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Chapter Two: The Essence of Honesty
No one is around when Michelle went home. Seems like her mom was having a very important meeting like what she told her. It irritated her a little because she was supposed her to greet her with the good news. But it appeared to her that her mom is not interested in those same kinds of news. She seated at one of their wooden chairs and sighed. Placed her bag at the working table and throw the card away. Michelle covered her face and spent the whole time crying alone inside the house.
Michelle was asleep when her mother came home with a delicious meal. Maria saw her daughter’s dry face. Right then she knew that she had been crying. She frowned and touched Michelle’s black hair. They were smooth, and the way she feels it is just like her hair when she was still young. Michelle removed her mother’s hands and moved to the other side. Maria just let her daughter rest since she knew what her daughter felt that time.
When Michelle woke up, she was greeted with the gentle looks by her mother’s eyes. She rubbed her eyes and sat.
“Good evening, darling.”
“Yeah…” she said, still tired.
“I brought some meal, you know.” Then she pulled the plastic of value meal from McDonalds and handed it to her.
“How thoughtful,” she whispered with a small voice.
Michelle got the spoon and fork and started to eat. Maria was just looking at her daughter. She wanted to say something but she doesn’t know where to start.
“Don’t you have work to do at your office?”
“No. well, I have but I think I should skip it for tomorrow.”
“You should be doing it so that you won’t be busy.”
Maria sighed and held her daughter’s hand that was resting on her lap.
“Look, I know you are angry.”
Michelle looked at her with cold looks.
Michelle laid her trash beside her bed and moved away from her mother.
“Then, why not ask yourself?”
Her mother was surprised at what she said.
“Okay, I know. Let’s supposed that I know the answer—“
“Supposed?” her brow rose. The tone of her voice indicates a little hymn of anger.
Before her mother can answer the question she asked, Michelle stood up.
“If only you knew what I am going through. I don’t know what is happening here, I mean I have everything all girls wants. Name it and I’ll show it and whatever. But what’s this mom? It seemed it’s still lacking?”
She couldn’t prevent herself from crying. Maria stood as well and holds her hands but she went upstairs and locked up her room.
It was past midnight but Michelle’s eyes were still wide awake. She wondered why Ms. Sweetdreams hasn’t visited her yet.
Then she heard a knock on her door.
“Mich, I need to talk to you.”
It was her mom, but she doesn’t feel the mood to say something. She stayed silent to make her believe she is sleeping already.
“I am sorry; I want to clear this up. So please let mom enter.”
She turned off the lights. And covered her ears with the pillow and tried as hard as she could to fall asleep.
[Woman:  yeah, she should be out from here. To avoid another distractions.
Man: of course. And the sooner the better, right?
Maria: darling? Are you alright?
Michelle: mom? Why are they talking something like that unto me?
Maria: don’t listen to them, darling. They are just jealous because you are the brightest and not their children. Come on, your dad will treat you to something beautiful.
Michelle: really: I want it.
{Loud thugs}
Michelle: mom, what’s happening?
Maria: stay here and don’t ever go out from your room.
Michelle: yes… [Sobs]
{Shouting and bumping in the walls…sobbing…serine wailing from a distance.}
 “Darling, you’re having bad dreams.”
“What…--?” she sat. “How did you open my room?”
Maria showed her the keys. “These.”
“Darling, you are shouting.”
“Nightmares, they always do.”
She went out from bed and left her mom in the spot.

Submitted: March 06, 2010

© Copyright 2022 her secret sillhoute. All rights reserved.


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