Graceful Grace

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Grace a 16 yearold girl with a adult attitude. Not only is she moved from her home state wile she is dealing with the death of her father, but is helping her mother with her younger brother Bently. Even though she loves her family her only happiness is with her horse Ollie. Who is a 6 year old thourobred of the race track.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Graceful Grace

Submitted: April 10, 2010

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Submitted: April 10, 2010



I dont know were to start in my story. I am 16.My name is Grace. I am shorst brown hair and brownish green eyes. Ya, I know its weird. I dont have a "normal color" eyes.  I just moved from Colorado to Texas and miss my home town Pueblo. I am geting use to living in a diferent state with different poeple. Luckly  Timan, Texas is country like Pueblo. I dont think i could live a city or even a small town. I have to live in the country were there is nothing but land and a small high school.Theres one more thing you should know about me , I am sick, my sickness controls my entire life. I am sick with horse crazyness.

"Grace, did you hear me" my mother said wakeing me up from my day dream of horses. Mom was standing in the hall way with my little brother Bently on her hip. He just turned three befor we left Colorado.

"No sorry mom what were you saying" I said jumping down from the kichen counter top. That was the only place i had to sit. We left everything in Colorado.

"I said you have to drop Bently off at day care, I am running late and have a interveiw today." She said handing him to me.

"Grace! I am going to school with you?" Bently said.

"Hold on Bently? Mom, I cant I still have to get ready for school and feed my horse." I said puting Bently down as i ran for her.

"Thats to bad Grace." My mom said shuting the door behind her.

I stood for a moment . I guess Bently will just have to go along for the ride.

"Fallow me Ben. Grace has things to go." I was already dressed. My teeth were brushed I just had to do my hair and head out to my horse. I found a hair brush and untangled all my knots. I grabed my favorit head band and pushed my hair back. I grabed my keys my back pack slept my boots on and grabed Bently who thanks to my mother was already dressed with his backpack on.

"Grace you going to day care too?" Ben asked as i put him in his car seat.

"No i am going to drop you off and go to my school" I said jumping in my old beat up truck.

I drove around to my horse and jumped out almost falling on my face.

"Ben you stay in there ok" I yelled back almost half way to my horse's stall.

"Ok Grace Ben stay right here" I could hear him making wushing sounds with his toy airplane.

"Its good to see you Ollie" I said stroking my horse. Like always he nickered. It was a low soft nicker. Almost like a kiss. I tossed the hay and grain in his bucket and filled his water trofted with fresh water.

"That will last ya till i get home. Dont go anywere."

I ran back to the truck. I looked at the time. Well Ben wasnt late but i sure would be if i didnt get going

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