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Hiding was never easy, especially when war is everywhere. The Thompson family, moved to an old building in the safest part of the city. Aria Thompson doesn't like the place but when different sounds came from an old dusty door, under the stairs adventures started to unfold. She thought that hiding in the old building is boring, no fun but when the door opened, many things started to happen. A new world for Aria and her friends to explore and to find out what mystery lies ahead of them.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - BEHIND BRICKS

Submitted: June 08, 2012

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Submitted: June 08, 2012





"This place is too small for us, we can't even walk without bumping into each other's shoulders in the hallway." I complained to my Mom while she's cleaning the old cabinets. I'm still sitting on an old green armchair and petting my dog, Snow. "Stop complaining. I know it's small for all of us but it's safer in this part of the city rather than staying in our house. You better help your sister upstairs, she's cleaning your room. " she said with a smile. "I hate wars, I hate hiding, I hate this." I accidentally tighten my grip on Snow and she barked, hoped down on the floor and run upstairs "Why do we need to do this? " I nearly shouted. "Aria, you need to be patient. You better practice your manners, Mr. Mendez's family will be staying with us, show them that your a good girl." Mom said calmly as she closed the cabinet door and proceed to the other one. "Okay, Mom. I'll be good. But I don't want to stay here for so long." I replied sadly, thinking that I might die in boredom if I will stay here for years. I hope the war between our country and the neighboring country will be over soon. All schools in our city is closed except those used as health centers for injured soldiers. Soldiers are all over the place, tanks guard most of the entrances into the city and every few minutes helicopters are flying all over the place. This is worse than I thought. I exit the kitchen and dining room then proceed upstairs. I passed a big room which is for the Mendez's and at the other side is for our family. I caught my sister wiping dusts off a study table at the foot of the bed. There are three beds in this room, one for me, for my sister, and a bigger one for my parents. I sit on my bed and grab my hand bag, it's filled with paper, magazine, books, my diary, a voice recorder and my camera. I grabbed a magazine and tear off the pages with pictures of famous personalities and pinned it on the wall beside my bed. I think it will add more color to this dull room. Snow is curled up on my parent's bed, asleep. The beds are covered with blue and the pillows are white. I found my trunk under the bed, opened it and wear my favorite inside slippers. We arrived here earlier this morning, and the Mendez will be arriving before dinner. I don't know the Mendez but I heard that they're my Mom's officemate. I glanced at the walls looking for a clock, nothing. This building is so plain, no picture frames, no posters, no color, just plain bricks. "Clara, do you know what time is it?" I asked my older sister with a smile and low voice. "Go downstairs, I brought with me a small alarm clock, it's on the coffee table in the living room, can you grab it for me?" she said calmly and smile, just like my mother. Everyone in our family, talks calmly except me, my voice is always like near to shouting but still sweet. Clara is two years older than me but we are in the same hiegth. My mother is a tall and slim woman with a golden blonde hair just like ours. Dad is tall too but he is more tanned and always have messy light brown hair. I walked downstairs into the living room and grabbed the alarm clock. I observe the place, still no color just a blue sofa, two blue armchairs the same with the green one upstairs but with different color, a small circular coffee table, a wooden table at the side, two big empty shelves and a TV rack before the stairs. Yes, just a TV rack, no TV. I wonder what we will do if we're bored. When i'm heading back upstairs, I heared a shout coming from under the stairs. A scary shout, I nearly froze to death. A minute passed, I think, silence is all over the room now, I can hear Mom closing cabinet doors, Dad is out buying light bulbs and supplies. I saw something under the stairs, I can't see it clearly because of the shadows covering it. I put down the alarm clock on the TV rack and walked slowly towards where I heard it. Very slowly, maybe it took me a minute to approach it. Just under the stairs a big shadow cover the small space between the wall and the stair. I found a door, a very dusty old door. I don't know where it goes and it's like close for years. I didn't notice this door when we entered from the back door. Then the guts come to me, I turned the knob, dust curled on my fingers, it's lock.

[Picture of a 3-storey building floor plan]

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