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Henri is a lonely man who simply wants to find love. when he can't find that speacal someone he uses a book of black magic to make one out of chocolate. But what happens when his dream girl get's a little too knife happy towards the other women in his life?

Chapter 1 (v.1) - rouge chocolat

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Henri Leclaire was a rather lonely man, and given his life no one could blame him. The son of a French immigrant, Henri barely made enough

to live despite having graduated with a Master’s degree. You see, Henri had only two goals in life once he moved to the small town of Vigne

rouge in western Virginia. A baker by trade, Henri longed for some fair and pretty damsel to come in and spice his life up so to say. His way of

life was simple, and for the most part he never desired for better food or living arrangements, yet his desire for amore was far too much for a

normal man. His soul screamed to be shared with another, anyone’s really it did matter to him. “I’m sure to find someone…after all the way to

a woman’s heart is with sweets.” He often told himself this, but as expected he never could find that special someone…at least until the day he

found that damn book and created her.



It had been a slow day for Henri, so he decided to close up his shop earlier for the day. It was the then he indulged in a favorite past time,

looking in a mirror. By all regards Henri wasn’t bad looking, in fact he was far from it. He stood relatively tall at five foot six, Tan skin, nicely

toned muscles; long and attractive black hair, and deep blue eyes you could drown in. Yet due to his…obsessions, no woman bothered to try

and know him. He sighed and prepared to lock the shop’s store room when noticed something odd.

“When did this get here?”

He voiced his curiosity when he noticed a dusty old tome that had been hidden between some boxes. He picked it up and dusted it off, and to

his horror he saw the title of this mystery book: “Sang de magie d'obscurité” or to be translated: Darkness magic blood. He wanted to burn the

book right away…then he felt an odd feeling and began to leaf through it.

“Maybe…I could use this. Force someone to love me…or perhaps create someone to love me.”

By that point, Henri’s mind was beginning to fade from the world of logic and reality. He began to study the book whenever he had time, to the

point that he was religiously worshiping the thing as a gift from god. Several months after his discovery of the tome, he finally found was he

was looking for. A ritual that, apparently, could create human beings out of certain materials. It took him some time to gather said materials,

and in the end he needed to replace a clump of dirt with chocolate, but he would soon have his soul mate. He closed the shop, and went into

the building’s basement to carry out his sin against nature. Once all the ingredients were set, and a demonic symbol drawn on the floor, Henri

began to read a chant in the book as he raised a hand.

Veuillez m'accorder ce que j'ai le désir, l'amour pur comme la neige! Une femme qui sera long pour mon cœur comme je le fais ! 

 A dim glow then began  to light the dim room, and the ingredients started to rise and form a humanoid shape.  Henri began to think this wasn’t

a good idea, but when he the chocolate he’d added to the mix began to look more …shapely. After a few more seconds, the chocolate had

transformed into a beautiful woman. Her “ flesh ” was somehow as pale as his now, her figure slim and alureing, red eyes, and blonde hair.

« Hello…my love. » Her voice was as soft and smoth as honey , and she casted a spell that worked all too well on Henri. She inched closer to

her creator, who was suddenly very hesitate.

“W-Who are you ?!”

Henri cried this, and the girl giggled as she placed a gentle hand on Henri and replied.

"I am the answer to your wish my love…i am, you’re lover given form. Call me… Vanile Rouge. ”

Henri wanted to think that this was all a mistake, but before he knew it his desires were answered and he had a beloved. In time he had set up

the story that Vanille was a felow immigrant who he’d taken on as an apprentice though he didn’t care if anyone else questioned it or not.

When he asked about the nitty gritty of her exsistice, she simply stated this.

 “I was created to love only you, nothing else matters. My life doesn’t matter at all, only your happiness does. ”

 She then preceded to kiss him tenderly, and all concerns were washed away.


The days went by slowly at first, but after a week with just enough sales at the shop Henri found himself in a slum. It was then that he

discovered the true virtues of a woman, as Vanile asked him what was wrong.

“My dear, i am afraid money isn’t coming in as expected. I bake and bake for hours, yet only a few buy the results of my labors. ”

She smiled, and placed a gentle hand on his shoulder, and then inched ever so closer to him. Without warning she placed her warm lips on the

nape of his neck, and began to suck and bite. He gasped aloud in pleasure, and found his hand moving towards her head on his own to edge

her onwards. She complied with her lover’s wishes, and greedily bit into his flesh in order to mark him as her own. Once a nice red mark was

laid bare on his neck, she kissed it gently as if to apologize for any pain the love bite may have brought him. He moved her upward so they

could see each other, and no sooner then he did that she began her attack on his lips. She begged for entrance into his mouth, and he allowed

her easily, her moist tongue exploring all it could reach. Before he could stop her, she began to move her hands over his chest, and slowly un-

button his shirt and remove it. He took notice and moved back so he could inquire why, but to her shock (and shamefully to his arousal) she

had begun to remove her own clothes. Soon she stood before him in only her bra and panties, and a look of pure lust.


She moaned his name as if it was a magic spell, a holy word, and she reached for his hand as she told him in a voice full of emotion.

“Henri…. Take me now.”

His heart began to race wildly at her words; his ultimate desire lay in front of him begging him to claim her innocence as his. Would this even

count? Wasn’t she nothing more then chocolate? And yet…his mind couldn’t find a problem, or rather wouldn’t allow itself to. Instincts took

over, and he allowed himself to remove his clothes and follow his lover to the bedroom. What followed took away some things: Innocence,

ethics, and what use to be. But in exchange they gained something better: A connection deeper then anything man could make.


Hours later after Henri had made love to his chocolate lover and forever claimed her as his; the couple lay in bed cuddling when it began.

“Henri my dearest, do you love me?”

He thought the question a bit redundant seeing the act they just committed, bur he answered.

“Of course I do, the very sky would fall before I say otherwise.”

She smiled and laid her head upon his chest, falling asleep in his embrace. Before she did so, however, he heard her murmur.

“Don’t ever betray me…dearest Henri.”

He thought nothing of it at the time, but much later on he’d soon learn the meaning of her words…via murder.


Several days later, after a practically poor day in the shop, Henri noticed that Vanile had cut herself by accident somehow She didn’t seem

fazed by it at all, but Henri was surprised to see her blood wasn’t red. Her blood was a dark brown….and it had a strangely sweet aroma to it.

Before he could stop himself he had already put her bleeding finger in his mouth and suck. She moaned in surprise, and it turned out that her

blood tasted just like chocolate. One hour, and a session of sweet love, later they had decided to boost sales by “spiking” the sweets with her

magical blood to boost their appeal. It may have been a touch immoral, yes…but this was caused by magic blood from a woman made of

chocolate so take that what you will.


To say that the “new” sweets were a hit would be an understatement, they were the talk of the town. Mostly with all the ladies, much to Vanile’s

displeasure. One person in particular was the infamous lady Bluie, a well know widow who, in some people’s words, was simply devious.

Vanile didn’t like her at all, with the way the woman paraded herself around like some cheap floozy. In fact she seemed to be a looking a little

too “desperate” for the chocolate woman’s taste. She was a woman in her thirties, yet wore loose clothes, smelled of cheap perfume and wine,

and spoke in a “seductive” voice. Her dirty blonde hair was a mess as always, and her body had seen better days. In short, Vanile thought she

was nothing short of a cheap floozy looking for that quick and easy man to have a night of pleasure with. So image the look on Vanille’s face

when the so-called floozy started to flirt with her creator and lover.

“Oh Henri! These chocolates are to die for! How on earth did you make such culinary delights?”

Bluie cooed this with a seductive tone, and poor Henri would have been putty in her hands if not for Vanile.

“That is my part actually madam. I have a sixth sense of sorts when I mix the ingredients in.”

The chocolate woman delivered this line with a look that clearly told Bluie “Back off bitch he’s mine”. In return, Bluie sneered and said in a low


“And who, pray tell, are you little girl?”

Vanile had to hold her anger back, and luckily for her Henri answered that question.

“She’s my new apprentice! A fellow immigrant trying to live life! And she’s also someone I cherish very much.”

That did it, poor Henri was then glomped by his chocolate girl who would have done a lot of inappropriate things if he’s let her.

Madam Bluie resumed her sexual advances on Henri for weeks on end, and she didn’t take any hints from Henri. She just came back in more

revealing clothes, desperate for Henri to “rock her world” and treating Vanile like crap. Despite this, Henri insisted that Vanile never let her

emotions get the better of her. She agreed for the most part, even though her anger for the woman grew with each passing day. Soon all she

saw was red when she thought of Madame Bluie, and how she would have loved to wring the woman’s neck. To her delight she gained her

opportunity a few weeks later. Bluie had been getting a little too frisky with Henri and grabbed his clothed manhood and he freaked. In doing

so he’d spilled something on himself, and as he went to go clean himself off Vanile heard the woman mutter.

“Wow someone can’t handle himself. Then again seeing as he’s just been around a little girl.”

That did it. Without warning Vanile struck the woman. Hard. While her floozy foe was dazed, the chocolate girl reached for the closest weapon

near her: a knife. Vanile didn’t stop to think; rather she listened to her impulses and did the thing she’d wanted to the woman since the moment

she saw her: Kill her. The knife’s blade flashed quickly, then it was stained a scarlet red as it danced between Madam Bluie’s stomach. The

woman gasped in pain, but any louder cries were muffled by Vanile’s hand. After a while, Bluie’s eyes turned white, and all life fled out of her

body. Vanile tried to catch her breath, but she was thrilled at the act she committed. It was then she realized that she’d just committed murder,

and Henri was on his way back. Thinking quickly, Vanile grabbed the body and hid it in a nearby closet. It was sloppy work, but she wiped all

the blood on the floor to give her a few hours at best.

“Hey where’d Macadam Bluie go? Don’t tell me she’s given up so soon?”

Vanile gasped at the sudden return of Henri, and to throw his off for a bit she kissed him deeply. What she’d failed to notice was that a drop of

blood had remained on her lips, and Henri noticed it. Before he could question her, she deepened the kiss and went wild on him. It wasn’t until

the next few days that Henri learned the fate of Bluie, and that he’d created a murderer.


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