Seeking Redemption

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Rosa Pazzi - She is the youngest and only daughter in the Pazzi family. The pazzi's are long standing enemies of the Auditores and responsible for their downfall and Ezio Auditores banishment from Florence.

However Rosa is the black sheep, a wanna be Assassin and head over heels in love with Ezio. Whena young girl is being hassaled by Templars Rosa decides it's time to act and she fights off the Templars before running from Florence and heads to Rome hearing of the revolution and seeking to join the ranks of the Assassin's and to prove she's not like her faimily to Ezio and to gain his love. Little does she know Ezio is in charge of the Assassin's now and he rejects her application to join up the revolution and Assassin ranks

Until she saves his life in one of the numerous occasions he is out-numbered and continues to do so, Does Ezio see past his hate for her family? Will he ever allow her to be an Assassin? Will he ever admit he loves her back and take her into his life despite the bad blood between their kin?

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Seeking Redemption

Submitted: January 22, 2013

Reads: 297

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Submitted: January 22, 2013



I sigh as i look up at the ruined Auditore house – A house that had become ruined because of my families. The Auditores had once been as powerful - if not more so - as their family and i couldn't understand why my father and older brothers had ruined the Auditore family. ‘Wouldn't it have made much more sense to be friendly with each other and combine the families by having one of my brothers marry the Auditores daughter and let me marry Ezio?’ I think to myself with a sigh as i look up at the ruined house in shame of my families’ actions and selfish desire for power and wealth. Of course i knew there was much more to my families reasoning like ‘they were Assassins – Against us from the start’ and ‘Ezio was too busy flirting with other fair maidens, if we had allowed a marriage between you it would have only brought shame on our family and broken your heart – we’re only thinking of you sorellina’

I growl and shake my head – i hated the fact that i was born in a templar family when i was not a templar. I hated everything about the templar’s and my family, i yearned to run away and join the ranks of the Assassin’ find Ezio - a man i had loved since i could truly know the meaning of love both conditional and unconditional, I knew Ezio ever returning my feelings was near impossible even if i joined the Assassin’s, Proved myself not a templar and found Ezio – i knew he would hold my families actions against me no matter what i said. Sighing i turn away from the Auditore house and head down a small side street and look over at the vast fields which rolled away from Florence and separated us form the other cities and towns in Italy as i wondered where Ezio was now...if he was in Venice, or Rome or even a little town i had never heard of but was sure to be very beautiful as all of Italy was – When it wasn’t being ravaged and brutalized by the Templar’s i had to call ‘family’ for the time being.

Suddenly i could hear shouting a young girl crying, pleading innocence....begging the templar’s to let her go, i turn and walk over towards the commotion with full knowledge that i could use my family name of ‘Pazzi’ to simply get them to let her go but where was the action in that, how would that get me away from the family i despised so much? With a deep breath i run over and kick one of the templar’s in the groin and grabbed his sword using it to slice his head off as i launched myself into combat with the other templar’s grateful for my decision’s to ignore my mother’s dressing advice as i finished off the last of the small group of templar’s and turn to the girl saying “Get out of Florence, before they find the bodies – and don’t’ ever come back” The girl nod’s and says “But what of you m’am? You’re a Pazzi... Your whole family is like them – where will you go?” Grinning i say “Venice maybe, Probably Rome....i hear someone’s organising a revolution there...where ever i end up i know one thing” The girl give's me a curious look “What’s that?” she ask's “I’m going to join the Assassins – Now go!” I say pushing the girl away, in the direction of the town’s main exit as i sheathe the stolen sword and turn leaping over a nearby wall and out into the fields as i run away from Florence and the restrictive life i knew – Running towards Rome, to join the revolution and defeat the Templar’s and maybe prove myself loyal to the Assassin’s and gain Ezio’s trust and maybe his love.

She continues to run away from Florence and towards Rome to the point till her legs felt as if they were on fire causing her to lean on a tree andclose her eyes to recover and gain her energy back by resting for a few miniutes. Rosa accidently falls asleep and when she wakes up she was in a very large white building in Rome on a soft bed and there was no real decoration's in the room apart from a single banner hanging against the wall that bore the Assassin symbol. As soon as she see's and registers the symbol she sits bolt upright and calls out "Hello? Is anyonethere?" i look around for any figure or person when suddenly i see his sillouete standing in the doorway as he says "Your a long way from home Pazzi...I assume you don't wish to live like a Templar anymore?" I nod my head whispering "Your right - I'm fed up of my family....i hate what they did to you Ezio, I hate the templars....i want to Join the Assassin's and fight alongside you" Ezio looks at me apprehensivley and says "You'll have to prove yourself with more then words Rosa - Your family did still kill my brothers and father, i cannot forgive you that easily" I nod my head saying "i understand Ezio" Ezio watches me and nods saying "Then be ready to be tested over the next weeks, your not in the creed yet but... if you prove yourself i see no reason why you won't be soon"

Inodmy head and say "Thank you Ezio" he nods as a young assassin male walks into the room. "What is Antonio?" Ezio asks the young boy who replies "Someone is here to see you Ezio" Nodding Ezio whispers something to the male Antonio before he left the room. I look at antonio knowing by that single look in his eyes that he wouldn't leave me alone in this room - not whilst i wasn't one of them and whilst my family or templar soldiers may be looking for me. We were like that - standing in silence and watching each other without losing eye contact -  for what seemed like hours but was truly only ten miniutes, We snapped out of the silence and continous watching when Ezio reappeared and said to Antonio "You may go back to your duties now Antonio" before he turns to me and says "If you truly wish to prove yourself and start to help the Assassin's i'll first have to see what you can do in a training enviroment - Wouldn't look good for the mentor of the Assassin's to put someone through missions and start building them up to join the Assassin's without knowing what they can do and then putting them in a situation which critically injures them or kills them" I look at Ezio in shock "MENTOR? Your the Assassin leader now?" Ezio nods and says "Come on - let's go and see what you can do, Unless you've changed your mind about joining our ranks?" I shake my head and jump to my feet out of the bed before walking quickly over to him and following him through the Assassin headquaters to the training room where he would see what skills and abilites i held that would decided what he allowed me to do and if i would ever be an asset to the Assassin's or if i i could be trained to be useful to the Assassin's.

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