Staring At The Stars

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Chapter 5 (v.1) - Keith

Submitted: May 03, 2013

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Submitted: May 03, 2013



"Got money for a stage coach Keith?" asked Willie, "Eh, 50 cents to Rhode Island, hmm..ya know, the Cival War's over, why still people wanna own yall'?" I replied. He sighed and said something about making money out of share cropping. I pulled Jamacica out of the hole and we payed the driver for Rhode Island. He pointed to the box behind us. Jamacica patted an elegant, white horse and then followed us into the box. Me and Willie sat on one bed, and Jamacica sat on the other. "Humph! As if! Taking in stupid slaves! Not even a ride to New York! What a waste!" shouted an angry woman. "Sorry Missus, My box is only big for three, I 'ready got myself three boys.!" The driver growled back. I pulled the curtains for everyone's window and began a small game of Mancala with Willie. "R'yone, gon' be a bumpy, an' mebbe stormy night so cover up and sit tight, keep the doors, an' windows closed unless I givin' ya food." He yelled to us. Willie got up and slammed the windows and door shut. Jamacica got out three warm blankets and threw two at us. I knew that I should be helping so I got out some pillows and and gave them out. I climbed up to the top bunk and 'covered up' like the driver said. All night, I was thinking about how I could tell Jamacica's brother about me and her! It wasn't possible! I used to be rich, she is poor, I am white and she is darker! Nightmares came in flashes, I stayed up all night listening to our drivers changing shifts and changing horses, the clopping, and feeling the bumps the box wheel hit. 



Breakfast was alot better than the orphanage mush. Jamacica would turn 16 in two months, me and her would get married, we would raise a family...what?! When I start thinking about that!? I threw the thought away and breathed deeply. Willie was taking an extra nap and Jamacica was tracing her finger along the marks on the wall. "Jamacica, Come up here." I whispered. She obeyed me and sat down across from me. "Do you think he knows Keith?" she whispered anxiously. I shrugged and pushed a hair away from her face-even though it was cut short. "Aren't you worried?" she said worridly. I sighed took my hand in hers. "Even if Willie knows, and he kills me, I'll die happy." I said grinning. She threw her arms around me and picked up the Mancala board. "Shall we?" She smirked. "That sounds like a challenge." I grinned back. 

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