Love and Crime in Rome

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Chapter 5 (v.1)

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Submitted: September 10, 2014



Evangeline sorted through her things that night before bed. She hadn’t accumulated many possessions since she came. Except for her book collection, everything she couldn’t bear to leave behind fit neatly into her backpack. She looked at her bookshelves and tried to decide what to add to her pack. She finally decided on ten of her favourite books. She hated being anywhere without a good book. 

One time, as the lone single girl on a camping trip with two couples, she had read all of The Handmaid’s Tale before everyone had climbed out of their tents for breakfast. She never went anywhere without a book in her bag, and read about three a week.  She was the only person she knew who enjoyed long waits at the doctor’s office.


George was due at the house about nine o’clock that morning, but Evangeline wanted to get her paycheque before she left. Vitali had been agreeable when she called to request the time off and he hadn’t given her a hard time about it. He was happy to hear that she’d broken things off with their new customer.

She woke and dressed before the other girls were up, and walked quickly to the tailor’s shop; starting to sweat in her colourful maxi skirt and white and blue embroidered blouse. Her paycheque wasn't on the desk in the back room so she decided to wait for her boss to come in. She checked her watch. She still had some time.

An hour later, he had still not appeared.  She was just locking the front door of the shop when something hit the window beside her. She flinched at the boom as the safety glass in the front windows cracking into a million webs but stayed in place.

“Those were worth the investment,” she thought stupidly, and looked around to see what had made the glass shatter. She saw two dark-haired, burly guys in cheap ugly suits exit a black car on the sidewalk and walk quickly towards her.

“I’m sorry, we’re closed today. Please come back –“ She started to say as they pushed their way into the entrance.

“I said, we’re closed!” Evangeline pointed to the sign next to her showing their business hours as the man painfully grabbed her shoulder and marched her out the door. The other man helped the first drag her out onto the sidewalk and thrust her into the back of the car before she could get out another sentence. The car sped away with her inside it.

Evangeline looked behind her to see the shop disappearing rapidly from view. No one on the street seemed to have noticed what happened and she was afraid.

“What are you doing? Let me out of here. Who are you?” she spluttered, but the two big men beside her were engaged in an argument of their own in angry Russian that she didn’t understand.

A blond man with a thin face and silly goatee sat in the front seat, wearing a tacky but expensive vivid pink shirt and tie. He leaned over from the front seat to end the argument.

“You two jackasses need to calm the fuck down,” he said in Russian-accented English. “Did I tell you to fucking shoot her? I didn’t want her dead,” He smiled at Evangeline, showing very white, even teeth, and then turned back to the man sitting on her right side. “You’re lucky that you are a fucking terrible shot.” he laughed unpleasantly.

“I’m sorry, I don’t understand. Where are we going? I don’t know what is going on?” she addressed herself to the pink shirt man. He seemed to be in charge of the others.

He smiled at her and she didn’t like it one bit. “We’re going on a short trip. Don’t worry!” He wagged his finger at her. “We’ll be there soon.” He said, and then turned back around.

Evangeline didn’t know what to say. She focused on the view out of the car windows, trying to guess where they were headed. She wished that her cell phone was in her pocket instead of in her bag back at the shop. How would Erin and Pam know where she was? Her stomach twisted uncomfortably and she hoped she didn’t have to go to the bathroom.

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