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The Gods

Ashley was still surprised at what she saw. Virgo walked towards her and stood beside Leo. She was a white skinned woman just about her age and wore and old fashioned gown. Her golden hair flowing up to her waist. She has a “V” on the side of her neck that was slightly exposed because of her hair.

Ashley: [They are all beautiful!]

She remained froze in the spot.

Virgo: Hell–lo?

She waved her hands in her eyes.

Ashley: yeah… I just…

Virgo: Well let me introduce each one of us.

She cleared her throat.

Jason moves out from their car at the park. The wind was cold and the snow was like rain. He peeped on the window at the driver’s side.

Jason: tell Dad I’m gonna be late.

Clark: Yes, young master.

The car started its engine and went its way. Jason locked for a spot where he can have a perfect view on Ashley’s entrance. He looked at his watch–7:15. He sighed.

Virgo finished introducing herself and Leo to Ashley.­ Then, she grabbed Sagittarius closer.

He was a half horse and half human. On his right arm, he carried a boy and arrows at his back. His hair was slightly curled and black flowing until his shoulder. His body was firm and strong and he has a brown complexion. The “S” mark is located at his left arm. He stared at her so deep. Indeed he was so tall. She raised her head up.

Vigo: Sagittarius–the archer.

Then the next one is Aries. She was a girl with a simple beauty. She has a boy’s hair and a whole dress that reflects her serious face. Her symbol “A” was on her right palm.

The next two is Capricorn and Scorpio. They both have a smooth black hair. Capricorn is wearing an ancient Greek robe while Scorpio has a commoner’s. Scorpio hand has a shape of a scorpion scales. The “C” on Capricorn’s forehead and the “N” on Scorpion’s left palm.

Next came forward. It was a girl still with her age and almost her height. She has a very long hair but what make her beautiful are the big earrings that looked like a scale. The symbol “B” can be found on her eyes. She wore old English gown. Cancer wore an army’s armor and his hand was like of a crab’s. The “E” symbol can be find on her right shoulder.

The last were Gemini the twins and Taurus. The twins wore a child’s simple gown and have a star on their cheeks. The “G” symbol can be found on their ankle. Taurus has a golden harp and two horns on her head and she has a long yellow curly hair that fall to her waist. The “T” was on her ear.

It took minutes until she breathe normal and was able to look at them eye to eye. She sighed.

Ashley: You’re unbelievable.

Gemini: it’s nice to meet you

They chorused. The twins are Fellux the younger sister and Castor the older brother.

Jason slipped his hands in his jacket packets. He was shivering for minutes. But still no Ashley shoved up. When he viewed his watch it was 9:00 in the evening. He hoped that she did not forget about their date. Pieces of ice were mountaining in his head and he shook it – His nose was all red and his lips are all white. He robbed his hands together and blows it to keep him warm.

Ashley: okay this is the deal. I’ll let you stay and do everything you want... “But” never go outside, okay?

Leo: As you wish….

She was about to sit down when Ramel said something that alerted her organs and senses.

Ramel: You have a party to attend to, right?

Her eyes grew big.

Ashley: {what?? I forgot!}

She walked to and pro like she last her mind and don’t knew what to do. She caught a glimpse on the wall clock. 10:00, her hands were trembling.

Aries: Calm down, my lady.

Taurus: What do you really want to do?

She cupped her head like it’s gonna burst open.

Ashley: I… I was … uhm … p … party!

Ramel: You’re 2 hours late, my lady.

Capricorn: You need to sleep and forget that ----

Ashley: No!! [Jason? What are you doing right now?]

Capricorn: I’m sorry…… my lady!

Suddenly the room was filled of lullaby music. Her eyes began to gain weight until its heavy. She also can feel her body weaken until she lied on her bed. The light went out and she closed her eyes enjoying the peace of the music.

Libra: Thanks, Taurus.

Taurus: Just take your time sleeping.

The next morning Ashley woke up with and heavy eyes and painful head.

Pisces: Good morning, my lady.

Before she could answer Virgo went inside with beautiful and delicious breakfast.

Ashley: W….wow.

Leo: Wow?

Leo came in.

After she finished her breakfast and prepared herself for school, she bid goodbye to the folks inside her house.

Ashley: [I just hope they won’t mess anything.]

She sighed. Then she laid her face to her both hands. Then a face appeared on her front. She banged herself in her chair.

Ashley: Don’t scare me like that.

Ginny: I’m sorry.

She sat to a chair next to her.

Ashley: What?

Ginny: You had eye bags?

Ashley: Ah…. Yeah. Slept late.

Ginny: Oh yeah. How’s the party?

Suddenly she banged her hand in the table. Ginny was surprised at her action. Then she ran outside and hurriedly went to Jason’s room. On the door she met one of Jason’s friends.

Kenneth: Good morning, Ashley.

She smiled back and greeted back at him.

Ashley: Is Jason around?

Kenneth looked at his classmates.

Kenneth: Is Jason here?

She can hear one of the students said “No.”Her heart beat becomes faster.

Ashley: [I’m guilty!]

Ashley spent the day–alone. The library was very crowded that day but for her it’s still not noisy because Jason’s voice was not there. Moments later Kenneth entered the library.

Kenneth: Yo…!

Ashley: Hi!

Kenneth: I thought you’re on your way to Jason’s?

Ashley: Huh?

Kenneth: Go on, I’ll guard the library for you!

He winked at her.

Ashley stopped at the front of a tall red gate. She was confused if she was on the right place. She unfolded the paper that Kenneth gave her on the library. The she referred it to the bronze tablet beside the doorbell.

BL-089 BL-089

(Crumpled paper) (Beside the Gate)

She sighed. When she looked at the inner part of the gate, she was surprised to see the place empty.

Ashley: Kenneth… you!!!!

She squeezed her palm.

Peep-peep!! A horn honked at her back. She moved sideward to give the car its way. Suddenly, the window glass rolled down revealing an old man inside. She felt nervous knowing that knowing that the man might appointed her as a bulgar.

Man: You must be one of Jason’s classmates?

Ashley: I, uh… well not ex––..

Man: Hop on! We had a long ride to go.

She moved inside the passenger’s seat.

Ashley: [I just hope it’s not that long]

As they travel on the single road. Ashley doubted if there’s a house along. All they’re passing were just farms and big empty hectares. The driver was just silent at her front.

Ashley”: Where are we?

She broke the silence.

Man: Mr. Jason’s house.

Ashley: I…I don’t get it.

Man: This is the Balgaquer’s property, miss.

Ashley: All?

Man: Yes.

Then they entered another gate which opened as they reach. Her eyes were filled with amusement. Then at the front window, she could see a big castle–no! It’s a mansion, a very, very big and dreamy mansion. In front of it was a huge falls with 2-story water hoses. It was wonderful indeed but what caught her attention was a symbol of a mermaid holding a true expensive and rare pearl. Her eyes sticked to that view when the door opened.

Man: We are here, miss.

Ashley: oh…I see.

She went out of the car and a lady with a maid’s uniform led her inside the house. She was seated in a big sofa, above her was a big gold chandelier. She kicked her feet while waiting and while exploring her sight inside the house.

Ashley:[I wonder how many rooms they’ve got here?]

Maid: excuse me, miss? Would you like Master Jason to know you’re here?

She thought for a moment.

Ashley: I better surprise him.

Her smile can be seen.

Maid: well, actually he’s asleep.

Ashley: oh…can I go to his room?

The maid smiled.

Maid: of course.

She was greeted with silence when she opened the door. The room was big, she thought it’s size is doubled in her room. The maid bid her goodbye and closed the door. She swallowed and begin walking towards a window with a checkered curtain. Then she looked around to check the bed–empty. Her heart beat faster then she almost lost her soul when she saw Jason half naked with only a towel on his waist. The both of them turned around. She blushed.

Ashley: The curtain’s nice! Ahahaha… [What am I doing?]

She raised her brow.

Jason: w…what are you doing here?

His voice was cold. She can feel the presence of anger inside the room.

Ashley: I heard you were sick.

Jason: here, let’s have a seat.

He was wearing a t-shirt and pajamas. He led her to a seat where a circular table is between.

There was silence.

Ashley: I….

She started.

Ashley: I’m sorry. I did not come last night.

Jason bowed his head then stared at her. She remained nailed at her chair. She can feel her whole body weaken as he stared at her. His blue eyes hide something that he can’t tell her.

Jason: It’s fine. I… did not come to the park, too.

She was surprised but something about her urged her not to believe at his response. She sighed.

Ashley: R…really?

He nodded slowly.

Ashley: Then why are you sick?
Her voice was worried.

Jason: Colds. I stayed outside the [park…] house.

Ashley: Oh…the library was so boring because you’re not there.

He just smiled. Ashley could sense the difference of Jason in school and in his own territory. She recalled he only smiled once that time. Then, he stood up and lied to his bed.

Ashley: I guess you need some rest.

Jason: I know.

Ashley: Then I should leave.

Jason: [Don’t] okay…

His voice was cold and straight. He could hear her sighed as she went to the door.

Ashley almost jumped off as well as the maid when they unexpectedly met at the door.

Maid: Oh, hello miss.

Ashley: You scared me.

She noticed that the maid’s holding a tray of medicine and a soup.

Ashley: Y-yes. His lunch.

Ashley: Can I…?

Maid: I would be glad.

Jason covered his eyes by his left arm and decided to sleep. He felt someone standing at his bed. He opened his eye slightly. Then he removed it and sat at his bed.

Jason: You came back.

His voice revealed excitement but he controlled himself from smiling and remained his straight and cold face.

Ashley: I brought you your food.

She smiled.

Jason: I have a maid to do that.

Although surprised, she hides the pain she felt when she heard him say that.

Ashley: I can be your maid then.

He did not know how to answer her. Even though he really wanted to let her take care of him, he can’t because there was a little anger inside him.

Jason: Actually, I’m not hungry. Just leave it there and don’t worry about me.

Ashley: [he’s angry at me, then.] it’s just that––

Jason: You’re not the reason why I’m sick, anyway.

Those words hit her hard. For her, Jason has his point. Because he did not went to the park but why is she so guilty?

Man: I’ll ride you home, Miss Reese.

Ashley: I…I can walk.

The man’s face turned shock.

Man: that far?

She nodded. Then without a word she left and walk back to the road they came from.

The maid entered Jason’s room.

Maid: Master?

He did not answer and remained lied in his bed.

Maid: Ashley just left.

His eyes opened.

Jason: tell me if Mr. Jhonson arrives. I’ll go somewhere.

Maid: But, sir, Mr. Jhonson is just downstairs.

He raised his brow and jumped off to bed. The maid was surprised.

Loud thump of feet could be heard downstairs as he went down to look for Mr. Jhonson. He saw him reading news in the porch. The show was heavily falling and he felt cold as he stepped barefooted outside their house.

Mr. Jhonson: Master??

Jason: Where’s Ashley?

Mr. Jhonson: she walked him.

Jason: walked?!

His face was red of anger.

Mr. Jhonson: Y-yes sir.

Jason: Why did you let her walk?!!

Ashley: I decided to

She sighed. The road still did not end and she doesn’t know when she’ll reach the gate. Her feet were telling her to stop but she also had her pride and she continued walking. Then she stopped and removed her shoes.

Ashley: [I should have accepted that man’s request!]

She felt herself crying. Then out of nowhere a flying ram stood at her front. She never saw that kind of creature before. She robbed her eyes then looked again.

Ashley: Now, I’m seeing things.

Aries: My lady!

She can hear the voice inside the Ram’s body.

Ashley: Aries??

Aries: Yes, it’s me. Come on. We’ll be flying home.

Ashley: flying?

Aries: my lady!

Her voice was irritated.

Ashley: yes. Okay we’ll go.

She sat on the Ram’s back and put her legs in one side. The Ram began levitating until they floated high.

Ashley: how did you find me?

Aries: That’s a piece pf cake.

Ashley: oh, really?

She asked sarcastically.

Aries: yeah. Libra’s eyes pointed you out.

Her forehead revealed lines.

Ashley: Libra?

Libra: yes, my lady.

Then Libra appeared on her back. She notices her eyes were all white.

Ashley: Libra… your eyes.

Libra: it’s gonna be like this forever.

Ashley: how come?

Libra: I’ll explain later.

Aries: hang on, were gonna glide down.

She made a strong grip on the Ram’s skin while Libra remained standing.

The car stopped at the empty space of Balaquer’s property. Jason went out and looked for Ashley.

Jason: She can’t be this far, now.

Man: You’ll wait for her sit?

Jason: Yes. But how come we haven’t seen her as we rode through here? She can’t be running? Can she?

The man thought for a moment.

Man: that might be possible, sir.

He scratched his hair and walked backwards when he lost balance when he stepped on something.

Jason: ouch!––

Then he saw something familiar. He picked it up.

Jason: This is Ashley’s.

His heartbeat becomes faster.

Jason: [what could be happening?] we need to go somewhere.

He entered to his car.

Ashley was greeted by her fellas inside the house. Ramel hopped into her shoulder.

Ramel: welcome home, my lady.

She smiled.

Cancer: We have no time to lose! We need to tell you something.

Ashley: what?

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