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Chapter One: Mom, My Grades
Michelle went down the stairs with loud thumps on her feet. She acted as if excited into something. Her mom was cooking when she arrived to kiss her goodbye. Before leaving her side she peeks on the nice aroma of the food she was cooking.
“Mom, it’s our card day today.” She said with a smile on her face.
Her mom was still busy doing her cooking and she seemed deaf on what she told her earlier. Michelle mocked secretly but moms should always be moms so she knew what her child is doing. Maria, her mother, pulled her ears that Michelle shouted.
“I heard what you said, okay?”
“Y-yes…” she answered with her right eye remained closed because of the pain she felt. “Stop it mom.”
Her mom removed her hands and faced her.
“You tell your ma’am that I can’t come because I have a very important seminar in the south.” Maria sighed.
Michelle was just silent. She got used to what her mother would say every time she talks about card giving day. Maybe they expected already on what ranked and how well her grades is. Instead of being proud she felt pain because she never had the time to introduce her to her classmates.
Since time immemorial, Michelle is unbeatable in terms of valedictorians. No one dared though because they are intelligent enough to understand that she is like a lion in their class. By that, Michelle already knew that her parents got used to that style that they never intended to be present in special occasion that is happening in the class.
She sighed and turned backwards.
“I am going to tell her then.” Her voice remained glad.
“Bye darling.” Her mom bid goodbye but still looking at her pan.
The room was busy with excited and eager student talking about their expectation on what will happen this afternoon. She seated at the far end of the classroom away from her classmates. She did not want to talk about that matter because she will just feel pain in her heart. Michelle looked outside watching the road starting to fill with many cars. A busy day, she smiled.
[I wonder if mom cares about me.] She sighed and bowed her head.
Then someone blocked her sight. She smiled because she already knows who that is.
“Don’t try to fool me, Alex.”
The hand withdraws and a boy seated beside her.
“Spacing out?” he asked without looking at her. Michelle stole a look and proceeded to where Alex is looking.
“Why’s that?”
Then his hands rested in her shoulders. He dragged her closer to him.
“Oh, c’mon Alex.”
She pulled herself away and showed her irritated face.
“I am sorry, Mich.” He said. “But you know that I knew you ever since. And that face of yours…” he smirked at her cheeks. “It’s just unnatural.”
She sighed and chuckled. “I guess I can never hide something for you.”
“Of course.”
She looked at him. Stared at him for some time and observed his face.
“It’s mom, Al.”
“Yeah? What about her?”
“Should I tell you?”
He nodded. And pushed her.
“She is not coming…again.”
Alex smiled as well. He also knows what is happening every time it’s their card giving day.
“Mom’s coming, you know.”
“She always does.”
“Do you want her to get your card?”
She laughed playfully. “No thanks.”
“I’ll be glad to help, you know.” It’s her time to smack him. They both laugh.
Then the card giving takes place. And as expected Michelle ranked first in the class. Everyone felt jealous because of the achievement she once again contributed. Alex congratulated her and she did the same. Alex was ranked as the fifth in class and first in the mathematics. They went home together sharing talks and laughs. She can always rely on Alex’ company because she always forgot the problems she have. Alex, she was thankful to have a friend like him because she can always feel at peace.

Submitted: March 05, 2010

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