The Summer. Our Summer

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Chapter 13 (v.1)

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Submitted: October 15, 2010



Chapter Thirteen

I closed the door behind me kicking off my Vans when I heard a highly distinctive flirty and well amused feminine laughter. Mom had a guy over?

I frowned as another soft chuckle came off from somewhere in my house. If I walked on my Mom making out with someone… that would be so weird. You don’t think that your parents, out of all people, still make out. I mean it’s just plain weird.

“Mom, I’m home,” I called out to her and her companion.

“Oh honey, come on we’re in the kitchen,” she called back.

Thank God there wasn’t any smooching and some fluids being exchanged.

I peeked in and smiled at my Mom covered from head to toe in flour and looked further into our kitchen. God, it was a mess. Flour, cookie dough, frosting, sugar all of that thrown all over the place. It wasn’t after a moment that I noticed the man standing beside her, grinning. I couldn’t really distinguish him because well he too was covered head to toe in flour.

“I see you’re having fun,” I told them.

Mom giggled. “Like you wouldn’t know. Andrew she’s my daughter Avery. Avery he’s Andrew.”

I grinned at him. “Nice to meet you Andrew, I would shake your hand, but well…”

He laughed. “Of course, it’s okay. Nice to meet you too, though I had seen you before,” he said.

I frowned. Please not let him be the guy Mom had a date with two weeks ago.

He and Mom burst out laughing and damn, there it goes. He was that guy.

I blushed. “Well I’ll be up if you need me.”

They nodded and as I went up the stairs I heard more giggled and a deep chuckle. I half-smiled to myself.

I rolled on my stomach over Zara said that Nick’s pheromones must have her name written on them. I mean the girl is plain hilarious and I’ve read this book around three times but every time I find it amusing. It’s just the way Zara expresses herself so relatable even if she’s in a pixie world waiting to ambush her and bring her to an end, she just radiates a well something that makes you connect with her, and I so can’t wait for the next book.

Our doorbell rang and I frowned, was Mom expecting a third part to her party? Okay gross thought if you have the workings of a dirty mind, which I don’t but still the thought occurred to me after the initial one.

“Avery honey would you open the door?” she called and it didn’t sound like it came from our kitchen, but her room.

I shuddered. “Sure.”

I set my book marker in the first five pages and ran down the stairs and to our door. I twisted the doorknob never imagining what lay on the other side.

“Avery!” my cousin Giovanna shrieked.

I cringed. Good Lord.

Giovanna was a character and I don’t think I mean it in a positive way. She’s an Italian beauty—her Mom is Italian—tall, olive skin and a black hair to die for accompanied by the most gorgeous green eyes and well to say she’s problematic and not prudent would be like saying the Titanic sunk. She was loud, stylish and your typical model of the spoiled little city rich girl. To say the least I don’t really liked her, we didn’t click.

Her arms wrapped around me and I barely wrapped mine around her waist.

She let me go. “Honey don’t you look… tired? I mean what’s up with those clothes and the hair?” she asked, grimacing at me.

I tried not to roll my eyes. “It’s nice to see you too Giovanna.”

She sighed, entering the house like it was her own and wrinkling her nose in whether it was in disgust or unhappiness I didn’t know.

“Where’s Oli?” she asked looking around, as I noticed behind her in our doorstep two suitcases. Dear Lord, she wasn’t staying was she?

“She’s upstairs, I guess,” I told her.

She sighed. “Would you call her for me Avery? I had the worst day ever,” she sighed again going over to our living room and slumping down the couch.

“Mom Giovanna is here,” I called out to her, not being able to control the annoyed tone.

“Avery while you’re at that would you bring in my bags?” she asked in her I’m-the-princess-and-you-worship-me-because-I’m-so-fragile voice.

I rolled my eyes and gritted my teeth. “Of course.”

I carried her extra heavy luggage into our foyer as Mom came down wearing a rope and staring at me. “What is Giovanna doing here?” she mouthed.

I shrugged. Not any of my business.

She put a smile into place and went in to confront the witch.

“Giovanna honey, what are you doing here?” Mom asked her goddaughter.

She sighed again. “Dad said he had enough of what he called my partier snobbish and totally inappropriate behavior and that I had to change that or leave his house. Of course Mom cried and begged him to be reasonable, but he just snapped and ordered someone to do my bags and take me to the airport. Where I wanted to go was my problem and how I was going to survive was my problem as well,” she explained and I could imagine her pouting.

I rolled my eyes. Good for you Uncle Travis, I thought.

Mom didn’t say a thing while Giovanna went into a monologue saying how unfair Uncle Travis was and so on. I so didn’t want to be here.

I grabbed my keys, scribbled a note saying I’d be back soon and fled away from the place. Giovanna was too much for me to handle.

Somehow or the other I ended up at Logan’s house, even though I’ve been there total of one time I just had wandered up here. I sat looking out to the house debating whether or not to go and knock on the door. I was siding with the no when the door opened and a smiling Lorelei and Logan came out.

Logan looked out to the street and when he spotted my car he frowned. Like in a ‘what the hell is she doing here?’ kind of face.

So I should have gone when I had the choice. He said something to Lorelei and ran up to my car.

I buried into my seat, pretending not to be looking at him, that’s it until he tapped my window.

I sighed and rolled it down, looking at him.

“Is there something wrong?” he asked me, truly concerned. So the frown was a concerned one.

“Um, I had to escape home,” I told him. “My crazy spoiled cousin came home and I can’t stand her.”

He chuckled. “Oh and you magically wandered up here?” he asked.

“Yes, my fairy godmother brought me here with her magic wand,” I muttered sarcastically.

He laughed. “Really? Well tell her I say thanks because you’ve just brighten up m day,” he said kissing me briefly in the lips. Too briefly.

It was impossible to be rude to him, like really impossible.

“Lorelei and I were going to go bowling. Want to come?” he asked.

I shrugged. It was that or wander up alone somewhere or go back home. Not one of the options above sounded appealing. “Sure.”

“We’ll take my car,” he said signaling with his head for me to get out.

I rolled up the window up and got down, closing the car.

He placed his arm around my waist as we walked back to Lorelei who grinned at us. “You two are like the cutest couple ever in the history of the world.”

I blushed. “Thanks.”

Logan beside me chuckled, kissing my cheek.


I was never a fan of bowling, I hated rental shoes and well didn’t really see the point throwing a huge heavy round thing into a wooden floor and expecting it to bring down as many objects it can, but I wasn’t complaining. It was more fun than hearing Giovanna’s annoying whining.

“You suck Logan!” Lorelei called as Logan prepared to throw.

Logan looked over his shoulder and smirked. We all knew he was far from sucking, he had the reflexes and well the ability to make the ball do what he wanted.

I rolled my eyes. “Don’t be cocky Logan.”

Lorelei laughed. “Oh Logan, even your girlfriend thinks you are cocky.”

Logan didn’t reply and made a perfect strike.

“I wouldn’t be cocky if I didn’t have a reason to be so Lor,” he said sitting by my side, his arm around my shoulder.

Lorelei rolled her eyes. “Whatever. Now watch this, suckers!”

“She’s not going to dump one,” Logan told me.

“Maybe she will.”

He pouted. “Whose side are you on Ave?”

I laughed. “Oh you’re so not making me chose between your pouty face and extra cool Lorelei, are you?”

“Tell me,” he said, batting his lashes at me.

I sighed. “I’m on my side,” I told him. “But just because if I said otherwise Lorelei would kick my ass,” I murmured out to him.

He kissed me in the lips and I felt him smile against them. “God Avery, what would my life be without you?”

“Nothing,” I answered as Lorelei scored too, a perfect strike.

I sighed. “Looks like it’s my turn.”

“You can do it Ave, just imagine those bowls are the person you most dislike.”

I laughed. So Becca was their name. “Isn’t that a little vengeful?”

He shrugged. “It works.”

I laughed again as Lorelei still victory danced.

“Match that Logan!” she screamed at him as a family beside us stared.

“It was a lucky strike Lor, don’t get to excited,” Logan told her.

Competitive pair.

I stood up as Lorelei took my place.

I breathed, holding up the ball or whatever it’s called and as Logan said tried to imagine the pins were Becca, it wasn’t as hard as I’d imagine. I released the ball and watched as it rolled, finally hitting each and one of the pins.

I grinned victorious.

“Now that’s the way to kick ass!” Lorelei said behind me.

I laughed. If only I could kick ass in real life.


“Mom I’m home,” I called out when I got into the house.

“Okay,” she called, sounding a little over the edge. “Giovanna is taking a shower in your bathroom.”

I sighed and walked into the kitchen. If she was staying for more than a week I was certainly going to be hell around here.

Caleb was sipping a beer when I got into the kitchen. He only drank under stress.

“Saw Giovanna, did you?” I told him.

He groaned. “She’s whinier than I remembered.”

I sighed. “Yeah, do you know how long is she staying?”

“It’s not defined. I think it depends on how long Uncle Travis decides to or being more precise how long it takes Aunt Babi to beg.”

I snickered. “So it shouldn’t be that long.”

Caleb almost choked. It was no secret Aunt Babi had a dark past, it had been a scandal back when my grandparents still lived.

“Want to get out of here?” he asked me.

I nodded. “Sure, where are we going?”

He shrugged. “Any other place must be better than putting up with extra whiny Giovanna. The five seconds I saw her she whined about being alone and needing a guy and the unfair her dad was,” he rolled his eyes by the end.

I laughed. “Okay I get it, let’s get going.”

“Mom we’re going out,” Caleb called out.

“Oh no, you aren’t,” she called back and I heard her heels clicking down the hall.

Caleb groaned. “Oh please no.”

She came down and glared at us. “You two aren’t leaving this house.”

I sighed and Caleb grimaced. “Why not Mom?” he asked.

She stared at him. “You know why. Giovanna is upstairs and you won’t leave me alone with her,” she said between gritted teeth.

“She’s your goddaughter, why should we put up with her?” he asked. So this was going to turn unto one of their blow outs. They were too alike to work, constant friction.

Caleb Anthony Watson,” she growled.

“Okay calm down, we will all put up with Giovanna, okay?” I said, trying to calm them down.

Caleb glared at me and Mom kind of did too, but that was more of the remaining anger at Caleb.

“We all put up with her as a family,” I told them.

“Auntie,” Giovanna called from upstairs.

Mom grimaced as the phone rang.

“I get it!” Caleb and I said at the first time running out to the kitchen, pushing each other out of the way.

I made him crash against the frame and stretched for the phone, getting it victoriously.

“Hello,” I said into the phone, a little breathless. Caleb wasn’t light. I was surprised I could push him out of the way.

“Hello kiddo,” Dad’s voice came from the other side.

I grinned. “Hey Dad, how are you?” I asked.

He sighed. “I’m okay kiddo. Work is being crazy, absolutely nuts. How have you been?”

“Great. I went bowling today, kicked Lorelei’s and Logan’s ass,” I told him.

He laughed. “Must’ve been fun kid, Logan is your boyfriend, right?”

“Um, yeah and Lorelei is his sister. Awesome girl,” I told him.

I heard him chuckle. “Glad to hear you’re making new friends kid. How are things in home?” he asked.

I made a face. “Giovanna is here.”

He snickered. He was her godfather too. Uncle Travis and he had a pretty strong relationship since they’ve both been friends before my parents’ marriage, so he knew about Giovanna and her dramatics. I was surprised she didn’t fly all the way to NYC. “Tell her I say hi would you kid? How’s Olivia and Caleb holding up with that?”

I rolled my eyes. “Handling it, they had a blow up but things are calm now. Let’s see how long it lasts.”

He laughed one of his heartfelt laughs I missed so much.

Soon enough I laughed with him. “I miss you so much Dad.”

“I miss you too kiddo,” he said affectionately. “Now pass your brother over, would you?”

“But I can keep talking,” I told him, anything to look busy.

He laughed again. “Just pass him over kiddo.”

I pouted. “Fine Dad. Caleb, George wants to talk with you,” I called loudly.

I heard Dad’s laugh and an ‘I love you too Avery.’

Caleb grinned at the phone. “Ha, sucker.”

I stuck out my tongue out at him and handed him the phone as my own cellphone went into erratic vibrations and music in my back pocket causing me to scream in surprise as Caleb laughed at me.

I picked up as I barely heard Caleb tell what happened to Dad.

“Hello?” I asked.

“Avery Cassandra Watson!” Rowan screamed. “We are so going to this pool party tomorrow night!”

I held the phone away from my ear. “Um, says who?”

“I do, silly,” she said, really her ‘duh’ tone was obnoxious. “We should go shopping for bikinis and have a pedicure and buy some killer pool outfits. Like glam, but totally affordable and cool. Yeah we so have to go shopping! Then we’ll go together, meet the boys there and you’ll crash mine, how about it?” she asked sounding more than excited.

“Um, sure? I’ll ask Mom, she’s not in a happy place right now so I let you know tomorrow morning, okay?”

She giggled. “Why isn’t she in her happy place?”

I sighed. She had been in her happy place with Andrew here, but well Giovanna got here too. “My cousin is here. Giovanna, you remember her right?”

She scoffed. “How could I forget! Babe, seriously why is she even there? I mean doesn’t she live happily in whatever city she lives?”

I laughed. “L.A. and her Dad kicked her out. We must pay for that now, but that’s the story. I tell you tomorrow,” I told her, not really wanting to get into details.

She sighed. “Good luck with the drama queen. And what are we doing about the bitch? I suggest we bitch slap her or something involving an ax,” she said down the phone, laughing.

I laughed too. Tempting. “We’re not to step down her level Ro, remember that okay?”

She sighed. “No promises though babe.”

I rolled my eyes. Of course she wouldn’t promise it.


“Avery?” Giovanna whispered. “Are you asleep?”

For a moment I thought about faking I was and not replying to her, but well I’m a good person so sue me. “What Giovanna?”

“I, um, nothing,” she said quietly.

I rolled my eyes. “You woke me up so now you tell me,” I told her turning around to look at her.

Her eyes were glassy and hurt. It was so weird to see Giovanna weak.

“What’s wrong?” I asked her.

“I want to go home, but Dad told me that until I didn’t grow up and made charge of my life I couldn’t come back. That I wouldn’t even dream of going back to his house if I wasn’t mature enough,” she said tears slipping down her cheeks.

“Giovanna, don’t cry, okay?” I told her. “You can grow up here, do chores like everybody else, and maybe even get a job? Just show Uncle Travis how wrong he is.”

She sniffled. “Really Avery? You think I can do it?”

I smiled at her in the faint light of my room. “If you really want to, yes.”

She grinned at me. “Thanks Avery.”

I nodded. “You’re welcome and night Giovanna.”

“Night, she murmured closing her eyes.

Sometimes all we need is someone to tell us how wrong other people are about ourselves, to assure us that we can and that there’s nothing wrong with us. Sometimes you may have them near or you may not, but we as human beings need that confirmation, that validation that everybody else is wrong about ourselves when we don’t even want to believe it ourselves. It’s hard, but it’s truth.

With that thought in mind I stretched for my cell phone and opened a blank text.

Thanks for being there for me. I really appreciate it. Have a good night. XO

I hit sent and moved around, trying to make myself comfortable as my phone made a little beep noise announcing me I had a new text.

My pleasure, whenever you need me I’m here. Sweet dreams gorgeous.

I grinned and bit down my lip. Sweet dreams indeed.

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