Do You Think I'm Beautiful?

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Sam and Dean Winchester look into a case about an old Japanese yokai known as Kuchisake-onna. With barely any leads and only a sheet of paper with a phone number for an unknown girl named Hell what will they do as the bodies continue building up.
A follow up to my short story Kuchisake-onna.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Chapter One

Submitted: February 28, 2013

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Submitted: February 28, 2013



Sam was flicking through the files of their latest case trying to find any leads or clues that could help them identify the creature they were looking for, Dean was devouring his meal like a starved animal whilst looking around the small diner, taking in the tacky décor.
The diner was small but cosy, just the right kind of atmosphere you’d expect considering the size of the town the establishment was based in. The layout was no different from most of the others that the Winchesters had eaten in; there was the typical front counter that held the tills but could also be used as a table, its wood was painted a vibrant green and looking smooth to the touch. In front of the counter were stools for the customers to perch on, their backs facing the rest of the diner which had tables scattered around with booths in each corner. Sam and Dean had taken the booth furthest from the door.
Dean glanced at his brother whilst lowering the glass half full with beer, although the silence was comfortable he felt it was still time to break it.
“Did you manage to speak to the second victim?”
“Barely, the poor girl was in hysterics” Sam sighed “she could hardly speak to word without breaking out into sweats and panicking before starting to cry”
A flash of sympathy washed through Sam’s eyes as he looked at Dean, almost like he could understand what the girl was going through.
“Can’t say I blame her, I probably would too if someone had sliced my cheeks like that”
“You’d have a heart attack if someone did that to you…ruining the best thing you have going for you” Sam laughed at his own joke whilst Dean threw him a dirty look, leaving it at that.
“What about the other victim?”
“Nikkita Opal…this report says a neighbour found her just three houses away from her own minus a head but no signs of struggle or…anything really, apparently there was no blood”
“So wait…you’re telling me a girl got decapitated but there was no blood?”
“And no head, it was never found”
“So…we’re looking for something that likes to eat heads?”
“I wouldn’t rule it out as a possibility” Sam shrugged “it’s just as possible that it’s something that enjoys eating the brains.”
“Classic Dawn of the dead zombie action huh?” Dean chuckled.
“When has any zombie we’ve come across been anything like the films?”
“There’s a first time for everything,” with a slight shrug Dean left it and that and finished the last few bites of his burger.
“Yeah I suppose there is but can you name one zombie movie where the zombie has cut someone’s cheeks open with scissors?”
Sam looked at his brother as he froze, a familiar blank look crossing his face that Sam recognised as his ‘thoughtful but no idea’ face.
“Exactly, it’s weird”
“Our job is to deal with weird.”
“I know,” Sam sighed “I mean I’ve heard of things that decapitate but not things that throw cheek gashing into the mix.”
Sam continued to look through the information he had obtained hoping to find something he had missed whilst going through the first time, this was his third time looking through and still nothing helpful came up.
A movement caught the corner of Sam’s eye accompanied by a faint shuffling sound as a shadow was cast over the table, Sam shifted the papers to hide any content that shouldn’t be seen by public whilst Dean turned his head to acknowledge their company.
Both boys were expecting either the waitress who had been serving them since they had been seated or Castiel, the angel who had been helping them for some time now, but the sight of an unknown girl caught them by surprise.
The female newcomer was an average looking girl, kind of short with a pale complexion which stood out against her obviously dyed black hair. Her eyes were a mixed shade of green and blue and shone with some kind of eagerness.
Dean cast Sam a look of questioning to which he could only shrug in response to, they knew from experience that unknown people approaching them usually meant bad news, this seemed to mostly be someone possessed by a demon who wanted to mock them. If not demons then it was very possible she was someone they’d dread to meet, someone like the dreaded fangirl Becky Rosen, the Winchesters would choose demons over fangirls any day.
“I’m sorry to bother you,” She spoke in a soft, polite tone.
Okay maybe this wasn’t a demon, they’re not usually known for their manners but you could never be too careful.
“But I couldn’t help but over hear your conversation and I think I can help.”
Dean looked at her sceptically, unsure of what to make of the situation. The last time either of them had trusted a demon it had led to the beginning of the Apocalypse and Lucifer roaming free. Not that he was placing blame here but Sam was idiotic enough to trust Ruby, what’s to say he wouldn’t do it again?
The dark haired girl glanced between the brothers whilst fidgeting slightly, fiddling with the sleeves of her black jacket.
“You know what? I never mind,” She laughed nervously and waved her hand dismissively “I shouldn’t have interrupted.”
“No,” Sam interjected whilst shifting in his seat “How much did you hear?”
“I heard you talking about part of a legend so not much really.”
“You said you could help,” Dean piped up looking at the newcomer “How?”
“I think I know what you’re talking about, I research legends a lot in my spare time and that sounds like one I’ve read about.”
None of this was helping Dean with his suspicion, it all seemed a little farfetched for some girl to seemingly appear out of nowhere and happens to know what they were talking about.
“We have something we need to look into first, maybe we can meet up somewhere else to discuss this if we need to.” He offered.
“Sure,” She smiled whilst reaching into her bag and pulling out a notebook and pen. “I’ll give you my phone number, give me a call and ask for Hell.”
The girl, now introduced as Hell, threw the notepad open and began to jot some thing down before ripping out the sheet of paper and sliding it across the table, Sam was the first to grab it and take a look a the digits she had listed in slightly scruffy yet readable handwriting.
“We’ll be in touch if we need your help,” Sam gave her a friendly smile whilst folding up the paper and tucking it into his jacket pocket.
Hell smiled and nodded slightly in response before turning around and leaving the diner, closing her bag on the way out.
“What do you?” Dean asked, looking away from the door. “Think we can trust her?”
“I’m not sure,” Sam frowned. “I guess she might come in handy if we can’t find anything ourselves.”
“You don’t think it’s a little weird she over heard us talking about this kind of stuff and not only accepts it but doesn’t question us at all?”
“Maybe she thinks we’re journalists reporting the attacks, I mean a small town like this there’s no way deaths like this happen often.”
Dean merely nodded in agreement before downing the rest of his beer, a nagging feeling at the back of his head about how much they could really trust this girl.

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