A Neo-Pagan Story

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Two extraordinary girl’s love on the realm of Midgard (Also known as Earth), these girls are known as Luna and Blaze – Though neither of the girls are human – Luna is a Sorceress and Blaze is a Phoenix. One day the two girls meet by chance and at the moment that they do the God of thunder and the God of Mischief are watching. They notice the two girls but judge them by appearance only –which in themselves can be deceiving – And this results in Thor falling for the ‘fresh faced’ and young Luna whilst Loki falls for Blaze the ‘hot-headed’ red-head – Though neither Blaze nor Luna are what Thor & Loki think. When Loki & Thor come to earth to ‘win over’ the girl’s it’s up to Luna & Blaze to show the boys who they really are and get the right God to fall in love with them for their personality rather than judging them by their appearance’s - which proves a lot harder than first thought – if they want to be happy and with the right God for them.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Intrest is sparked

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Submitted: January 20, 2013



Luna sits in a cafe wrapped up in a large ice blue down Jacket with her Dirty Blonde hair tied up in a ponytail. She sits holding a large cup of hot chocolate with extra marshmallows and chocolate as she leans back in her chair as she stares out the window and watches the snow falling onto the streets outside. Suddenly a girl who looked to be two years older the Luna steps into the cafe – She had a black down jacket and short red hair with orange eyes. Her red hair was covered in flakes of crystal white snow. The girl walked over to the counter in the Cafe and buys herself a hot chocolate. Once the hot chocolate was given to her she holds it tightly as she looks around and spots the only free seat opposite Luna and walks over to her and ask’s softly “Can i sit down her please?” Luna nods grinning as she says “Of Course” The girl sits down opposite Luna and introduces herself "Im Blaze" as she smiles gratefully “Luna” She replies as she feels a lot warmer then she had a minute ago now that Blaze had sat down opposite her.

Meanwhile in two realms that were very different two gods watched the girls meet - Both held intrest in a paticular girl. The two gods were the god of mischeif - Loki - and the god of Thunder - Thor. Thor's Attention was caught by Luna with her young face and blonde hair giving her a very innocent and trustworthy appearnce which Thor was attracted to whilst Loki's attention was caught by Blaze with her bright red hair and badgirl look. Though what neither Thor nor Loki knew that they're assumptions about the girl's were completely off and would lead to more trouble then they expected.

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