Chapter 1: Falling Feathers

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

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Chapter 1
Dead Couples
Don’t You Know Who I Think I Am?
 “Ahh dude! See the look on her face when she finds out...”
The classroom was full of the sounds of yelling and laughing teens, gossip was being spread like flu and side-long glances earning shy smiles. Chairs were pushed back as people rose to their feet, foot-steps sounding as they crossed the classroom, barely audible over the loud conversing. A group of teenage boys sat on three desks all facing each-other and talking quietly, shooting glances at a smaller group of girls while smiling. The girls giggled and turned to towards each-other, chatting quickly and grinning at a blonde haired boy at the edge of the group of boys who was winking at them.
I slipped a sleek, black, iPod from my grey, slightly worn jeans and smoothed my thumb over the circle, turning the sound up to drown the mindless chatter of my fellow classmates. I lay the iPod on the desk in front of me, over a message scratched into the wooden surface of the table, ink hearts surrounded it and various ‘aww’s’ had been scribbled nearby, each written in a different ink and written by a different hand.
Mia n Dor 4evr –2007
 I picked up my own pencil and rested it over the edge of the message showing, considering scribbling over the writing. Whoever Mia and Dorian might be, the chances were they were now split up, it being a good two or three years since this message was engraved on the desk. In fact; they might even be glad a bitter 16-year-old boy had taken it upon himself to erase their long-dead relationship from the table.
The Story Has Such A Common Theme,
We Sign The Line And We Join The Scene
For The Blood And The Tears,
They Drain From The Years
From The Sweat Of The Young, Young Volunteers.
I let the pencil drop down onto the desk, not hearing the no-doubt satisfying sound created as the yellow-and-black pencil collided against the surface, the led within breaking into two separate pieces. I turned my attention back to the teens around me, three of the girls had come over to the blonde haired boy, two remained behind giggling and blushing furiously as their friends talked to the blonde. The blonde who had won over the attention of this certain group of females went by the name of Chester Fedele. Chester was one of the more popular people in Welsea Smyth College, he was on the football team; not necessarily a star player but he was good all the same, scoring a few crucial goals in various games. However he was a well-known friend of Lenny Whackerbe, who was the star player and play-boy in general of the school. Which instantly gave Chester a high-status and flocks of girls begging for attention so they might get with Chester, and then in time get to Lenny. They needn’t have bothered though; Lenny fucked anything in a bra, and quite a few things that weren’t.
I watched the three girls head back for the pair still in the corner, when they reached them they instantly began to chatter. The girl’s squeal of excitement pierced even the increased sound of my iPod.
Looks like Chester had a new girlfriend.
My attention turned to the door as an immaculately dressed woman stepped into the classroom, pursing her lips. All the boys instantly fell down into their chairs and the groups of students broke up to their correct seats under the strict glare of Mrs. Poliva. She walked slowly to her desk, her heels making a horse-like sound against the fake-wood floor, to a lot of students; that was the sound of hell. I pulled the headphones from my ears and into my pocket, I carefully retrieved my iPod from the desk and inserted the emerging wire of the earphones back into it, I then pushed both fully into my pocket.
My eyes wandered back up to the teacher who was surveying the room, hands on hips, looking for anything wrong. By the way she stood legs close together and eyes burning furiously, she had already found a number of mistakes.
“Millie, spit it out. Drake, take that hat off. Chester, wipe that stupid grin from your face. Jasper...that piercing is hideous” Millie stood and made her way to the bin, Drake whipped his sock hat off and Chester tried hard to transform his smile into a straight face, much to his friends amusement. I let my right hand stray to a silver loop imbedded in my lip, then let my hand fall again, ignoring the taunting stares of the other students. Mrs. Poliva had something against me. Something big. The first day she had me she had sent me out and told me to go to the principal, once I arrived at his office and told him what had happened he sent me right back. As I had suspected; owning a piercing was not an offence at this school and Mrs. Poliva had no right to send me out of my lesson because of it. I arrived back at her lesson, told her what had happened and went back to my seat, for the rest of the lesson she was red-faced and an owner of a short-temper.  Since then I could do no good in her eyes, only wrong.
I leant my back against the chair, preparing myself for the boredom of lesson one.
Let’s Get These Teens Hearts Beating
And Faster
I pressed my forehead against the door of my locker, slowly breathing in and out while the metal cooled me down. The clatter of talk and banging lockers filled my ears and I wished I was away from it all; somewhere peaceful, for just one bloody second. I sighed and clenched my fists; was it really too much to ask?
“Hey, Jasper, are you okay?” Asked a sweet voice from behind me, I jumped slightly then mentally told myself to get a fucking grip on life. I turned around from the blank door of my locker and looked straight down at my feet.
“Yeah I’m fine” I mumbled, flicking my hair from my eyes and turning straight back round to fetch my iPod from my locker, where I’d placed it on top of my books earlier.
“You sure? You looked a bit...” Out of it? Ill? Physco? Yeah; that’s what I felt. I slipped my IPod into my jean pocket and pressed the left ear-phone into my ear
“I’m fine” I muttered, closing my locker and turning round – coming face to face with Hayley Jones. Fuck.
I quickly looked away from her green almond shaped eyes; I could feel the blush already rising. I was so pathetic. Hayley Jones – short, heart-shaped face, auburn hair, beautiful eyes and an hourglass body, also known as the sweetest girl in school.
And the girl I’d had a crush on since I moved here.
She timidly smiled at me and faced back to her own locker on the other side of the hall. I almost let out a sigh when she suddenly appeared in front of me again.
“By the way; I like your shirt”
And she was gone again – opening her locker and pulling out books.

Submitted: August 25, 2010

© Copyright 2021 HelloKittyFucksTheMainstream. All rights reserved.


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good start, i like it :)

Wed, August 25th, 2010 9:54am



Wed, August 25th, 2010 2:59am

A l p h a

nice story, keep it up :)

Fri, September 3rd, 2010 2:19pm


Thanks :L

Fri, September 3rd, 2010 7:35pm


Keep me updated, love it so far. :3

Thu, September 23rd, 2010 12:19pm


Thanks c:

Fri, October 29th, 2010 1:51am

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