2008- A True Story of Teen Love

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Chapter 2 (v.1) - Coming Along

Submitted: July 23, 2009

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Submitted: July 23, 2009



While I was listening to Stephanie whine about how much she wanted to leave, my mind was 100% preoccupied with this girl she was so bold and strong and absolutely flawless. I talked with the girl in the white beater and she introduced herself as Autumn, a pretty name but it didn't suit her well.I turned around intoduced myself.

"Hey, I'm Emily!", I said ,with this special twinkle, that lit the unnamed-ghetto girl's eyes!

She looked so unhappy but yet some how satisfied with the fact that she was there. It was confusing to say the least but I was sure to figure it out! Autumn was upset at the how cold she was and Britteny, with a quite self confidence that made my heart thump, brushed her off. She seemed almost distracted by something else. I couldn't stand the complaining anymore from the girl with an unfitting name and gave her my sweatshirt... but not without thoroughly thinking it through. The plan was to give Autumn my sweatshirt, because I knew I would get to see Britteny if I wanted it back. So I gave it to Autumn and made a point of picking out how back of a girlfriend Britteny was for her, because I was willing to give her my sweatshirt and she wasn't. I think that we totaled that I called Britteny, "an asshole", about nine times that night. Of couse it was mostly in a joking manner and to get her attention I wanted her, but not to close.

I gave Autumn my sweatshirt and she was happy, Britteny was a little upset but I know that she liked the silence. Stephanie on the other hand was still complaining it was too cold and she was tired, she wanted to go home and this game was boring. I gave in. My mind was maintaining the silence and my heart was set on that girl. She was quite and refined but somehow she was drawing me in. It was too much for me to handle it was time to leave before I asked her out right then and there.

"Okay, Stephanie, let's go", I said with a sigh.

"It was great meeting you guys!", I smiled brightly as I turned to Britteny.

Autumn asked to exchange numbers and I gave her mine, I looked at Britteny and asked for hers, she looked so depressed as she admitted to getting into trouble and that her mom had her phone. I sighed maybe my plan to get my sweatshirt back wouldn't work- I was going to make it work!

Stephanie and I left and she was mad!

"Since when do you give random girls your sweatshirt?", she questioned, accusingly.

"She was cold Stephanie, what should I have done, let her freeze", I smiled to myself... it was going to work, I had to see her again!

I could feel it that was the last great night Stephanie and I would share together and the first great night of a long time with Britteny- I hoped.

That whole next week I did what I could to talk with Britteny, we had the same lunch and I knew it... but because of where Stephanie liked to sit I barely got the chance to see her. It was like an addiction, even time I saw her was a high, and extreme high. And when I couldn't see her I was craving her and Stephanie wasn't stupid she knew what was up!

It was two weeks after we first met at Xavier, there was a game that next time and I wanted her- Britteny there! I called some people, four people, to be exact. I called asking if they had someone elses number so that I could get ahold of Britteny... finally Jessica, a lifesaver she had Britteny's mom's phone number- SCORE!

"Hello, is Britteny there?", I questioned the women on the other end, man did she sound grumpy...

"Who is this?" , she questioned back

"Emily!", I said cheerfully and I heard yelling in the background. Uh oh I thought.

"Britteny- It's for you", the women said.

"Hello?" Britteny answered

"Hey, it's me- Emily! What's going on over there? Your mom doesn't sound very happy is it too late to talk?"

We only talked for about 20 minutes but that was one of the most amazing 20 minutes of my life we mainly talked about the football game that was on and why I heard yelling- Britteny explained it was her stepdad watching the Cowboys and I told her my dad was watching too. I was excited because I knew about football... well mostly just what teams had what colors and what was on their helmets but I know Britteny was impressed.

That next week was Homecoming and things for Stephanie and me, honestly couldn't have been worse. Friday I got out of school early because I didn't have a last period, the plan for the night was to go home get my hair curled, straighten Jordan's and straighten Kailey's. I left school early to go do my hair but left my curling iron at school so I went back to get it and got caught in the after school traffic on my way out. This wasn't a good start as I was leaving Stephanie called and asked how my hair looked... I explained what happened and she was furious.

"Your hair was supposed to be done by now", she screamed.

Oh gosh here we go, I waited until she was finished told her I was on my way home and hung up. She was mad no doubt but all I could think about was if I would get a chance to dance that night with Britteny. I got home and Jordan showed up just as i got there, I got her hair done and Stephanie called, again! I told her if she just left me alone and we didn't spend so much time yelling at each other that I could make it to dinner on time- of course not the attempt to get ready failed she stayed on... Kailey showed up late- she had physical therapy for her knee. It was her first homecoming and it was going to be awful. So while I curled my hair Jordan straighted Kailey's. At this point we were going to be late to dinner not matter what- just great!

Michael showed up- he was going with Jordan, and we took pictures in the yard. I was supposed to got Stephanie's get pictures with her and drive her to dinner... but i was too late she was already at dinner with the rest of our group. We stopped by Jordan's to get pictures and we were off to dinner. We were 45 minutes late- my fault of course 100%. Stephanie ate dinner with group that was on time and Jordan, Michael, Kailey and I ate the table behind them.

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