The Summer. Our Summer

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Submitted: October 22, 2010



Chapter Fourteen

“Avery! Rowan is here!” Caleb called as I shoved everything into my bag.

“Rowan is that girl in that photo?” Giovanna asked me, pointing with her eyes to a photo of me and Rowan at a party—one of the few I had attended to during sophomore year.

I nodded. “My best friend.”

She nodded. “Must be nice to have a best friend.”

I cocked my head at her. She had like thousands of friends. Constant photo uploading, wall signing, updating status, events invitations.

“I have friends, or something close to that, not a best friend Avery,” she told me.

“Must be though,” I told her. Truth is even if I didn’t agree with Rowan like eighty percent of the times my life without her would be so damn dull.

She sighed. “You have no idea. Now you go and have fun, okay? And bring me something pretty, would you?”

I laughed.

We had made a huge deal of progress since last night, Giovanna kind of looked like a whole different person, let’s see how long that lasts for.

“Hey Avery, ready to have some rocking fun!” Rowan screamed like we were miles away.

I laughed. “Sure babe.”

“That’s the attitude I’m looking for!” she said, moving her head rock star style, her brown hair flying out and falling on her face.

I laughed. “You’re so crazy Ro, but I love you.”

“Aw bebe, it’s impossible not to,” she winked.

I laughed.

“If it serves of something I love you too,” she winked again.

I giggled. “Let’s go.”


“This is the one!” Rowan squealed coming out to reveal herself in the tenth outfit she’d tried on at this store. I looked at her, it worked. Her outfit consisted of dark denim shorts with small details in the pockets, a strapless black and silver top that would look awesome with her new bikini, a black two piece set, with threads uniting the two cups and some more threads in the bottom.

“You look gorgeous Ro,” I beamed at her.

“Thanks, now let me get out of this and it’s your turn,” she winked, going back into the dressing room as I laughed.

We’d gone to five stores so far and I haven’t really found what Rowan was putting as ‘shocking and heart stopping’. I’d rolled my eyes and told her I could be classified as cute, not as ‘shocking and heart stopping’, of course she hadn’t listened to me.

Rowan came out again and grinned wickedly at me going out into the hunt.

I followed behind her as she searched the racks of bikinis. She constantly made faced, groaned, pinched her nose in disgust until finally she beamed at me. “We have the one.”

“Just know I’m not wearing any strapless, okay?”

She laughed. “Don’t worry, it’s not strapless. Actually it defines you perfectly,” she winked holding up a salmon, well not salmon exactly, but not orange or watermelon either. It’s a hard color to describe, bikini with little ruffles and a two shoulder modality, kind of like a bra, but with thicker straps and well you could tell you wouldn’t be showing more than necessary, actually it seemed like a lot to me already.

I beamed at Rowan. “It is perfect for me.”

She giggled. “Not let’s find the outfit to go with it,” she clapped utterly thrilled.

I sighed as she handed me the bikini and went off to search some more, she searched for about fifteen minutes when I heard her call. “Avery Cassandra Watson!”

I rolled my eyes and went up to meet her by a rack of shirts as she held up a pair of dark denim shorts, the same bikini color in sandals and a loose gray top I absolutely fell in love with.

“It’s perfect Ro,” I beamed at her.

“Of course it is! Now I want to see Logan’s face when he sees you in it,” she winked.

I laughed. “You’re a pervert Ro.”

She laughed. “I prefer the term lustful, babe.”

I shook my head and boomed laughing when I saw a guy staring at us.


“I don’t see the point in doing your hair if you are going to get it wet,” I told Rowan as she fussed over her hair.

“It’s for the first look people get at you Avery, once you get into the pool, they’ll notice your bikini and smoking body,” she explained.

I rolled my eyes when there was a knock in the door.

“Come in,” Rowan called.

“Ro, Mom wants to talk with you,” Mason told her, a half-smile in his face.

“Shit, am I in trouble?” she asked.

Mason shrugged. “I don’t know Vicky, now why don’t you find out.”

Rowan stuck his middle finger at him as Mason laughed it off, amused.

He saw her go out and turned to look at me. “Really Avery why in this world would you put up with her?”

I laughed nervously. “Um, I just do.”

He shook his head. “I feel sorry for you, really.”

I chuckled. “Please don’t be, Rowan is awesome. Obnoxious, maybe, a pervert too, but I still love her.”

He nodded. “Well see you later alligator,” he winked.

I nodded and blushed, looking away self-consciously.

“Of course we’ll be back by one, I swear,” I heard Rowan say.

“Okay, you are not here by one and you won’t go out in a month, okay Rowan?”

I heard some slumping and then Rowan slammed the door in the process . “Why can’t Olivia be my mother?”

I shrugged. “Life is unfair.”

She snorted.

Rowan’s Mom wasn’t bad, yes she was strict and she worried for her daughter, how come that be wrong?

“Well, back to my hair,” she said, already over it.

I rolled my eyes.


All—by all I mean Braden and Rowan and Logan and I—bundled up in Logan’s Jetta.

“You look gorgeous baby,” Braden told Rowan.

Rowan giggled, highly flirtatious and naughty. “Well you look incredibly hot.”

Braden chuckled and then I heard no more of them as Logan started the car, taking my hand in his.

“You look beautiful Avery,” he said kissing each and one of my knuckles.

I blushed. “Thanks.”

He grinned at me when a moan came from the backseat. He grimaced looking at them through the mirror. “Guys please keep it PG-13 back there.”

“Don’t look,” Braden replied shortly as he moaned again.

I didn’t really want to know what they were doing back there.

Logan sighed and turned to half-smile at me. “There’s something for you in there,” he said signaling with his eyes to the glove box.

I frowned, but opened it anyway. There was a little box in there, the kind off box used to store jewelry. “You are not asking me to marry you, are you?” I teased.

He laughed. “No, I’m not. It’s too soon for that Avery,” he teased back.

I grinned and got the box, caressing it. “How much did it cost?”

He sighed. “It wasn’t expensive,” he assured as another moan was issued from the back this time longer and well dirtier. If we didn’t get to that party soon they’ll start doing things back there I was pretty sure my mom would disapprove of me seeing.

I opened the box to find a necklace with a book as a pendant. I took it in my hands, it said something, but I couldn’t really tell what it was.

“It’s says imagination,” Logan told me.

I grinned at it and kissed his cheek. “I love it Logan. Thanks.”

He smiled. “Anytime,” he winked.

I smiled and put the necklace back into the box, I didn’t want something bad happening to it in the party.

“Oh look there’s a spot,” he said to no one in particular.

God, why did we always park far from the house? I mean it was nuts how many people could come to a party.

“Guys we’re here, now please stop sucking each other face’s off,” Logan told the lovebirds in the backseat.

I got out of the car as I got a glimpse of Rowan straddling Braden’s lap and his hands in her tights.

I looked away and closed the door, to give them some kind of privacy as I heard someone whistle. I looked over my shoulder to see a guy staring at me quite dirtily and I felt the urge to cover up.

“What are you looking at?” Logan demanded.

“The chick has nice legs,” the guy replied.

The chick? My eyebrows rose.

“Leave my girlfriend the fuck alone, okay?” he said, glaring menacingly at him.

The guy went away muttering something and I was quite surprised he didn’t say something back. It went against everything books and movies had taught me.

“Stupid ass,” Logan muttered and walked around the car and placed his arms around my waist, pulling me near. “Don’t let it get to you Ave, okay? You do have awesome legs, but they can’t disrespect you like that. I won’t allow it.”

I grinned. “You’re cute when you get all protective,” I told him, placing my arms around his neck, playing around with the hair in the base of his neck.

He grinned too. “I’m always cute.”

I nodded, standing on my toes, our lips inches apart. “You are, most of the time,” I briefly touched my lips to him.

He smiled and his lips touched mine briefly too. He was teasing me.

“Are you teasing me Logan Trainor?” I demanded, low and trying to be seductive.

“You started it Avery Watson,” he murmured, making me shudder.

“I started it, I end it,” I told him and crashed my lips to his intently.

My hands played around with his hair and while his tongue played around with mine in a passionate limbo, not quite reaching the level of passion Rowan and Braden had shown in the car, but the passion enough to be slow, molding, sexy and over all delicious. Logan wrapped my legs around his waist and he moved us to the car, setting me down in the hood, his arms in my waist, while mine still played with his hair.

“Hey, get a room,” someone called and Logan reluctantly let me go to look over his shoulder.

I pouted, but didn’t drop my arms from his neck as I tried to catch my breath.

“Hello Ben,” he waved.

Ben laughed. “Hello Logan, Avery.”

I dropped my arms and turned to smile at him. “Hey Ben.”

“I didn’t mean to interrupt you, but the chance was too good,” he grinned as Rowan’s door opened and she came out, her clothes all out of place and all the time inverted on her hair had gone out the window.

Ben cracked up. “Gee, it looks like I’m the only one not sucking somebody’s face tonight.”

Braden smirked. “We can change that Ben, don’t worry.”

The guys laughed and I got down from the hood as Rowan put her clothes into place.

“Oh sure, I want a hell of a beauty, okay Braden?”

They all laughed again.

“Hate to be a party pooper, but we need our bags,” Rowan told Logan.

He nodded. “Sure,” he said and pressed the button as the trunk popped open and Rowan and I hurried to get out our tote bags.

“See you enjoyed the ride,” I told her.

She giggled. “Like you wouldn’t know.”

I hit her with my hip. “You’re disgusting Ro.”


Logan’s arm rested in my waist as he joked around with some guys in the lacrosse team.

Rowan and Braden had aimed for the pool since they got here, but since it was so full of persons Logan and I had skipped it.

I looked across the pool, watching girls glare at me, people flirt, some others in the pool, and finally I came across a glare more profound and intense than any other. Becca’s.

I looked away quickly and cuddled even nearer to Logan.

“Well it was nice to see you man,” this one big guy told her.

“You too dude,” he told him and they went away. “Hey, what’s wrong?” he asked.

I smiled. “Nothing is.” What of a liar.

“Babe,” I felt someone wet hug me. “I’m so thirsty will you go with me for something to drink?” Rowan asked.

I stared at her. “No.”

She glared playfully at me. “Please Avery? Please? Braden won’t go with me.”

I sighed. “Fine, let’s go.” I told her. “I’ll be right back,” I told Logan, who nodded.

Rowan linked arms with me, getting me even wetter and we made our way inside through a crowd of people. “I saw Becca, if you let me we can accidentally make it look like she fell into the pool.”

I looked at her as we finally reached the kitchen. “No Ro.”

She rolled her eyes. “C’mon she deserves it.”

“Even if she does, we won’t turn into her, okay?”

She sighed, but didn’t reply getting a Coke from an ice cube.

“No beer for Ro tonight?” I asked her.

She shook her head. “No, no beer. Braden doesn’t think it’s healthy and he doesn’t drink so no, no beer for Ro tonight.”

I grinned. “Well at least he brings in something good.”

Rowan laughed. “C’mon let’s get back there and you so have to get in the pool.”

I shook my head. “There’s barely space for another body Ro.”

She shushed me. “No excuses Ms. Watson. You didn’t buy that killer bikini to have no one look at you.”

I rolled my eyes at this as we reappeared back into the backyard/pool area.

“That bitch!” Rowan almost screamed.

I looked around, trying to notice who could be acting bitchy for Rowan to scream that way. It was then I noticed it. Becca, her arms around Logan’s neck as he tried to push her away.

Rowan glared and started semi-running to her, I followed behind. There were levels.

Becca didn’t have time and neither did I to know what was coming for her, and that was a slap hard and across her cheek. She recoiled back from the impact. Logan’s eyes narrowed and looked at Rowan’s raised hand and my face, equally shocked.

Becca glared at us. “What bookworm, you can’t stand up for yourself that you need your friend to do so?”

I didn’t reply.

“No, you bitch. She’s just too good to ever dream about giving you what you actually deserve, but I am not. So either you leave her the fuck alone or you are going to get seriously screwed up,” Rowan threatened.

Becca laughed, quite cynically. “Oh I’m so scared. Look, you should be the one fearing me Rowan Tyson. And regarding your stupid friend she has something that is mine and I won’t rest until I get it back.”

“I’m not yours,” Logan spoke up. “I couldn’t be with such a horrible person Becca, and if I once was it was an enormous mistake. And you have no right to ever again insult my girlfriend because she’s more of a person than you’ll ever be. So either you leave her alone or I won’t respond of what I do,” he finished, wrapping his arm around my waist.

Becca glared at all of us. “Is that so Logan? Don’t you really want me anymore?” she screamed.

People were looking by now as I cuddled next to Logan, trying to be invisible.

“You put up that insecure nerd, over me?” she demanded.

“She’s not an insecure nerd, she’s a beautiful girl with feelings and a conscious, and someone that’s way too good to tell you what you deserve,” he growled.

Becca laughed, mocking me as I stood there defenseless.

I was scared, I was insecure and I was close to give her the right view.

Rowan glared intently at her, and slapped her again, somehow managing to throw her in the pool. Becca came out, breathless and glaring at Rowan.

“Next time you cross us it won’t be a pool, it will be a car, okay bitch?”

Becca screeched and hit the water as a tear slipped down my cheek.

“Don’t you dare believe what she told you,” Logan growled in my ear, then his lips crashed full force into mine as in the distance I heard Becca make a noise of disgust, but I didn’t care because Logan was kissing me, because he was betting on me, because he was showing everybody how wrong Becca really was and now all I had to do was believe it myself.

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