She taste like heaven and I enjoy every fresh wave of juice. She comes too quickly and I start over again instantly. I begin to trace patterns around her clit and she begs and moans for me to be rougher with her. Leah is the kind of girl who likes it rough, she like it on all fours, being whipped, she loves having her hair pulled and most of all she loves when I bite her. I gaze into her deep blue eyes as she whispers to me for more. Her lips meet mines and I realize this is the first time since I got home tonight. I lose control as she kisses me and I get her on all fours I pull the vibrator from our bedside cabinet and shove it inside her. She screams and I am not sure if it pain or pleasure but I keep going. I move it in and out of her and begin to touch myself as she watches. The light shines on her beautiful face and I fall in love with her all over again as we orgasm at the same time. We fall asleep kissing that night and wake up in the same position the next morning.

Noah comes into our bedroom at 8am to awaken us. He jumps in behind Leah and hugs us both.

“Morning mommies!” He smiles cheerily.

“What’s gotten into him?” I ask Leah confused as he goes downstairs to watch TV.

Leah shrugs and follows him to go make breakfast. I feel like the devil this morning, my head feels like someone is hammering into it and my stomach feels like it may explode any minute. Thankfully she didn’t feel like that so she lovingly offered to make breakfast. We have French toast for breakfast with a side of eggs and bacon and Noah has his usual cereal. I cannot take my eyes off of Leah as I remember the previous night. I watch her perfect ass as she leaves the room with our plates and I am still staring when she enters again. Her eyes are deep blue and completely mesmerising, her lips are full and red, she has long wavy black hair and slightly tanned skin. Leah is single undoubtedly the most beautiful woman I have ever seen. I however am far from attractive. My pale skin and green eyes are an eyesore and do not even get me started on my hair. 2 years ago I went to a different hairdresser and since then I cannot get it cut properly. It was supposed to be a nice bop but it went completely wrong and has never been the same. But, Noah likes it so I can’t do it much different. Noah doesn’t like change, he always reacts badly to it. For instance we moved house 3 years ago and he kept running away. Leah think he just really like the old house but I think it is something different.

Around 11 we all go downstairs to watch some TV. Noah decides he wants to watch Spongebob and so we agree. We are all engrossed in the programme until he asks:

“Mommies? How did you two meet?” 

“We will tell you one day son,” Leah answers

“But I wanna know now, mommy! Why can’t you tell me?”

“Because, Noah, to tell you how we met we would have to tell you everything before that and it would be too difficult to understand.” I say.

“But maybe it will help me mommy,” he retorts

“How can that help you?” Leah asks curiously.

“Maybe if you tell me I won’t care what the other kids say to me. Pleeeeease mommy?” he smiles his I-know-I’m-about-to-get-what-I-want-smile and Leah and I look at each other and nod.

“He was going to find out some day,” I whispered...

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