A forced love

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A young girl is the daughter to a templar but hates the Templars with a passion, Just as she plans to leave the Borgia fort to go and join the Assassin's the Borgia leader - Roderigo Borgia - shows up at their house and says the girl has to be married to him. She tries ask her father to get her out of it but she is told she has to go through with the marrige....

Chapter 1 (v.1) - The Meeting

Submitted: February 28, 2013

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Submitted: February 28, 2013



Isabella sits in her bedroom in the Borgia fort where she lived due to the fact that her father was a general in the Borgia Army. Despite her fathers loyalty and alliance to the Borgia' s Isabella was strongly against the Borgia's and the larger orginisation they're apart of known as the templars. She looks out of her bedroom window and down onto the courtyard where the Borgia soldiers were training and patrolling the walls of the fort. She huffs quietly to herself as she wished that she had no links to the Borgia of the Templar's and starts to formulate a plan in her mind to leave for Rome and to join the Assassin's. Just as she was thinking that the door to her bedroom opens and her father steps into the room and looks at Isabella saying "There's someone here to see you Isabella" Looking at him suspiciously Isabellaquestions "Who is it?" her father laughs and grinsas hesays "Come downstairs and you'll see who it is" Isabella looks at him suspiciously but stands and follows him downstairs to their living room to see who the mysterious visitor was.

When they stepped into the living room she gasped in shock as she saw that Roderigo Borgia - The head of the Borgia's - was standing in the living room and was smiling triumphently at her. Isabella turns to her father and asks "Why is he here to see me?" Her father continued to smile at Isabella but gave no reply as Roderigo says "I came here to take you back to Rome with me"Confused Isabella shakes her head and says "Why me?" He meets her eyes and says "to take you as my bride" Isabella shakes her head vigorusly and moves backwards complaining "No i dont want to! I wont go with you!" as she looked at her father for help. "I'm sorry but you have no choice Isabella" her dad says just as some Borgia guards appear carrying trunks with all her clothes and possessions in it. Sighing deeply she whispers "Fine, i'll go with you to rome"

Roderigo smiles and signals the guards to take Isabella's trunks to the carrige whilst he turned to Isabella again and says to her "I swear you wont regret you're choice" as he takes Isabella's hand. She just nods in silence - she wished to scream and shout at him and tell him she already regreted it but she didnt because she didnt want to harm her father and put him in danger, Roderigo smirks with triumph as he leads Isabella outside and into the courtyard where a large Red and Gold carrige waited with Isabella's trunks strapped to the top. He opens the door for her and signals her to step inside which she does and sit's down by one of the carrige windows and looked out the window, her hands tense and placed into her lap as she tried to gain control of her emotions. Roderigo sat beside her and went to take Isabella's hand but she quickly pulled away and squeezed her eyes shut to hold back the tears and deny Roderigo any satisfaction in seeing her cry. Suddenly Roderigo gently pulled Isabella to him and whispers into her ear "I dont want to see you cry, and i wouldn't get any satisfaction from it if you did" as he pushes away the stray tear that had fallen from Isabella's right eye. She opens her eyes and looks at him as she says "Then why are you doing this? It's not like i have anything to give you" A small smile plays on roderigo's lips as he says "Yes you do - you have your love - that is something you could give" Looking at him in shock Isabella asks "w....what are you saying Roderigo?" Leaning in close to her ear Roderigo whispers to her "I'm saying i love you"

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