A War You Want Is A war You Get: Chapter 1:

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Chapter 2 (v.1) - A War You Want Is A war You Get: Chapter 2:

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The room filled with tension as Will stormed out muttering curse words. "Well," Austin said letting out a ragged breath," That was interesting.

"We need a plan. We can't just sit here like sitting ducks just waiting to get caught. Will's leaving for good, and we can't let anyone find us. Especially you two," Tyler said pointing at me and Austin, andwent to get an ice pack for my face. When she returned, Cort and Austin were arguing about something. She ignored them as she gave me the ice. "You're going to have a bruise, but other than that, it should be just fine.

I thanked her and went to sit back down next to Sofia. In the back of my head, I could still hear Cort, Austin, and now Tyler yelling at each other, but my focus was no where near them. I should be the one to leave. Not Will. He wasn't the one breaking the number one rule around here, I was. They don't need to separate just because I made a mistake. I don't even know where they got that picture. Then my mind wondered to the worst possible thought. What if they all blame me for what's going on! Panic surged through me at the thought of everyone leaving me. I would never show it, but I was really freaking out.

"We don't blame you, Shay, and were not going anywhere," Tyler said turning her back from the guys. The guys stopped talking and the room became quiet.

"Yeah," Cort chimed in, "we're all a family now No one's going anywhere." He said sitting down next to Tyler.

"Except Will," Sofia said. We all looked at her surprise that she had followed all of that while playing with her bear. "Will is leaving, but it's for the best." She was so young, yet she knew more than most of us in that room.

Yes, it's for the best," Cort said slowly, and them more confident, "It's one against four, five if you count Sofia. He doesn't stand a chance." Austin didn't day anything, but he can and sat down close to me. Putting his arm around me, he pulled me towards him. My face buried between his neck and shoulder.

"We will never leave you Shay. No matter what happens." He sounded so sure that I nodded into him. "Will is just an ass hole," he continued. "We should just forget about him. Okay? He means nothing to us now."

I froze at what he was saying. Forget about him? Is that even possible?! I pulled away from him and stood up. "It's not the same," I said as Austin stood up too. "Nothing is going to go back to the way things were. All of this shit, has never happened." My voice getting louder. "All the ten years we've known each other is now over. Will was family, and now he's just going to turn his back on us. Just like that in a flick of a figure." I paused and looked at Tyler. She nodded and stood up. "I have to talk to Will."

I moved towards the door. "What about he did to your face?" Cort asked sounding sour.

"What about it?" I asked challenging him. " He probably didn't mean anything to it." I tried explaining to him.

"Yeah whatever, just let me come with you just incase he tries anything stupid," Cort said.

"I'm coming too," Tyler chimed in. I looked at Austin ready for him to say he was going to come too. All he had was nod his head for me to understand what he was thinking, and I can't even read minds. Tyler stood up and went over to Sofia. She took her hand, and took hod of Sofia's hand saying, "Come on Sofia, time for bed." To us she whispered, "Wait till I get back before you guys do anything." With that Tyler and Sofia made their way out of the room.

As they exited, Sofia asked, "Why am I going to bed? It's day time!" Tyler's answer faded the farther they went. Cort, Austin, and I were all standing there awkwardly. Before I could try and think of something to say, Cort said, "Well, I'm going to go start to pack considering we're going to be leaving soon." He backed out of the room, but before he left completely, he popped his head back through the door and asked, "So, where are we going?" He looked at Austin for the answer.

"I don't know yet, Cort. Let me talk with Shay about it, and I'll get back to you later," Austin replied, and then it was just me and him standing arm length apart. "I was thinking of the Western Forest. It's a good place for food and water." I looked at him confused. "What?"

"You- You still want me as your second in command after all of that shit? Why not Cort or Tyler? They sound like the better choice."

"Nah, I think you're just fine. You know how to keep everyone under control when I'm gone. Besides, remember the last time I left Cort in charge?" Cort had destroyed half of the theater. He left bricks and blown out walls everywhere leaving nothing undamaged. Now, we're living in the horrible part of the theater because of him.

"Yes, I remember," I said as a smile started to form on my face.

"You also know how to keep your emotions under control." He took a step closer to me. My heart skipping a beat as he stood nota foot away. I looked into his dark green eyes, so full of hatred, yet they can be so kind.

"Not always," I tried to sound cool, but I could even hear the squeak in my voice. I took a step back from Austin. "So the Western Forest. That sounds good. Plenty of food sources and water," I said trying to change the subject.

"Yup," Austin said crossing his arms over his chest. "The only problem is getting there..."

"No," I replied quickly, "The problem will be getting Will to come with us."

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