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Tuor Hawkes finds himself in jail, guarded by someone not very kind... Meanwhile his brothers Terrowin and Asher are on the search for Tuor. (((plz can anyone help me with a title. Comment belowww |))

Chapter 1 (v.1) - ((no name yet))

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Submitted: June 17, 2013



Tuor P.O.V

The guard standing just outside my cell glared at me then smirked at me in a menacing way. But when he spoke, his voice was cruel, almost demonic.

"Well, Well, Well. If it isn't the young Tuor Hawkes. I was expecting to see that brother of yours in jail. Asher, the little menace..."

Every single word he said made me back away. Eventually I could go no further. I hit the wall and let out a small, petrified whimper.

Immediatly I realised the guard had heard my whimper by the grin growing across his scarred face.

"What's the matter?" he laughedat me cruely. "Is the pathetic, helpless Tuor going to cry? Go on cry  you little rat..."

Before I had a chance to react to his coments, he had unsheathed his heavy metal sword and whacked the cell bars strongly with the blade.

I knew what that evil man wanted, he wanted me to cry. But I knew I couldn't , i could'nt cry infront of this man. So despite the urge growing inside me to let the tears fall, I held them back.

The ill-mannered guard growled at me, bringing me back to my senses, out of my deep thoughts. "I shall be back soon. I don't expect you to try and escape. So don't you DARE even think about doing so..." Then, he turned and walked off, sheathing his sword on the way out.

Once I knew I was alone, I curled up on the cold stone floor and hid under my robes.

Hiding my tears from the cruel, coldhearted world.


Meanwhile, terrowin ran througth the dense woodland area, followed by his slightly older brother, Asher. The two brothers had recently been founded by the king's patrol of knights.

All three of them were wanted for not only being assassin's, but also for being the greatest thief's around.

When they were cuaght stealing, terrowin and Asher had become seperated from their younger brother; Tuor. Both the older brothers could still remember the whole frightening event, hearing tuor scream yet not being able to get to him in time.

Eventually, after running for hours on end, Terrowin gave up his efforts of running. Well, at least the search was over for now. Her slumped down on a nearby tree stump and sat panting heavily.

After a few moments, he mustered enough strength to whisper. "Asher, my brother, we shall rest; for mow..."

Asher raised his head, tugging his hood off his head. It was easy to tell that all the running had'ent effected him in the slightest. "Of course, my dear brother, but we must continue our search in the morning. Maybe I survived loosing a hand, But at his young age, I doubht he would..."

Terrowin just nodded letting out a exhuasted yawn.

Noticing how tired his brother was, Asher raised one eyebrow and muttered. "Brother, you must rest. I shall stay awake and keep guard. Meanwhile you sleep and preserve your energy."

Nodding wearily, Terrowin curled up leaning on Ashers outsretched arm and fell asleep.

Sighing contently, but worriedly at the same time, Asher lay back and listened to the steady breathing of his sleeping brother.

But he was abruptly disturbed by a large hawk who let off a loud, regal caw before flying off into the moonlit sky.

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