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Katherine Parker is a girl who just wanted to forget her past and her feelings with Daniel, in short, she wants to move on. At first, she thought she was successful, she managed to move on, to stop stalking, to stop everything she does that will just remind her of Daniel. Few years after Daniel's departure to Europe, they started to have communications through emails or networking sites again. Months of communication and her feelings for him is all rushing back to her. She doesn't know if she really moved on or she just had a rest from all of this heartbreak. Daniel Johnson is coming back soon and Katherine doesn't know if she will try to love him again or just continue to stand up and ignore him.
Will Katherine managed everything that will come her way from moving on to falling in love again.

"I thought I managed to move on and forget you, but it's just my mind that stops thinking of you.After all these years, I don't know why or how but deep inside my heart I know that you are STILL THE ONE that I love."
-- Katherine Parker

Chapter 1 (v.1) - STILL THE ONE

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Submitted: June 09, 2012





"Hey, look at my drawing. See, it's better than yours!" I showed him my sketch pad. I draw a girl in an orange dress with a flower in her hands, sitting on a tree swing and I also colored it neatly.

"Nah, mine is better. Take a look!" he said as he jumped in front of me and show me his drawing, it's me. I smiled, he draw me in a pink dress and a crown with a fireworks background. It also have my name on it. I stared at it for a minute. It's beautiful.

"Ok, you win!" I answered with a you-always-win tone still looking at his drawing.

We always draw whenever where bored and free.

"You like it?" he asked and he gave me a very sweet smile.

Daniel is my bestfriend since where in 2nd grade, after all those years, he's always there for me, he grown in me.

"Yeah, but it will be better if you draw me a shoe and another thumb."

I answered, while pointing out the little me in a drawing withou a left hand thumb and shoes.

"Oh, sorry." he answered and continue finished his drawing.

We're in 10th grade now, but still we act like we're still kids, I don't know why, I just feel very happy when we are like this.

"Can I have it?" I asked him with a serious tone.

"No, yes." he answered laughing while he's coloring the shoes.

"Huh?" I answered with confusion and a laugh.

"In one condition, you won't forget about me." he asked, his face was so close to mine that I can feel his breath.

"Of course I won't." I answered still keeping my tone cheerfull.

"Promise?" he asked, now he's serious too.

I turn away, I know what he means, he's leaving.
"I promise." I assured him with a smile.

He teared off the page and handed it to. I slipped it at the back of my sketchbook and put back a clear page.

"Okay, this time we need to draw something that will remind us of each other." I suggested.

He didn't argue, he turn his sketchpad and started to draw.

I stared at him, I don't know how long until, "What?" he asked me looking back.
"Nothing," I lied, "i'm just thinking of something that will remind me of you." I answered straight.

"You better think fast, i'm nearly done." he said with a laugh and in a i'll-win-again tone.

I tried to concentrate, but I can't. I don't know why, i'm very distracted and I don't know what to draw.

I like Daniel, maybe it's more than like. I love him. I tried to stop but I just can't.
I started to write his name on the sheet of paper and write a few unforgettable moments in our friendship.

I colored it with different hues. The paper is very colorful, just like our friendship.
I tried to tell him what I feel about him but I can't.

Everybody knows that we're just really friends, just bestfriends, nothing more.

"I'm done." he said and shows me his drawing.
It's us, hand in hand. I felt something in my throat. I wanted to cry, but I can't.
I can't cry in front of him especially when the reason is him.

I tried to smile and I passed to him my pad. He read it carefully.
I looked at his drawing, it's perfect.

If he only knows what I feel for him.


"Okay, so this time we'll draw something that will remind us of each other." she said with a cheerfulvoice. I didn't argue. I flipped to a new page and started to draw.

I draw myself first, then her, holding each other's hand.
Just like what I always wish, me and my best friend happily together, forever.

I feel different when i'm with her, very different and I like what I feel.
I can't explain it, extreme happiness, maybe but no, it's more than that.

I started drawing her face, her auburn hair and her body.
I draw it carefully, making sure that everything is right, complete and perfect.

I don't know why I love to draw, maybe I can show the real me in my drawings.
Sometimes my drawings light me up, some I can't even remember how I did it but it makes me feel complete and unique, i don't know how, all I know is that I really am different.

I want to stay here, with my friend, my bestfriend, my life here but I can't.
My family will be moving to Maine, Dad's been promoted and he is stationed there.
Worse is we're leaving this weekend and I haven't told her anything, even a word.

"What?" I asked her, she was looking straight at me. I know she already got what I mean about me asking her not to forget me, but it will be still better if I explain it to her.

"Nothing. I'm just thinking of something that will remind me of you." she answered with plain expression. She's important to me, I don't know why, but I know she is.

"You better think fast, i'm nearly done." I answered with a laugh.

She started writing, not drawing, I wonder what is it.
I finshed the last details of my drawing. Her clothes and the other hand.

"I'm done." I cried then I pass to her my pad.
She gave to me her pad too. It's colorful.

The paper is full of words and it has my name at the middle.
I read everything, one by one. These are the best memories we ever had.

'2nd Grade: He throws my lunch at the gaarbage can because I didn't let him to eat with me.'
'4th Grade: I helped him get his shoes under the school's swimming pool because his classmates played a prank on him."
'5th Grade: He helped me remove a bubblegum that sticked at the back of my skirt.'

and many more...

She really remember everything, since we were young and crazy.
I laughed. I glanced at her, she was staring very very carefully on my drawing. I don't know why.

I hope it's not another mistake.
She looked away and take a deep breath.

"Are you okay?" I asked her, I hope she didn't notice the tone of concern in my voice.
She nodded. I want to tell it to her now what I feel and about us moving to Maine.

I think I really should tell her but I don't want her to be sad, I don't know.
It's time, "Katherine, I have something important to tell you."


I drink a few gulp from my tumbler before I answer. I can see sadness in his eyes.

"What is it?" I asked with a smile. I know it's bad, I know times like this.

"Dad is promoted and he needs to leave..." he said carefully.

"That's good news, when? Where is he going?" I answered. This cheered me up a little but still his expression is plain.

"Uhm, this weekend. We're leaving for Maine." he looked away for a few seconds then back.
I don't get it.

"What do you mean 'We're'?" I asked, confused and I felt a tear rushed down my cheeks.

"Uhm, we all need to go. That's what dad said." he say it with a calm now.
He won't stay there ofcourse, maybe just for the summer, then he need to go back here for school.

"Then you're going to come back next school year?" I ask now with enthusiasm.
He shrugged. I lose hope.

"Why didn't you told me earlier?" I asked him in a very low voice.

"I don't want to hurt or or make you feel sad." he answered with a concern tone.

"But you still did." that's all I can say. I stand up, looked at the row of houses in front of me, I left the veranda and run to my room.

I think I cried all night. There is this something in my chest that hurts very bad.
Really,really bad.

Mom tried to comfort me earlier but it didn't work.
My younger sister tried to play with me but I just shouted at her.
I feel bad. I need to apologize to her.

I closed my eyes, I think i'm awake the whole night.
All I know is that I love my bestfriend and I don't want him to leave.

I tried to go to sleep but my eyes keeps on crying. I don't know why.
I find it hard to breath already.

I stand up and put my jacket on. I head downstairs and hit the kitchen.
I'm starving and thirsty. I realized I missed dinner.

I glance at the clock, it's 3:30am.
I took out the lasagna from the fridge and eat it cold.

"Kath" someone called out. She's standing at the bottom of the stairs. I can only see her shadows.
She really scared and freaked me out. It's Karen, my baby sister.

She is hugging her teddy bear in her left hand and the other is holding a small square pillow with
her name on it. I wal towards her and carry her in my arms. She's not that heavy but I can say that she gained.

I let her sit beside me. "I'm sorry I shouted at you. I didn't mean it. I'm just not in the mood to play."
I said to her with an apologetic tone. "It's okay, Mom said that you are sad and you don't want to play. So I played with Daddy." she put the pillow on the table next to my lasagna and hugged my arms.

"Are you still sad?" she asked me with her sweet voice. I kissed her on the forehead and replied,
"Not anymore." Another tear left my eye, I wiped it away.

I heard someone walking down the stairs. I looked up, it's Mom.
"Oh. It's 3AM, why are you up?"

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