The Glass Heart - Hazel Darkshadow

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A story about a girl who has a dark side that she has to learn to control whilst becoming stronger and learning to stand on her own to feet and not allow herself to fall in love.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - The Glass Heart - chapter 1

Submitted: April 05, 2012

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Submitted: April 05, 2012



Carla sighs sitting in a tree with her arms hugging her knees to her chest as she gently cries with her eyes squeezed shut so she wouldn't have to see anyone especially not that boy she had meet at music camp...the one that had broke her heart and caused all the pain she was currently feeling. Sensing someone behind her she opens her eyes and looks back to see Kim standing there and looking at Carla with sympathy in her eyes “Carla...” Kim whispers. Carla shakes her head and says “No! I don’t want sympathy! I want a god damn solution!” she than flips out the tree and lands on the ball’s of her feet before she sprints off into the woods, leaving Kim and the music camp behind her. Kim sighs gently but allows Carla to run into the woods. She knew Carla had to clear her head and thoughts before she did anything that would count as a sensible solution, she also knew chasing Carla wouldn’t help Carla to clear her mind and start thinking at least a little bit rationally. Carla scales up a tree and tree runs deeper into the woods as she sings ‘monster’ by skillet. Carla had ice white skin, black hair and dark gold eyes. People often said she looks like a vampire and that she moves like one as well. But she wasn’t –She was something much darker.

She sighs as she reaches the end of the tree’s and comes across a small clearing. If you looked closely you could see figures clad in black standing in the tree’s that make the clearing border. A male figure jumps out of the tree opposite to the one Clara was in and lands perfectly on the balls of his feet as Clara does the same. The two of them slowly circle each other as music fills the air around them and they get closer to each other with every step. Soon the male starts to sing and Clara finds she knows the song and sings along with him as the male takes a hold of her hands and they dance whilst they sing, the figures in the tree’s watch Clara and the male. But Clara and the male paid them no attention – the only thing they were focusing on was each other as a sort of connection formed between the two of them. As the music stops and the male says “You’re not an ordinary girl are you?”. She shakes her head “No...But i wish i was, then maybe i would find someone who loves me truly, for me” She replies with a sigh. “Well, how about you give me the chance to love you truly, if you wish to?” He asks her as he takes a hold of Clara’s hands with his own. She smiles and nods “I’d like to give you the chance” she replies - She had no idea that he could be planning to use her. Smilling the male pulls her close and says “My names Fenix”.She smiles“Clara” she says as she leans her head on his shoulder.

She was about to reply as she suddenly feels her eyelids getting heavy with sudden sleep. When she wakes up she’s in a dim room and lying on a soft bed fully clothed. She groans and sits up as her eyes adjust to the low lighting of the room to see she’s lying on a small bed in a basically furnished bedroom. The door to the bedroom open’s and she see’s Fenix walk in. “What did you do to me?” she asks her voice was low but firm and the tone of her voice said she didnt want him to lie to her but to tell her what he actually did. “I cast a simple sleep spell, i knew you wouldn’t come here if i asked you” he replies. “So what you expect me to stay here now you’ve got me here?” she growls annoyed. “You have no idea where you are, where this place is and furthmore no idea how to get to your home or what creatures live out in the wild here – you wouldn’t last a week Carla” he says looking at her. “I could god damn try though” she says standing up just for Fenix to reach her in a few long strides and take hold of her arms before he kisses her. She gasps as he pulls her against him whilst kissing her. When he pulls away a few minutes later she was blushing and looked quite young and innocent. “You look so innocent” He teases to which she blushes more a she rests her head on his shoulder not wanting to move. Fenix smiles and asks “Still wish to leave Carla love?”. She looks up at him and says “No...Im sorry i said that, i let my temper get the better of me”. He nods replying “it’s fine; we can’t control our temper all the time”. She nods as the door to the bedroom opens again and a young man walked into the room, Carla recognised him as her long lost brother Sameul.

“Sameul?” She asks looking at him closely. “Yes sister, it’s me” Sameul replies smilling. Carla lets out a small eek of happiness as she slips from Fenix’s arms to tackle hug Sameul. Sameul laughs and hugs his sister back saying “So what has my little sister been up to?”. She pouts and complains “Im not little!". Sameul laughs saying “You know what i mean”. She just laughs and replies “Unfortunately yes i do, and not much – just finding that human males are unworthy to be loved” as she sighs. “And Fenix is worthy in your eyes?” Sameul asks. Carla nods happily as she gets up and helps her brother to his feet before she allows Fenix to wrap his arms around her. “Ok than, as long as you happy” He says to Carla before he looks to Fenix and says “Hurt her and i’ll hunt you to the end’s of this earth Fenix”. Fenix nods “I know Sameul”. Sameul give him and looks and replies “Good” before he leaves the room. Carla looks at Fenix and says “Sorry about my brother – he’s...well...over protective”. Fenix nods “It’s ok, fully understandable actually – you two have been separated for a long time haven’t you” Fenix replies to which Carla nods as something crashing onto the floor can be heard. Carla goes to check it out but Fenix grabs hold of her and says “Sorry love but no one, not even your brother is going to have any chance to ruin my plans”. She looks shocked before she shouts “Your plans...YOUR USING ME!” as she breaks free and two blood red wings expand from her back as she glares at Fenix. “You’re a blood angel?!?” Fenix says falling backwards. “Thought i was a powered human did you?” She replies laughing as she holds her hand out and starts drawing the oxygen from Fenix’s blood her eyes a dark crimson in colour.

Sameul bursts into the room with a wound to his head but grabs Carla to stop her removing the oxygen from Fenix’s blood as he says “Dont do it sis, he’s not worth it – let’s just run! He won’t be able to find us!”. Fenix looks at them “I’ll find you one day” He mutters from the floor before he passes out and Carla nods to Sameul and says “Let’s go”. Sameul nods and runs with Carla away from Fenix and into the woods where they hide inside a cave. Sameul was sitting with his back against the farthest cold stone wall of the cave with his leg’s stretched out and a hand resting on Carla’s head as Carla lay with her body curled into a ball and her head resting on Sameul’s lap as she fell asleep - she felt safe with her brother.

Kim walks into the cave and says “Sameul, where have you been all these years?”.He sighs and replies "Trying to stop a conspiracy that my sister just walked straight into, Engandgering both of us". “She has...well a habit of doing that now days, unfortunately” She replies looking at the sleeping Carla. Sameul nods nods and whispers “Thank you for looking after her all these years Kim, you’re like a sister to her – and to me”. She shrugs“It’s nothing...i mean, i just did what you would have done – and Carla’s actually saved me once” She replies as Carla smiles in her sleep. Sameul looks up at Kim and says “How can someone like Carla be so fragile and so dark at the same time? It doesn’t make sense! She gets hurt so easily yet she has so much darkness in her that could...explode at any minute...I just want to protect her from killing herself and everyone around her”. She looks at Sameul and starts “Sameul you worry too much. It hasn’t come out in...” for Sameul to interrupt saying “It came out earlier...When they tried to kill me, she turned into her blood angel self...started taking the oxygen from his blood, looked like she was gonna kill him – got pretty close to killing him to”. Kim sighs answering “We just gotta keep her away from fights, don’t let her get into any arguments or anything – we keep her away from conflict the better chance we have of keeping the darkness at bay”.

Carla stirs and opens her eyes slightly and looks at Kim “Hey” Carla says smilling like she’d forgotten that she’d nearly killed someone – she did that buried the memories, made herself forget that she’d lost was her defence mechanism, it was her way of staying in control and hiding the monster and killer inside of her – the thing that threatened to take control every single day of Carla’s life. “Hey, sleep well?” It was Sameul who asked as Kim looks at Carla ever so slightly worried for her. Carla nods and asks Kim “Are you angry with me Kim?”. Kim shakes her head whispering “No...However crazy and insane you are and whatever mistakes you make...i couldn’t ever be truly angry at you Carla”. Carla slowly gets to her feet and hugs Kim, who looks shocked but hugs Carla back.

A few minutes later Sameul puts a hand on Carla and pulls her away from Kim and breaking the hug saying “Dont kill Kim by hugging her will you Carla?”. Carla looks at Sameul and nods before she turns her head to the door and whispers “There’s someone out there Sameul...”. Sameul looks at Kim saying “Keep her here Kim”. Kim nods and takes Carla into the shadows and keeps her there as Sameul walks towards the entrance of the cave to investigate. Sameul steps outside into the dimming daylight and looks around as he hears a noise to his right and turns to look for the creator of the sound, just as he did this he was tackled from behind and the tackler held a blade to the back of his throat "Where is the girl?" He asks. “What girl” Sameul said acting as if he knew nothing. “Carla!” The male shouts pressing the blade further into the back of Sameul’s throat. “What do you want with her?” Sameul questions – he wasn’t about to let this unknown attacker know Carla’s location if he wished to hurt Carla like Fenix did.

“Im here to protect a friend from her childhood – i don’t want to see her hurt” The male says. “Prove it by getting off me and letting me see your face” Sameul says and was surprised to feel the male get off him. Sameul stands up and turns to see a tall male that was the same age as Clara, had pale skin, blue eyes and dirty blonde hair. “Markus? I thought you were dead – we all did” Sameul says looking at Markus shocked. “That’s what we all thought about you Sameul” Markus replies “Now can i know where Clara is?”. He whispers "In the cave - hiding with kim" He had whispered it so that if anyone was hiding nearby they wouldnt hear Carla's location. Markus nods and walks into the cave with Sameul. As soon as Markus walks into the cave Clara steps out “Markus?” She whispers as she looks at him, she had thought him dead as well. Markus nods “Yes Clara, it’s me”. Clara smiles and runs tackle hugging him “I thought you were gone for good!”
“It seems a lot of people thought that” Markus replies as he hugs Clara back. Carla laughs as she rests her head onto his chest saying “Tell my mother and tell my father, I've done the best I can”. Markus asks “What? Carla...what are you talking about?” Kim and Sameul look at each other wondering what the hell Carla was on about just as she gently kisses Markus on the lips and says “Im sorry...”.

She than gets up and her wings spread out her back as she disappears in a swirl of shadows. Once the shadows have disappeared there is just air in the space where Clara had stood. “We have to stop her” It was Kim who spoke – she didnt want to let Clara give in without a fight. Markus and Sameul shake their heads “No...We have to let Clara do this for herself, she’ll either both survive and win – or she won’t either way we have to except that this is what she has to do”. Kim looks annoyed but says nothing as Markus wanders to the back of the cave and sits himself down pulling his knees to his chest – he didnt want to let Clara go either, because he’d just found her again and he’d never plucked up the courage to tell her exactly how he felt about her and this upset him and made him feel bad.

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