Chapter 2: New Friends.

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Young Adult  |  House: Booksie Classic

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Chapter two

I managed to stumble into my very first class of the year late. I don’t know how but I was almost always late for everything. No matter how hard I tried to be early or on time it never seemed to work out. It was weird but this time it probably had something to do with me not being able to find the room I was supposed to be in. Damn big schools with their many levels and rooms.

When I finally found the room I realized the teacher had already begun the lesson. I breathed out a frustrated gust of air and opened the door. The whole class looked at me as well as the teacher. I could feel my cheeks getting redder by the second.

“Hi, sorry I’m late but I’m new. My name is Hayley Freeman.” I said to the middle aged woman who was teaching the class. Once she found out I was new she smiled at me.

“Welcome Hayley. I’m sure you didn’t mean to be late just don’t make it a regular thing okay?” She said to me in a happy yet stern tone. I nodded. “Please, take a seat and we can get on with the lesson.” She said with a smile. I looked for an empty seat and saw one familiar face. It was Ryan who had helped me with my locker. He smiled at me but the seats next to him were taken by a skinny girl with platinum blonde, dead straight hair and a face that I could practically wipe off with a Kleenex. Yeah her make-up was that bad. And there was a guy on the other side with dirty blonde hair that was a little lengthy and rather messy, brushed over to the side. He had an incredibly bored look on his tanned face; his eyes almost shut hiding his bright blue sapphire eyes. I guess chemistry could do that to some people. I knew I wasn’t absolutely enthralled by the idea of long confusing formulas and all these different chemicals I was supposed to know.

I found a seat next to a mousy looking girl by the window. She wasn’t actually paying any attention to the teacher but instead was gazing absent-mindedly out of the window, her light brown hair cascading over her slender shoulders in waves and her grey eyes kind of glazed over behind her glasses like she was deep in thought. I pulled out the vacant chair beside her and as I did the legs made an awkward screeching noise against the linoleum floor. The girl was abruptly pulled from her daydream when she heard me and smiled at me. I smiled back.

“Hey.” I said to her in a whispered voice as to not interrupt the lesson a second time.

“Hey.” She replied just as quietly.

“I’m Hayley.” I said, introducing myself.

“I’m Makayla. It’s nice to meet you Hayley.” She said with a smile.

“Yeah, it’s nice to meet you too Makayla.” I replied with a smile in return. Makayla seemed like a sincerely nice person. A person I would like to be friends with. I decided to talk with her after class in an attempt to make friends but for now I had chemistry to try and absorb.

As soon as the bell rang everyone packed up their things as quick as they could to get to lunch. Most of them raced at the door, only a few stragglers were left including me and Makayla.

“So, have you made any friends yet?” She asked me on our way out of the room but before I could answer I felt a strong arm around my shoulders.

“She has now.” They said with cocky, male voice. I looked up to see that it was the guy who was sitting next to Ryan in class, the one with the sapphire blue eyes that were cow gleaming with mischief.

“Umm… Do I know you?” I said to him. He raised an eye brow at me and smirked.

“The name is Jarrod, Jarrod Hunter.” He said in an extremely cocky tone. “And you’re Hayley right? The new girl?”

“Yeah…” I replied, not sure what to say as he still had his arm slung around me. He was making it incredibly obvious that his chatting up skills needed some working on, beginning with his subtlety.

“Jarrod, stop scary the new girl.” Ryan laughed, walking up on the other side of me. I was less than thrilled to know that I was now known as ‘the new girl’.

“Shut up, I’m not scaring her. I’m being friendly.” Jarrod replied.

“Uh huh. How about we ask Hayley then, hmm? Is he scary you Hayley?” He asked, turning back to face me. I laughed.

“No. Not scared.” I said and wiggled my way out of Jarrod’s hold. “And it’s nice to meet you Jarrod. If you wanted to be friends, you could have just asked you know. Or were you too worried that I might object?” I asked him mockingly and smirked right back at him.

“Oh please. Worried? Pfft. I knew you were just dying to get my attention.” He said and folded his arms across his firm chest in protest. I chuckled at him.

“Is he always like this?” I asked Ryan who was sniggering beside me. He nodded.

“Pretty much. You get used to it though.” He said humorously, his dark brown hair flopping into his chocolate brown eyes.

“Damn. You boys just can’t help yourselves can you? What, is she like your new victim?” Said a girl as she approached us in the hall. She had perfect blonde wavy hair and a perfect summer tan with a smile plastered on her flawless face. She held out her hand.

“Hey, I’m Kimberly.” She said to me enthusiastically.

“Hey Kimberly, I’m Hayley.” I said with a smile.

“I see you’ve already met Makayla, Jarrod and Ryan. If I were you I would stay away from these two.” She said jokingly as she pointed to Ryan and Jarrod. They faked offense at her and laughed. “Makayla is definitely a keeper though.” She went on and smiled at Makayla who smiled back timidly.

“Ha, well I’ll keep that in mind.” I said to her and chuckled.

“If you don’t have any plans for lunch, you’re welcome to sit with me.” Kimberly said in a friendly tone. She was different from the blonde bimbos back at my old school. You could definitely tell that she was popular, naturally, but she wasn’t stuck up about it. If this was any other blonde girl then they wouldn’t have looked twice at me.

I nodded with a smile then looked over at Makayla.

“I have somewhere I need to be. It was nice meeting you Hayley. See ya Kimberly.” She said with a wave and made her way outside.

“Looks like I’ll be having lunch with you guys then.” I said to Kimberly. She grinned and linked her arm with mine.

“Boys, don’t you need to be somewhere. Shouldn’t you have detention or something, the usual?” She said sarcastically in an exasperated tone looking over her shoulder at them.

“Oh yeah! Thanks for reminding me. I better go and see Miss Fulcher right now or she’ll be off her nut.” Jarrod said with wide eyes. I just knew he would be the bad boy type. Ryan chuckled and shook his head.

“No detention for you Ryan?” I said to him.

“Nah, I like to stay out of trouble.” He said with a crooked smile. Kimberly rolled her eyes.

“Oh please.” She said, emphasising the please. “Only last weekend you were almost arrested at Jocelyn’s party after you smashed her neighbour’s window while you were drunk out of your mind. I wouldn’t exactly call that staying out of trouble.” She said rolling her eyes. Ryan groaned.

“Don’t bring that up again, I was having a bad day okay?” He said and ran his fingers through his hair.

“Mhmm, sure. Anyway, Hayley and I have a lunch date with the girls.”

“Oh, watch out Hayley. Those girls Kimberly hangs with can be vicious.” He said with a smirk. “Don’t expect me to join you guys for lunch. Savannah is just too much for me right now. Anyway, good luck Hayley.” He said and winked as he walked outside with his skateboard under his arm.

“So, I see those two have taken a liking to you already.” Kimberly said with a grin on her face. I laughed and rolled my eyes.

“They’re all the same right, always on the prowl for fresh meat.” I replied.  Kimberly nodded and gave a depressed sigh.

“It’s too bad. It’s so hard to find a decent guy these days.” She said.

“Yeah, I know what you mean.”

Kimberly lead me through the school until we reached a large courtyard where there were a few tables placed around with various different people sitting and eating their lunch. We made our way to a table of girls chattering away busily and greeted Kimberly as we approached.

“Hey guys!” She said in an over-enthusiastic voice, “This is Hayley. She is new and I invited her to sit with us today!” She exclaimed to the group. I gave them a small wave. “Hayley this is Jordan, Kelsie, Deanna, Kate and Savannah.”

Jordan had dark hair, almost black and was very long and wavy with an olive complexion. Kelsie had blonde ringlets of hair that fell just below her shoulders and amazing green eyes as did Deanna but she had fiery red hair that was perfectly straight. I remembered seeing Kate in Chemistry earlier that day. She was the girl sitting beside Ryan with loads of make-up but now that I saw these girls I guess they all had stacks of make-up on. Then there was Savannah. I remembered Ryan mentioning something about her. She looked at me with some kind of authority or superiority. I’m not sure what it was but something about her just didn’t sit well with me. Maybe it was her Perfect, long blonde hair. Maybe it was her abnormally blue icy eyes surrounded by thick, long lashes. Maybe it was the fact that she had perfectly straight white teeth and a perfect body or maybe it was that just everything about her was just too perfect. I could feel her looking me over, deciding whether or not I was ‘worthy’ enough to sit with them. I played nervously with the hem of my skirt and gave them all a sheepish smile, trying to look confident on the outside even if I didn’t feel it at all on the inside.

Submitted: October 22, 2011

© Copyright 2022 HeartOfSunshine. All rights reserved.


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this is good, again. so intruiged, and what is wrong with Savannah?

Sat, October 22nd, 2011 4:50pm


hummmmm... i wonder whats Savannah's problem....

Mon, October 24th, 2011 7:19pm

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