Strike: The Beginning

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They came in peace, they came to save us from our own destruction. They were angels that came to relieve us of the burden of our world that was slowly falling.Everything was going well, until the first Strike.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Strike: The Beginning

Submitted: February 27, 2012

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Submitted: February 27, 2012



Chapter One

It’s been three years since the first ship came. At first, they came in hundreds, til they earned our trust......until we learned to accept them. Then they came by the thousands. Had we not been blinded by ignorance and the hunger for opportunity, maybe we would have seen the signs earlier.

But it’s just as Liela says, “The human species had the potential to be great if it had not been for their flaws of being afflicted with petty emotions. They seek power, money, useless things that eventually would have led to there own downfall and destruction.” While her thinking was logical, I never understood it to the fullest. She did have man good points though.

Man fought wars for many reasons, but in the end, it would be for his own best interests; whatever those may be. If Earthlings had seen the error of their system of living, then maybe it would not have come to this point.

When I was younger, every Saturday night we would watch movies of green creatures in tin foil-like suits or bloodthirsty beings that slaughtered men as if he were an animal. So when the ship opened, I think every country around the world was stunned to see these creatures look the way they did.

Like us.

They spoke our languages, along with their own. They walked as we did. And they did not come to Earth processing great weapons of mass destruction. They came in peace.

The first to step off the ship was Ambassador Virix Catcher. Her hair was jet black, longer than I had ever seen and woven into a braid-like rope that swung below her hips. Her eyes were a silver metallic color and sparkled in the bright sunlight of our planet. She explained that she was of a race called Nachtians, and had brought her people here to learn and study the inhabitants of the planet Earth.

“We have come here to not only learn ourselves, but to educate you, if you’ll accept our assistance.” Her words were stern, yet kind. She had spoken with the voice of someone who holds power, but has the ability to comprehend compassion.

The United Nations agreed to allow these aliens to seek what they wanted here, and to allow anyone whom was willing, to have contact with the Nachtians.

At first, many were hesitant to interaction, even I was cautious when walking by one of the creatures while on the street. They looked like humans. Appeared to function as humans did. But they were different. They were foreign here. And not everyone was willing to accept their presence on our planet. Those who opposed the teachings and the changes became known as Strikers. My father was one of them.

He slammed his fists down on the table one morning, “These demons are going to put me out of business, god damn it!” His face was red with rage. My mother washed the dishes in silence. “Marie, their teaching people how to grow crops without sunlight, how to avoid pesticides, how to grow their own food!” He threw off his boots and sat down. He’d been a farmer for nearly all his life and our family owned a market down the road.

A few months later, they showed us how, when heated, an enzyme commonly found in salt water could be used in place of gasoline. Soon all fuel companies were closed, making gasoline obsolete. It was cleaner, more efficient, and in abundance.

On one hand, they were invaders seeking to take advantage of us and impose their ways on our inferior minds. On the other hand, they were angels, messengers of God sent to save us from our world that was crumbling beneath our own feet.

I still am unsure of how I felt at the time. Everything was fine for about a year. Until one day, when a series of events would take place, that would change the future of Earth forever.

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