You and Me in a Diary (girlxgirl)

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Mistaken life. Mistaken death. But fate makes no mistakes. A rather fortunate meeting between two girls and their diaries. How will fate change their lives?

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Prologue

Submitted: August 04, 2014

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Submitted: August 04, 2014






She batted her eyelashes as soon as she was done putting on the mascara. The mirror could easily tell that she was satisfied with her work, even though it’s just fake eyelashes. She paused and looked at her reflection again, like searching for a mistake. Short, pink hair, check. Make-up, check. Violet lipstick, check. Mascara- oh hell no. Oh hell yes, she thought. She’s in an endless world of mistakes, while swarming in endless mistakes of people. While examining her reflection, she saw a little dark smudge just under her right eye, and without turning away from the mirror, she grabbed the concealer from the black kit with her right hand.

“Oh shoot…” she murmured.

The small tube of concealer is already out of meat.

“Hey, uhm,” she said to the blonde-haired girl wearing a silky golden robe beside her, “do you have an extra tube of concealer? I promise I’ll pay you back…”


Deep, green eyes, striking hawk-like nose, and deep-red lips met those of smoky, deep brown eyes, aquiline nose and violet lips. The blonde girl turned to the pink-haired one, and gave her what she needed.


The pink-haired girl took the concealer and pinched a pea-size amount on her index finger.

“Ladies, to your stations please,”

A male voice interrupted them, trying to sound a little festive.

“Let’s give them a show, shall we?”

The atmosphere in the changing room has slowly begun to liven up, more like crowding up. The pink-haired girl is still on the mirror, putting on the concealer.

“You said you ‘promised’ to pay me for that right?”

The blonde-haired girl pointed to the concealer the pink-haired girl was holding and stood up. The blonde pulled the knot in her robe and placed the whole garment in the chair she was sitting on. The pink-haired one paid no attention, but on her hair.

The changing room is starting to loosen up; some of the girls were on their pair of bras and panties, marching towards on the only door.

“Well,” the blonde placed her mouth near the pink-hair’s ear, “I think you can start paying me later…” hot, flirty breathe sent shivers down pink-hair’s spine. The blonde walked towards the door, carrying her golden silky pair of panties and bra. The pink-haired girl just paused, wide-eye into the mirror and turned to look at the blonde. But she had already got out.




K.S.’s Diary


Dear Diary,

I don’t know if I can go back to school tomorrow. I felt like suffocating. The club’s pay isn’t enough to pay off the apartment’s rent. But mom’s going to kill me if I can’t hand her any money. I sure do hope there are stars tonight. I could really use some shooting stars for a lot of wishes.




It’s closing time for the strip club. Bouncers are escorting the drunken people out, bar tenders are attending the counters, and waiters attending to the tables. The pink-haired girl was one of them too.

“Hey Pinky,” a bar tender called the pink-haired girl’s attention, “step it up a notch. We’re closing early…”

“Uhm, okay…”

The pink-hair’s thoughts were interrupted by the bar tender’s voice. He must have noticed how she was wiping the same table for five minutes while having a distant stare.

“Oh come on Murr, just give her a break.” The blonde-haired girl slung her arm over the bald guy’s shoulder. Murr felt annoyed at first but then she gave him a puppy eye look.

The blonde girl tapped Murr’s bald head and whispered into his ear, “Tell you what: Why don’t I take her out of here right now so that she wouldn’t be a sore for your eyes?” She then slipped a hundred-dollar bill on his front pocket.

“Oi, Pinky. You’re dismissed.” Murr called out on the pink-haired girl and went to the back of the counter.

The blonde girl turned and smiled at the pink-haired one and said, “You heard him. Now go.”




“Brrr… It’s a cold night don’t you think?” the blonde turned her head to the pink-haired girl.

They were a couple of blocks away from the strip club. Streetlights cover the sidewalk, illuminating the whole place. Dumpsters on one side, alleyways on the other. The cold, gentle wind blew again another breeze. The blonde and the pink-haired girl both clutched to their jackets as they tread the lighted path.

“Yeah… Uhm, about the concealer, I’ll pay you soon as I have the money…” the pink-haired girl turned to look at the blonde’s direction. The blonde cupped the pink’s face and slowly pulled her face closer. Green eyes meet deep brown, and deep-red lips tasted violet ones.

“You can pay me back right now…” the blonde’s hands were on the pink’s waist, holding her closer while examining the pink’s face.

“Uhm, I uhm… I-I h-have t-to go.” the pink’s face was turning red, and broke away from the blonde. Pink-haired girl walked away from the blonde, clutching her jacket close to her.

“Sorry… I still have class tomorrow...”



To readers: Hey there humans!!! Let me welcome you to my first story posted online :)

Actually just a prologue for now... I'm still on the verge of continuing this or not but if I do make up my mind, maybe i can post the whole thing... (MAYBE)

Anyway, comments will be very much appreciated from you guys... Stories live from the readers' insights... Peace out!!! \\m/

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