Saving the world

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When the zombie apocolypse comes true a young girl is left to treck across the world and find any last survivours - Though her main mission is to find the one thing which can save the world from the Zombie's.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - The journey starts

Submitted: March 07, 2013

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Submitted: March 07, 2013



himBell kicks open the 'locked' door to her fathers gun closet and steps inside quickly looking over all the guns and ammunition, She slips off the leather jacket and shirt she wore to pull on a bullet proof vest before she put back on the shirt and leather jacket. From the shelves full of guns and ammunition she grabs an AK47, and two Desert Eagle pistols aswell as plenty of ammuntion for all of the guns she had picked up. She puts the ammuntion into the base of her shoulderbag as she straps the Desert Eagle's to her thighs and the AK47 to her back. Turning she gives one last glance over the guns before she heads downstairs and grabs any packeted food and bottles of water from the kitchen and packs them into her shoulder bag. She wonders what she was going to do with the spare guns upstairs and after she had thought about it for a few miniutes she grabbed a bottle of white spirit from the cupboard and some matches before she ran upstairs and poured the white spirit into the gun closet as she also made a trail of white spirit down the stairs and through the hallway to the front door where she lit a match and dropped it onto the start of the white spirit trail and took five long strides back form the house as she watched the fire run through the white spirit trail and through the house as the fire reached the gun closet there was an explosion which was bigger then Bell had planned for and she was sent flying backwards across the street by the explosion as her back whacked into a huge brick wall and she felt a searing pain through her back. She took a second to recover before she pushed herself to her feet and looked at the house she'd grown up in which now stood ablaze infront of her.

She showed no emotion on her face - she had never truly felt safe in that house anyway, too many arguments and bad memories for Bell to stay there now that she didn't have to. Bell glanced around to see if anyone was present but there was no-one, she looks back at the house as the two neighbouring houses also caught alight and Bell turned to her left and headed down the street, She knew that there was one thing which could stop the zombie's and start the world off again. The only problem was it was all the way over in Mexico - and currently Bell was in New York,which meant that she wouldhave to make her way across most of America without falling prey to the Zombies. Bell sighs softly as she walks along and constantly looked around her to make sure no zombies were approaching her or that there was anybody about that may try to attack her for one reason or another.

She was walking along for what felt like ages until there was asudden scream to Bell'sleft from a dark alleyway, spinning around Bell runs down the alleyway and spotting a male who was only around eight months older then Bell being attacked by a group of five zombies, pulling out her pistols Bell qucikly takes aim and shots all five of the zombies in the head walking over she saw the bullets had lodged in the back of the zombies head she laughs softly before putting her pistols away and looks up at the male "What the hell are you doing on the streets alone and with no weapons?!" The male looked truly scared for his life as he looks at Bell and says "I didn't know things were so bad...i thought i'd be ok" Sighing Bell says "Well you wont be 'ok' on your own and i dont have spare weapons for you - so let's stick together for now and when we find some weapons for you then you can chose if you want to stick together or go seperate ways" The male nods and says "Sure, I'm Orin by the way" he says holding a hand out to Bell who just looks at it and says "Im Bell" Orin nods and follows after Bell who had quickly turned and walked back up and out the alleyway.

"So what has you out on the streets with the zombies? Dont you have somewhere you can hide?" Orin asks Bell. "I did but im the only person who knows where something can be found to save the earth and personaly i didn't like the place i was at" Bell replies simply to which Orin nods saying "So you want to save the world so it can start over again?" Bell nods saying "That's exactly what i want to do" Orin looks at her curiously and asks "Dont you fear the world will repeat it's history? That humanity will make the same mistakes and it will all lead to this again?" Bell shrugs and replies "it's a risk im willing to take to end this nightmare" as they walk along with Orin always watching Bell - he was unsure of her and a little bit scared that if he annoyed her to much she would kill him or seriously injure him but at the same time he found her pretty and thought she would be beautiful if she just dropped that harsh apperance and let him be a friend to her and for them to find out about each other. Bell sighs disliking Orin's constant gaze on her - she disliked how he was so positive and cheery, even though he was good-looking and if it was the time before the apocolyse Bell had no bout that all the popular girls would be swooning for his attention  but Bell hadn't been a 'popular' before hand and she was gratefull for that. Bell also wasn't attracted to Orin in anyway at all and she hoped that as soon as she found him a weaon and knew he could fend for himself that he would leave her and go on his own way and leave her to her mission - though from that hopefull look in Orin's face and the way he looked at her and kept trying to get her to tell him about herself and reveal her secrets that it was very unlikely Orin would do such.

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