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By: Jessele Ann Echavez
Over millions of years ago, it was said that a great phenomenon would happen on earth. A time where people are advanced and when people, or more correctly, mortals never knew it could be possible.
It started on the other side of the empty black galaxy, miles away from the Milky Way. On a world where heroes and powers exists. The people are immortals but ignorant to a thing called- “technology”. On the planet lived and ruled by the twelve powerful Gods- the zodiacs. With their rules the kingdom was peaceful, indeed. No planet can be more complete than theirs.
Then, it was not long after when invaders came and defeated the zodiacs. They must admit that the enemies were more powerful than theirs. The people surrendered, as well as the zodiacs. Millions of years past and the kingdom was opposite than before. Over those years the zodiac remained prisoners. One day at the dungeon,
Virgo: I can’t take it anymore. We’ve been here and no news on what’s happening outside for a long time!
Her forehead revealed folded lines.
Leo: Calm down Virgo. It won’t be long enough. We’ll have a plan.
Pisces: what??
Leo: Well, let’s think.
There was silence. Emotions filled the small dark dungeon. After several moments, Libra spoke.
Libra: I can see millions of years after; we’ll be in another world.
Leo: I guess we’ve been in another world ever since these bastards came.
Taurus: What can you see Libra?
Libra: People, tall houses, running engines and…
Silence. She seemed thinking on the right words to say.
Libra: Everything is not the same.
Now everyone is looking at her as she opened her eyes. She stared back.
Sagittarius: and? What are we supposed to do then?
Aries: I can give you this.
She slips her hands into her pocket and showed a pearl. It was simple but the feeling of a strong power spread around the room. The pearl light as it reflects to the light.
Capricorn: that is…
Aries: you’re right. My mother gave it to me before. She said it’ll save us.
Scorpio: In what way?
Aries: --------…
She was about to answer when the guards open the door. Because of surprisement the pearl jumped off of Aries’ hands.
Guard1: here, food.
Virgo: thanks.
She smiled. The guard’s eyes looked straight at Virgo’s eyes.
Guard2: what’s wrong with you?
Guard1: you are so beautiful, my lady.
The other guard also looked at Virgo. And with the same expression he sighed.
Guard2: you’re an angel. I’ll never regret visiting these place a million times just to see you.
Guard1: yeah....an angel.
The other Gods were laughing in silence. Virgo stood up to go to the guards but another guard came, stopping the virgin’s plans. The guard hit the other guards’ shoulders.
Guard3: Hey! Are you out of your mind?
The guards came back to their senses.
Guard3: She’s out to lure you into her divine powers. Letting you fall in love with her then kill you!
The guard angrily said.
Guard2 Come with us!
They hold Virgo’s hands when a sound filled the room. It was beautiful ye there was something unusual to it. Like your ears are about to burst open. All covered their ears and looked around. And there they saw Taurus playing her harp gently as if nothing is really happening. There was light around her that nobody can be able to stare for long. Moments later the guards fell down- dead.
Virgo: thank you. You surprised me.
Taurus: I have my own way.
She simply said at Virgo. Then with no time to loose they escaped in a hurry.
And like the wind the news spread in no time. All the people were joyous knowing that their heroes will save them. And with the evil king’s anger he fused all the power available in the land. All lost their powers except the enemies, all including the zodiacs. Hundreds of soldiers went to find them and will kill them immediately when they are caught.
Cancer: Where are we going?
Pisces: I heard the gates were all closed.
Aquarius: and our powers are fused too.
Guards: there they are!!
Pisces: it’s them! What should we do? What should we do?
Aries: we have no time to loose.
She checked her pocket.
Aries: oh no, where is the pearl?
She checked again, tapping all the possible whereabouts of her mom’s pearl.
Then a hand stretched out and little voices said.
Gemini: here you go. You let go of it when the guards came last time.
Aries smiled to the twins.
Aries: thanks! Come on, put your hands together.
Everyone did as instructed except Aquarius.
Aries: hey, what are you doing?
Aquarius’ back were facing them, her shoulders were stretched sideward.
Aquarius: I’m protecting us!
Leo: are you crazy? You can’t save us by yourself. You’re putting us in trouble!
His voice was angry.
Aquarius: you’ll be back, right?
She asked them still facing the enemies’ direction. All of them were surprised to that question.
Scorpio: you can’t sacrifice yourself just for us!
Gemini: aqua, come on!
The twins cried.
Libra: I saw you in my vision. You were there still alive with us. Just put your hands here. GO!
Aquarius: I can’t go with you!! If you want to leave, do it now! And when you find that sorcerer, came back here and save the people. And don’t forget to tell her, “She owes me everything”.
The she smiled.
Then a light shine and the last thing they saw was when Aquarius fight the enemies herself- millions of enemies. And before they lost sight of Aquarius, teardrops fell in their eyes.
That was the beginning of the prophecy. That the zodiacs will find the sorcerer and they will stay in that person as they travel back to their world and defeat the enemies. And there is only one pearl and one person that possessed it.
Ashley: the end?
Myrna cupped her daughter’s face.
Myrna: of course darling, it’s still not the end. Remember, they still haven’t found the sorcerer yet.
Ashley: yeah… when will be the part 2?
Myrna: oh maybe soon. Okay you should go to bed because mom has still a lot to do downstairs.
She positioned herself in her bed and closed her eyes. Myrna kissed forehead and turned the lights off.
Myrna: goodnight, darling.
She closed the door.
On the other side, the zodiacs exchanged words inside the pearl.
Aries: I can’t believe what Aquarius just did…
Libra: we lost someone valuable.
She bowed her head. Then out of the grief of silence arouse an angry voice.
Sagittarius: I just hoped that sorcerer is worth it. It’s because of that person we lost someone!
Unexpected by the Gods they felt shaking as if the ball was bumping up and down and sideward’s. They look for balance and was preparing for battle.
Taurus: wait!
She opened her palm signaling to stop panicking.
Taurus…we’re here.

Submitted: January 16, 2010

© Copyright 2022 her secret sillhoute. All rights reserved.


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Mistress of Word Play

Hi my friend this is a good story as well but when writing where people speak in a book or novel you use the form Taurus said, "We're here." If you are writing a script or screen play this is more the form you are using. Really great story but it needs attention. Susan :)

Mon, January 18th, 2010 1:49am


thanks for the advice, ma'am. i will apply that in the next following chapter. thank you very much???

Sun, January 17th, 2010 6:48pm

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